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25 DIY Christmas Ornaments for Adults

Considering that I didn’t celebrate Christmas for a really long time, I have become a DIY ornament making MACHINE in the last few years, so today I’m sharing 25 DIY Christmas ornaments for adults from past years.  Turns out that I really, really love making Christmas ornaments and I’m really looking forward to setting up my aqua and white Christmas tree – and my Mom’s Midsummer Night’s Dream inspired tree.  We’ve both found a lot of joy making ornaments and having a Christmas tree again.  I hope you’ll love these handmade Christmas ornament ideas too!  (Kids can definitely get in on the fun and help make many of these, but some of the supplies require adult supervision).  Stay tuned for a whole new batch of DIY Christmas ornaments for 2023…

DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas for Adults

DIY Mushroom Ornaments

Learn how to sew these DIY fabric mushrooms and create your own DIY woodland tree ornaments!  This is such a cute way to use up scraps of fabric – and mushroom ornaments are really trending this year, but you can get the look for less!

DIY Felt Mushroom Christmas Ornaments

DIY Beaded Snowflake Ornaments

Easy to make and so pretty as a wintry garland you can enjoy until winter finally thaws, these DIY beaded snowflake ornaments are one of my faves!

How to Make Beaded Snowflakes

DIY Felt Heart Ornaments

Such an easy shape to cut out (no pattern needed!) – plus these DIY beaded felt heart ornaments can double as a cute Valentine’s Day garland!

DIY Heart Christmas Tree Ornaments

DIY Wood Burned Birch Slice Ornaments

Ahhh… making these DIY burned wood slice ornaments creates the most delicious smell.  Once you invest in an inexpensive wood burner, you can churn out an infinite number of these DIY birch slice ornaments for basically free!  Use them as ornaments, garland, or even custom gift tags.

DI Wood Burned Birch Slices

DIY Beaded Dragonfly Ornaments

I absolutely love how these actually flutter – like real wings – and they catch the light so beautifully.  If you make these DIY beaded dragonfly ornaments for Christmas, you can reuse them as sun catchers in windows or as a garland come spring and summer.  I have heard if you wear a dragonfly it keeps the mosquitoes at bay, so I am going to figure out how to hack these into brooches before summer.

DIY Beaded Dragonfly Christmas Ornament

DIY Alcohol Ink Ornaments

These DIY alcohol ink ornaments are one of my favorite DIY Christmas ornament ideas for adults.  Watching the ink swirl inside clear glass ornaments is deeply satisfying and sooo calming.

DIY Alcohol Ink Ornaments

DIY Stained Glass Effect Alcohol Ink Ornaments

A quicker way to make the DIY alcohol ink ornaments above, the stained glass effect that is created is so pretty – and so perfect if you don’t have much time (or patience) for crafts right now.

Alcohol Ink Ornaments

DIY Beaded Leaf Ornaments

Another magical ornament that serves double duty (this time as fall decor!), these DIY beaded wire leaf ornaments are easy to make and a great way to use up leftover beads or even re-purpose beaded jewelry.

DIY Beaded Leaf Christmas Ornaments

DIY Cricut Ornaments

A spin on my beloved DIY alcohol ink ornaments, these DIY night sky ornaments are first colored inside with inks and then bedazzled with vinyl stars!  Use your Cricut – or purchase inexpensive stick on gems, stars, and stickers from the dollar store.

Midnight Themed Christmas Ornament

DIY Beaded Felt Moon Ornaments

I used these recently for a Halloween garland, but these DIY beaded felt moon ornaments look even more dazzling on a Christmas tree!

DIY Beaded Felt Moon Ornaments

DIY Alcohol Ink on Ceramic Ornaments

Turn ceramic blank ornaments into beautiful, one of a kind ornaments with alcohol inks!  These DIY alcohol ink on ceramic ornaments are easy to make because the flat surface lets the inks flows smoothly.

DIY Alcohol Ink on Ceramic Blank Ornaments

DIY Felt Animal Ornaments

A reader favorite – I’ll be sharing some downloadable patterns for these DIY felt animal ornaments soon.  But you can honestly make your own patterns by printing any images of animals you like and tracing them onto felt.

How to Make Felt Animal Ornaments

DIY Agate Slice Ornament

Still one of my favorites – and a perfect DIY ornament idea for rocker collectors – these DIY agate slices ornaments are so easy to make but they look incredible.  The agate just GLOWS so magically when the tree is lit, plus each ornament is one of a kind!

DIY Agate Slice Ornaments

DIY Faux Flower Ornaments

I made this for my Mom’s Midsummer Night’s Dream tree theme – but picture it with poinsettias or gold roses for a more traditional tree!  These DIY faux flower ornaments have so much potential to match so many tree themes.

DIY Faux Flower Christmas Ornament

DIY Woodland Inspired Dollar Store Fillable Ornaments

These fillable ornaments from the dollar store are so versatile – I filled this one with little evergreen clippings, faux snow and little woodland cut outs, but you can make DIY woodland ornaments so many different ways with these.

Dollar Store Fillable Ornament Ideas

DIY Painted Birch Slice Ornaments

Another inexpensive DIY ornament idea: paint birch slices with acrylic paint to make these DIY painted birch slices ornaments.  Check out the original blog post to see them all – and who inspired me!

Painted Birch Slices

Easy Beaded Ornaments

A great way to upcycle old beaded necklaces, use up beads from your craft stash – or an excuse to head to the craft store for pretty new beads (who am I to judge, lol), these easy DIY beaded ornaments are quick to make and sparkle like magic.

DIY Beaded Christmas Ornaments Idea

DIY Polymer Clay Ornaments

I am obsessed with how great these DIY polymer clay ornaments turned out – so much so, that I have a new polymer clay ornament idea I’ll be sharing soon.  These were quick to make but look beautiful on a tree.

DIY Marbled Polymer Clay Ornaments

DIY Alcohol Ink Painting Ornaments

A lot messier – but more vibrant – than the alcohol ink ornament balls linked above, these DIY alcohol ink painting ornaments have the ink applied to the outside of the glass.  This is a fun way to dress up plain white ornaments but because it’s messy this is definitely on of those DIY Christmas ornaments for adults only…

DIY Alcohol Ink Painting ornaments

DIY Stove Top Simmer Fillable Ornament

See?  I told you those fillable ornaments are versatile – and this DIY stove top simmer fillable ornament is just one of many ideas!

Stove Top Simmer Christmas Ornament

DIY Beaded Moon Ornaments

You could use someone’s birthstone for these DIY beaded moon ornaments and create a totally custom, and super sentimental, Christmas tree ornament!

DIY Beaded Moon Ornaments

DIY Clay Chicken Ornament

I know, this is a list for DIY Christmas ornaments for adults – but I’m telling you, this DIY clay chicken ornament has been super popular on Pinterest among backyard chicken keepers.  So even though it’s not my finest, most “chic” ornament, it’s been a real hit and I love that!  Kids can totally help with this – just get ready for some wonky chickens…

DIY Chicken Christmas Ornament

DIY Mini Potted Plant Ornament

This DIY potted plant ornament was originally anthro-inspired, for my plant lovers.

DIY Potted Plant Christmas Ornament

DIY Cricut Acrylic Disc Ornaments

You might remember these DIY acrylic disc ornaments from Halloween, but I am adding most of these on my Mom’s Midsummer Night’s Dream Tree theme this year.  Picture them in Christmassy colors with Christmassy themes and you’ll see potential for making these for your tree as well!

DIY Cricut Christmas Ornaments

DIY Beaded Spider Ornament

Last, but certainly not least, if you know the Legend of the Christmas spider, you know that every Christmas tree needs a DIY beaded spider ornament!  My handmade beaded spiders are for sale here – or make your own with my printable spider pattern PDF.

How to Make a Beaded Spider

I hope you enjoyed this round up of 25 DIY Christmas ornaments for adults!  Happy crafting…

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