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DIY Beaded Wreath Christmas Ornaments

These DIY beaded wreath Christmas ornaments are fast and easy to make – and they’re a great way to upcycle old necklaces or use left over beads. If you don’t have anything like that, check out your local bead shop because you will be floored by the amazing selection.  You will definitely find the perfect beads to complement your Christmas tree theme.  You could even make a really special ornament for someone using their birthstone – there are so many ways to make these simple DIY beaded Christmas ornaments special.

DIY Beaded Wreath Christmas Ornaments

Supplies for DIY Beaded Wreath Christmas Ornaments:

Supplies for Beaded Christmas Ornaments

How to Make DIY Beaded Wreath Christmas Ornaments:

First, decide how big you’d like your beaded wreath ornaments.  If you need to visualize it, thread the beads on the wire before cutting the wire to length. Then loosely close the circle to see if you like that size.

Make a Beaded Christmas Ornament

Mine are are smaller than a bracelet, but they really vary in size:

DIY Beaded Wreath Christmas Ornaments

These ones are have larger beads, but I made the wreath much smaller:

DIY Glass Bead Christmas Ornaments

String on the beads and then cut the wire with the wire cutter, leaving approximately 2 inches after the beads on each end.

How to Bead on Wire

Close the loop of the circle, then cross the wire over itself and wrap the wire ends back on the area where the wires have crossed.  Here are a few photos to help clarify:

How to Make a Beaded CircleBead a Circle on WireHow to Close a Beaded Ornament so it isn't Sharp

Once you’ve twisted a few times, trim the wire and then use the need nose pliers to press the end of the wire so it lies flush and doesn’t poke out.  I’ve seen other tutorials for DIY beaded wreath Christmas ornaments and people just twist the wire like a twist tie and cut, but that can leave a sharp end.  By wrapped the wire ends around this way and then pressing them down with pliers, the end result is smooth and won’t scratch you.

How to Bead a CircleHow to Hide Wire on Beaded Christmas Wreath

You’ll be left with this, which you can hide with the ribbon:

DIY Beaded Wreath Christmas Ornaments

Cover the wire with a ribbon and knot securely (I wrapped the ribbon twice and then knotted).  You can also add a bow or a charm in the middle of the beaded circle.  Then re-shape into a circle (it may have gotten smushed in the making) and then hang on your tree or add to a mantel garland.

Glass Beaded Christmas Ornament Beaded Christmas Ornament DIY Beaded Wreath Christmas Ornaments DIY Pearl Christmas Ornaments DIY Christmas Ornaments to Make with Kids DIY Christmas Ornaments Kids Can Make DIY Pearl Christmas Ornament

The DIY beaded wreath Christmas tree ornaments with faceted beads really glow on my Mom’s Christmas tree.  Although I did use some plastic beads for my DIY beaded ornaments, the faceted glass and the glass faux pearl really sparkled and glowed the most.

Upcycle Old Necklaces into Christmas Ornaments Upcycled Christmas Ornament Using Beads DIY Beaded Wreath Christmas Ornaments

As a bonus, I had a few really large faceted beads left over and just threaded some leftover turquoise ribbon to make these super DIY beaded Christmas ornaments:

Simple Bead Christmas Ornament Easy Beaded Christmas Ornament

If you’d like to see more of my Mom’s teal and white Christmas tree theme, inspired by Lake Superior, check it out here.  You’ll also find links to the other DIY Christmas tree ornaments I made her this year.  Or you can click this link to see all of the ornaments DIY’s I’ve shared.

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Easy DIY Beaded Wreath Christmas OrnamentDIY Beaded Wreath Ornament


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