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DIY Chicken Christmas Ornament

You probably knew this was coming: a DIY chicken Christmas ornament project should surprise no one because I am obsessed with my backyard chickens!  In fact, I curated an entire chicken Christmas tree theme with tree skirts, ornaments, and garland right here.  Whether you’re a backyard chicken keeper yourself, or looking for gift ideas for backyard chicken keepers you know, this handmade clay chicken ornament is a sweet project idea.

DIY chicken Christmas ornament

A Quick Disclaimer:

I used Sculpy clay to make the chickens and then painted them with acrylic paint.  It was a simple project and kids can totally get in on the fun (with supervision)!  I kept the shape/design of my chicken simple, because I had never worked with polymer clay before.  I think with some practise, I could make very realistic clay chicken ornaments, but my first attempt was more… abstract, lol.  I also painted them in colorful combos and then repainted them when inspiration struck.  Do some of my chickens maybe have a little wonky face?  Sure, but they were fun to make and super adorable!

Handmade Chicken Christmas Tree OrnamentDIY Clay Chicken Ornament

Supplies for DIY Chicken Christmas Ornament:

  • Sculpy clay (I bought a 1lb block each of white and black, you can buy any color)
  • Acrylic paints (the good kind) or craft paints
  • Tiny artist’s brushes
  • Large plastic mat or old cutting board to protect surface
  • Knife to cut Sculpy clay
  • Small putty knife, plastic fork, palette knife etc to smooth (optional)
  • Small screw eyes
  • Glass baking pan
  • Oven and timer

Black Sculpy Clay

How to Make These DIY Christmas Chicken Ornaments:

Note: the painted chickens in this post were made with white clay.  After experimenting, I had a system so I made some new ones with black clay, and photographed that process so you can see a step-by-step tutorial.  The black clay is only featured in the tutorial photos, the photos of finished chicken ornaments are from the white clay.  

First, cut off small sections.  I divided each 1 lb. block into five chickens, but you can adjust the size.  It helped to cut apart the Sculpy clay into equal parts right away.

Then take the one lump and break off a tiny amount to set aside for the comb and wattles.  Knead the remaining Sculpy clay to make it soft and malleable.  Roll into between your hands in a ball to soften it.  Then roll into a tube shape:

DIY Chicken Christmas Ornament

It helps to have a picture of a chicken sculpture on your phone to guide your shape.  I can honestly forget what a chicken looks like when there’s pressure to paint or sculpt one.  With your image in mind, start to flatten one end of the tube to form the chicken bum, like this:

DIY Chicken Christmas OrnamentHow to Make a Clay ChickenHow to Make a Clay Chicken

Then shape the tube into almost a crescent moon shape:

How to Make a Clay Chicken

From the end you didn’t form into the bum, gently pinch and tease out the shape of a head:

How to Make a Clay Chicken

If the head does not seem large enough you can add a thin layer of the clay, shaped like a collar, and then smooth it down with a small putty knife and your fingers to blend it into the body of the figure:

How to Make a Clay ChickenHow to Make a Clay Chicken

You can use your fingers to smooth the joints and the surface, or something like a palette knife:

How to Make a Clay Chicken

Now affix the comb!  Shape one bit of clay you left out into a crescent/half circle shape and affix to the top of head, smoothing into place:

How to Make a Clay Chicken

Use a knife, your finger nails, or any flat edge to create indentations in the top of the comb:

How to Make a Clay Chicken

For the beak, pinch out a little cone shape from the head.  For the waddles, take the remaining clay you set aside and make two apple seed shapes.  Press them on to the chicken and smooth the “seam” where they are attached:

How to Make a Clay Chicken How to Make a Clay Chicken

Repeat for the other wattle:

How to Make a Clay Chicken

And ta da!  Your clay chicken has materialised from a lump of clay.  This clay is forgiving.  If you hate it, ball it up and start over, or push and pull areas to form the shape.  If you’re happy with your chicken shape, gently twist in a screw eye into the middle of the back.

How to Make a Clay Chicken How to Make a Clay Chicken

You can shape them a little differently and try different bum shapes, lol, and beak styles!  Get creative and keep trying because it gets easier to work with the clay as you experiment.  It won’t dry while you’re working with it, so feel free to keep going until you’re happy with your clay chicken ornaments – there’s no rush to get it right, this clay stays malleable for a long, long time.

How to Make a Clay Chicken

Example of different chicken bum shapes

Bake according to manufacturer’s directions.  We used a glass Pyrex baking dish and baked the chickens for approximately 2-3 hours at 275 degrees F (135 C), but the time will depend on the thickness of your clay and the accuracy of your oven heat.

how long to bake sculpy sculpture?

The rule is approximately 15 minutes per 1/4″ of clay.  Start with half an hour and work in small increments, keeping an eye on the clay to make sure it doesn’t burn.

How long to bake sculpy clay

Let your clay chickens cool overnight.  Then use acrylic paints and small brushes to paint your DIY chicken Christmas ornaments!

Easy DIY Chicken Christmas Ornament

Make them realistic or abstract!  You can use any craft or acrylic paints, but I found that better quality acrylic paints (in the small tubes, lol) as opposed to the bigger, cheaper ones worked better.  Don’t forget to paint the bum because you will see the underside if you hang this DIY chicken Christmas ornament up high.

DIY Chicken Lover Christmas Ornament

Let the paint dry overnight.  And you’re all done!  A little cutie pie chicken Christmas ornament – an adorable hand gift idea for backyard chicken keepers!  I first painted a cute set of pastel chicken Christmas ornaments and then repainted some to look more real.  The white clay was really easy to paint!

DIY Chicken Christmas Tree Ornament

I also made a couple of little egg Christmas ornaments and they’re the cutest!

DIY Egg Shaped OrnamentHow to Make a Clay ChickenDIY Chicken Christmas OrnamentColorful Chicken OrnamentsSculpy Clay Chicken

I had a lot of fun experimenting with Sculpy clay and making these DIY chicken Christmas ornaments.

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DIY Clay Chicken Christmas OrnamentDIY Egg Christmas Tree Ornament DIY Clay Chicken Ornament

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      Awww, thanks Cassie! My first time working with this kind of clay but it was fun for sure!

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