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7+ Alcohol Ink Ornaments Tutorials

I have made so many different kinds of DIY alcohol ink ornaments, so today I wanted to round up and share links to my 7+ alcohol ink ornaments tutorials – plus answer some of your alcohol ink FAQs so you can make the most gorgeous, one of a kind, DIY alcohol ink Christmas ornaments for your tree this season!
The BEST DIY Alcohol Ink Ornament Tutorials

Supplies Needed for These Alcohol Ink Ornaments Tutorials:

Each individual alcohol ink ornaments tutorials has its own supply list, but here’s a general list of things you might like or need to make alcohol ink ornaments.  To keep costs down, you can purchase blank/fillable ornaments at the dollar store.  Try purchasing a three-pack of alcohol inks before investing in more supplies – to make sure you enjoy this craft!  While you can use alcohol ink blending solution and an alcohol ink air blower, I substitute with plain old rubbing alcohol and a straw sometimes.  So you can definitely make this project work for many budgets.

  1. Clear Plastic Ornaments | Clear Glass Ornaments | Ceramic Ornament Blanks | Acrylic Discs
  2. Alcohol Inks (you can buy in three packs or larger packs like this and  this)
  3. Metallic Alcohol Inks (optional, but they add sparkle – pearl is a favorite of mine)
  4. Alcohol Ink Blending Solution (optional, helps dilute and blend inks)
  5. Rubbing Alcohol (can use to clean up, and also dilute inks instead of blending solution)
  6. Krylon Triple Thick Clear Glaze Aerosol Spray (only for applying ink to surfaces)
  7. Alcohol Ink Air Blower (optional, you can use a straw)
  8. Compressed Air (optional – another option for blowing ink around inside ornaments)
  9. Hair Dryer (optional, but it helps dry ink faster and also move it around)
  10. Garbage Bag / Drop Cloth (to protect surfaces)
  11. Rubber Gloves (optional, ink can be removed from skin with rubbing alcohol)

Where to Buy Alcohol Inks

DIY Alcohol Ink on Glass Ornaments

Making DIY alcohol ink on glass ornaments was the of my first alcohol ink ornaments tutorials.  For this method, I applied alcohol ink on glass ornaments by dropping the ink onto the EXTERIOR of the glass, moving the ornament around to create a marbled effect.  With this method, after applying the ink and letting it dry, you need to seal the ink.  Once sealed, the ink will not transfer.  In my opinion, the ink seems a little brighter and bolder when applied to the outside of a glass ornament, but I’ll admit that this is a slightly messier craft.  Find the original tutorial here.

How to Make Marbled Christmas OrnamentsAlcohol Ink on Glass Christmas Ornaments

How to Seal Alcohol Ink on Glass?

I have found that Krylon Triple Thick Clear Glaze Aerosol Spray (I use high gloss) does an excellent job of sealing alcohol ink, whether it’s on yupo paper, glass, ceramic, etc.  This is my go to sealant for alcohol ink crafts.

DIY Alcohol Ink Inside Glass Ornaments

Making DIY alcohol ink inside glass ornaments was a much neater craft, with no sealing required, and the end result was a set of beautiful, almost marbled, DIY ornaments.  This is my absolute favorite of my alcohol ink ornaments tutorials.  I spent time swirling the inks around as they dried, layering colors and blending in metallic alcohol inks.  These DIY alcohol ink ornaments looked like mini abstract paintings and each was one of a kind.  Find the original tutorial here – and keep scrolling to see a different color variation.

BEST Christmas Ornaments Alcohol InkBEST DIY Alcohol Ink Ornaments Tutorial

Jewel Tone Alcohol Ink Ornaments

A tutorial so nice, I made it twice!  You can see the teal alcohol ink ornaments above in the aqua and white Christmas tree theme that was first set up at my Mom’s (but I inevitably stole for myself).  Do not feel sad for my Mom, as I created a brand new Midsummer Night’s Dream inspired Christmas tree theme for her – with dozens of new alcohol ink glass ball ornaments in saturated jewel tones.  See them on her tree here.

Jewel Tones Alcohol Ink Ornament ExamplesGlass Alcohol Ink Ornaments DIYHow to Make Alcohol Ink Christmas Ornaments - 7 Ideas!

DIY Alcohol Ink Cricut Ornament

After creating these swirling, alcohol ink ornaments by pouring ink inside a clear glass or plastic ornament, you can add even more interest by decorating the outside!  Use a Cricut to create vinyl designs in sparkly colors, or stick on gems, rhinestones, faux pearls from the dollar store for more sparkle.  Find the original tutorial here.

Alcohol Ink On Glass Ornament Idea UniqueDIY Cricut Christmas Ornament Idea

Can You Use Alcohol Inks On Plastic Ornaments?

YES!  You can use alcohol inks on plastic ornaments and the end result is virtually indistinguishable from alcohol ink on glass ornaments.  Although I prefer to use alcohol ink on glass, you’ll see below that alcohol ink on plastic is just as pretty.

DIY Alcohol Ink Plastic Ornaments

Using the method outlined above, I also created DIY alcohol ink plastic ornaments – knowing not everyone can have glass ornaments on their tree.  In my opinion, the plastic alcohol ink ornaments are identical – although you’ll find glass adds a slightly more “luminous” quality to the finished ornament, compared to plastic.  But once decorating a tree or garland, I literally cannot tell the difference.  Below are some plastic alcohol ink ornaments I made, using the same method as the ornaments above and inexpensive dollar store plastic ornaments:

Can You Use Alcohol Inks On Plastic Ornaments? YES! See How Here Alcohol Ink on Plastic Ornaments

DIY “Stained Glass” Alcohol Ink Ornaments

For a MUCH quicker DIY alcohol ink ornament idea, try this easier “stained glass” effect.  Instead of layering on alcohol ink designs, I poured only a drop or two into a clear ornament and then dried it quickly with a hair dryer.  I repeated the process a few times, but kept the end result very sheer.  The light glows through these and they are illuminated quite beautifully on a Christmas tree.  Of all of my alcohol ink ornaments tutorials, this is definitely quickest and easiest!  Find the original tutorial here.

Alcohol Ink Faux Blown Glass Ornament Tutorial

DIY Alcohol Ink Ceramic Ornaments

Another option for applying alcohol inks to ornaments is to make DIY alcohol ink ceramic ornaments.  I applied alcohol inks on ceramic ornament blanks and it was really fun to work on a flat surface.  This would be a great option for experimenting with alcohol ink techniques – as opposed to the drip + swirl method I use so often!  You can even purchase blending solution pens to have more creative control.  What I like about painting inks on ceramic disc blanks is that you can decorate both sides!  For this method, just like applying alcohol inks to glass surfaces, a sealant must be used to prevent transfer so a light spray of Krylon Triple Thick Clear Glaze Aerosol Spray on both sides is recommended.  Find the original tutorial here.

How to Use Alcohol Inks on CeramicAlcohol Ink on Ceramic Ornament Tutorial

DIY Alcohol Ink Acrylic Disc Ornaments

Making DIY acrylic disc ornaments is probably the most affordable of these alcohol ink ornaments tutorials, because the acrylic discs can be purchased in bulk rather inexpensively.  Once you remove the protective film, alcohol inks can be applies to the surface.  You can opt to apply inks to only one side and then enjoy the designs from either the painted side or from behind, through the acrylic disc (so the back layers of the alcohol ink design are seen).  Or you can decorate both sides!  Like with the ceramic alcohol ink ornaments, the alcohol ink does need to be sealed with Krylon Triple Thick Clear Glaze Aerosol SprayFind the original tutorial here.

Alcohol Ink on Plastic Ornaments

DIY Cricut Ornaments with Alcohol Inks

What’s fun about this method is you can create an ink design on the back, and then apply vinyl decals, stickers, gems, etc to the front of the ornament for a little more glam.  You can even personalize with names or dates.  I made some for Halloween that will also be used for my Mom’s tree theme (below).  Find the original tutorial here.

DIY Alcohol Ink on Acrylic Disc Ornaments

Why I Love Making DIY Alcohol Ink Christmas Baubles

I hope you will enjoy making your own DIY alcohol ink Christmas baubles this year!  I love making alcohol ink Christmas ornaments because alcohol ink is so easy to use and creates beautifully, swirling designs.  For each DIY alcohol ink Christmas ornament shared above, I’ve linked to the specific tutorial so you can find the detailed instructions, supply list, and see more photos and inspiration!  Below, I’ll answer some frequently asked questions about making alcohol ink Christmas tree ornaments.

DIY Jewel Christmas Tree Ornaments

How Do You Seal Alcohol Ink?

My favorite methods for sealing alcohol ink – on glass, plastic, yupo paper, etc – is to spray a few, thin coats of Krylon Triple Thick Clear Glaze Aerosol Spray.  It is versatile, really easy to use, dries quickly, and seals alcohol ink completely.  Even alcohol ink ornaments, which are handled quite a bit, are sealed 100% with this spray, so I highly recommend it.

How Do You Seal Alcohol Ink? Use Krylon Triple Thick Crystal Clear Glaze!

Does alcohol ink stick to plastic?

Yes, alcohol ink will stick to plastic, in addition to glass, ceramic, metal and many other non-porous materials.  However, alcohol ink can be rubbed off with handling, so if you’re applying it to an exterior surface that will be handles, you must seal it with something like Krylon Triple Thick Clear Glaze Aerosol Spray.

Do you need to seal alcohol ink on glass?

You need to seal alcohol ink on glass if it has been applied to the exterior, like the outside of a glass ornament.  If the glass has been poured into a glass ornament, for example, it will not require sealing.

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7+ The BEST Alcohol Ink Ornaments Tutorials


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