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Easy DIY Faux Flower Tree Ornament

This easy DIY faux flower tree ornament is the first ornament I’ve made for my Mom’s new Christmas tree theme – and it was so easy to make!  Because creating a whole new Christmas tree theme can be costly, we plan to re-use existing ornaments, scoop as much as we can on clearance or from thrift stores, and use supplies we already have for DIY ornaments.

Easy DIY Faux Flower Christmas Tree Ornament

I mentioned that when my grandmother passed away last year, I brought home a literal truckload of her crafting supplies so our goal to use what we have for the new tree theme coincides with my decision to finally make use of my inherited craft supplies – as a healthy alternative to hoarding them and crying every time I open the bins.  Among the supplies my grandma left behind were these tiny, iridescent flowers (which work perfectly with our moonlit forest tree theme).

Mini Faux Flowers for Crafts


The supply list for these ornaments is very versatile!  I bought iridescent glass ornaments, because it’s on-theme, but literally any colors/style of plain ornament ball will work.  I don’t know where my grandma found the mini flowers, but they’re readily available at craft stores.  Try the scrap-booking aisle or even the dollar store craft section.  These ones are pastels but they’re so sweet and these paper roses would look really pretty too.

Faux Flower Christmas Ornament IdeaSimple DIY Christmas Tree Ornament Idea

How Many Flowers Per Ornaments?

The little flowers I used came in bunches on metal wire, so I used wire cutters to first snip the blossom off each stem.  I divided the flowers up equally so I had six little piles – in the end I used approx 40 little flowers per ornament ball to make a DIY faux flower tree ornament – but I would have happily added more if I had them.  Fewer blossoms would work too!

Mini Faux Flower Craft Idea

How to Make Faux Flower Ornament Balls:

  1. Cut the wire stems from each flower using wire cutters
  2. Place the ornament ball in something sturdy (I used a sugar bowl)
  3. Work in small sections and apply a dab of glue to the back of a flower
  4. Position the flower onto the ornament and gently press
  5. Hold until the glue cools
  6. Repeat – creating an organic shape around the ball
  7. Tip: nestle the base of each flower under petals of a previous flower to hide the glue

Midsummer Night's Dream Christmas Tree Ornament Idea Easy DIY Christmas Tree Ornament Idea Faux Flower Christmas Tree ThemeEasy DIY Christmas Tree OrnamentFaux Flower Christmas Ornament Idea

The Finished DIY Faux Flower Ornament

Here are the completed DIY faux flower ornaments!  I love how these turned out – see them on my Mom’s finished “Midsummer Night’s Dream Christmas Tree”.  The fact that my grandma picked out these little flowers makes it extra special – it’s like she’s still crafting with us!

Mini Faux Flower Tree OrnamentFaux Flower Christmas Tree Ornament DIY

You can see these work so beautifully with the completed tree theme (see more of it here!) – but picture these with gold mini poinsettias and red ornament balls for a traditional tree theme – or pale pink roses on hot pink ornament balls for a bold pink themed tree.  The possibilities are endless – happy crafting!

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Easy DIY Faux Flower Christmas Tree Ornament



  1. Joanna
    November 3, 2022 / 5:45 pm

    These are beautiful!

  2. M in HI
    November 4, 2022 / 2:22 am

    You are the best crafter/maker!
    Thank you for sharing your talents with us readers.
    I appreciate you.

    • November 4, 2022 / 2:34 pm

      Thank you so much for your kind words and lovely compliment 🙂 Your comment really made my day!

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