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DIY Starry Night Ornament – DIY Cricut Ornament

While I was making a batch of jewel toned DIY alcohol ink ornaments (check out the YouTube video here), I had the idea for this easy DIY starry night ornament!  This is so perfect for my Mom’s new Midsummer Night’s Dream Christmas tree theme – but it also works with the Taylor Swift Inspired “Midnights” tree theme I shared here.  It would look just as gorgeous on a blue, gold or jewel colored Christmas tree.  Or you can change the alcohol inks to match your own tree theme and holiday decor.  I love DIY ornament ideas because the customization options are endless.

DIY Starry Night Ornament - DIY Cricut Ornament Midsummer Night Christmas Tree Ornament Ideas


Step 1: Make Alcohol Ink Ornament in Midnight Hues

I started by making some alcohol ink ornaments (see the tutorial here) in a collection of inky blues.  I used Indigo alcohol ink, along with some teal, to make these particular ornaments.  You can definitely experiment and try different color combinations – or layer more colors in with the Indigo for more depth.  I really wanted to try black alcohol ink but I couldn’t open the lid, lol.

Alcohol Ink Ornament Idea

I experimented and made some a little more sheer, and some deeply opaque, and I can’t wait to see how these look on the tree under the lights!  You could start with already inky ornaments (these could work!) or coat the inside of a clear glass/plastic ornament with what you have on hand (paint, nail polish, glitter, etc).

DIY Glass Ornament Painted InsideIndigo Alcohol Ink OrnamentsMidnights Inspired Tree Ornament DIY

Step 2: Cut Out the Stars

Next, I cut out a bunch of different star shapes, in different sizes, using my Cricut Joy and a glittery gold permanent vinyl.  In hindsight, I wish I had made pretty arrangements so that I could have used the leftover design on a different ornament (the reverse).  But I just tried to cram them on there as closely as I could.  I mixed up the styles and sizes – and even added some tiny circles – so the ornaments would have a more magical starry night feel – as opposed to a 4th of July vibe!

DIY Cricut Ornament Idea DIY Cricut Christmas Tree Ornament Idea

With Cricut designs, you typically use transfer tape to “pick up” and apply designs (see that in action here), but for these DIY starry night ornaments, I just used my weeder tool to gently peel up the edge and then I applied each star randomly to the ornaments, gently pressing down and smoothing the vinyl when I was happy with the placement.

DIY Cricut Christmas Ornament TutorialGold Shimmer Cricut Star Ornament Cricut Christmas OrnamentRetro Inspired DIY Christmas Tree Ornament

Cricut Alternative Ideas

If you don’t have a Cricut, you could buy pre-made star stickers or – and this is my Mom’s genius idea, which I might still try – glue on little dollar store rhinestones (or something like this) for a twinkling night sky effect!

DIY Starry Night Ornament - DIY Cricut Ornament DIY Cricut Ornament with Gold Stars

And here’s what this DIY starry night ornament idea looks like on my Mom’s Midsummer Night Dream Christmas tree!

Jewel Toned Christmas Tree Theme Midsummer Night's Dream Christmas Tree Ornaments DIY Cricut Christmas Tree Ornament Idea

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DIY Cricut Ornament Idea - DIY Starry Night Ornament



  1. Kristin
    November 27, 2022 / 7:13 pm

    I’ve done ‘snow’ ones with the adhesive pearls they sell at craft stores. And there are usually adhesive letters that have pearls and rhinestones, so I’ll do a monogram ornament with that and surround it with the pearl ‘snow’. Now I have my own Cricut and will have to make some like yours too!

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