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DIY Fabric Mushrooms (Velvet + Felt)

Over the winter, I figured out how to make fabric mushrooms, using velvet scraps and felt – and today I’m showing you how to sew your own DIY fabric mushrooms!  I used these as Christmas tree ornaments, but they’re also so cute as spring or fall decor.  String them on a garland, hang them from a moss covered wreath, or artfully arrange them in a pretty bowl…  So many possibilities for decorating with velvet and felt mushrooms!

DIY Fabric Mushrooms (Velvet + Felt)

How to Choose Fabric for DIY Mushroom Ornaments

I used velvet, felt, and beads to make my DIY mushroom ornaments, but you can use any fabric you have on hand – this is a fun way to use up scraps!  Before trying the velvet, I did make some all felt mushrooms, which you can spot in the photos, and they were cute too.  When choosing fabrics, something soft and pliable works best – avoid anything thick, like leftover upholstery fabric.  If you’d like to skip the beading, you can use fabric glue to affix felt polka dots or rhinestones instead.  You can also make these any size, I just thought a smaller version was really cute (mine are approximately 3.5″ – 4″ tall.  Ultimately, there are endless ways to customize these sweet DIY fabric mushrooms.

How to Make Velvet MushroomsVelvet Mushroom Table Decor

Supplies to Make DIY Fabric Mushrooms:

Supplies for Making Fabric Mushrooms

How to Make Fabric Mushroom Ornaments:

  1. Cut a circle of velvet approximately 5″ in diameter
  2. Cut out a circle of felt, approximately 2.5″ in diameter
  3. Cut out a rectangle of felt, approximately 2.5″ by 4″
  4. Cut out a rectangle of thin cardboard, approximately 3″ in diameter
  5. Stitch beads onto the velvet circle – this will be the top of the mushroom
  6. Using a large running stitch, stitch around the perimeter of the velvet circle
  7. Place a ball of Poly-fil fiber fill on the velvet, then place the cardboard circle on top
  8. Pull on the thread to gather the edges of the velvet
  9. Arrange the velvet in a way that looks nice (I like to fiddle with the gathers)
  10. Tie a knot in the thread to secure the gathered velvet
  11. Roll the rectangle of felt into a tube and stitch along the bottom and side to keep it in a tube shape
  12. Stitch the tube to the middle of the felt circle, to make the mushroom base
  13. Stitch the mushroom base to the velvet mushroom top
  14. Bead the mushroom base (optional)

How to Make a Fabric Mushroom

Keep reading for a more detailed list of steps, with photos, for making your own DIY velvet mushrooms.

Velvet Mushroom Sewing Tutorial

How to Make a Velvet Mushroom (with Photos)

My first step is to cut out all of the pieces I’ll need: a circle of velvet, felt, and cardboard, plus a rectangle of felt.

Scrap Fabric Craft Ideas

Before assembling my velvet mushroom, I stitched beads onto the velvet circle, which will become the top of the fabric mushroom.  I liked using larger pearl beads for this, but you can use anything you’d like to embellish the mushroom top – including gluing on sequins or glitter or contrasting felt polka dots.

Adding Beads to Velvet Mushroom Top

When I was satisfied with the beading, I stitched a long running stitch along the edge of the velvet.  This is what will scrunch up the velvet, so try to place the stitches fairly evenly.

How to Make a Velvet Mushroom CapHow to Make a Fabric mushroom cap

After stitching, I smoothed out the circle of velvet again and laid the velvet, good side down, on my work surface and then grabbed some Poly-fil fiber fill.  I formed it into a circle and set in on the velvet.  Then I placed the cardboard circle on top.  I pulled on the ends of the string to cinch closed the mushroom top, trapping the batting and cardboard inside.  If you have a second set of hands, it helps if someone else can hold the mushroom cap together while you tightly knot the thread.

How to Make a Fabric Mushroom CapHow to Make a Velvet Mushroom Cap

Moving on the to the base of the felt mushroom, I tightly rolled the felt rectangle into a cylindrical shape.  I stitched along the bottom and up the side to keep the tube shape, then stitched this tube onto the felt circle.  At this point, you can add beading or embroidery – or even ruched felt – to the felt circle to mimic the mushroom “gills”.  I just wanted to keep the shape straightforward and easy for everyone to sew.

How to Make a Mushroom Base from FeltFelt Mushroom BaseHow to Make a Fabric Mushroom

Finally, I stitched the felt mushroom base onto the velvet mushroom top.

Easy Fabric Mushroom Tutorial

Here’s a closer look at the stitching:

How to Sew a Fabric MushroomHandmade Fabric MushroomHandmade Fabric Mushroom

For this demo mushroom, I kept the beading minimal, but for the other DIY fabric mushrooms I made, I also added some beads to mushroom base, for a little added sparkle, but this is optional and can be done last.

How to Make a Velvet Mushroom Ornament

Here’s a look at the finished DIY velvet and felt mushroom from the tutorial steps:

How to Make a Velvet Mushroom OrnamentHow to Make Mushroom Christmas Ornaments

Here’s another mushroom sewn together with slightly more contrasting stitching (bottom left) so you can see better how it’s sewn:

How to Make a Mushroom Christmas Tree Ornament

DIY Felt Mushroom Experiments

I experimented quite a bit with different ways of making these DIY mushrooms – and at first I started with all felt and no cardboard (the top brown and grey, one as well as the purple and brown one, in the photo below).  These diy felt mushrooms turned out cute, but didn’t have enough of a cap-shaped top.  I tried adding a little cardboard to the giant green one, but still didn’t love the shape.  The bottom one was the first velvet and felt mushroom prototype, but I added poly-fil underneath the cardboard, which again didn’t create the cap shape.  But some of these have really neat beading – I love the bugles as “gills” on the top mushroom – so I wanted to show you the progression:

DIY Felt MushroomsHow to Make Felt MushroomsMushroom Craft Ideas

How to Create a Fabric Mushroom “Cap”

Adding the cardboard piece helped me create the most cap-like shape.  I wanted to keep this method very simple, so anyone could sew these, but I might still experiment to make a rufflier bottom with “gills” and maybe even a more realistic base?  If I cut the velvet circle larger, and cut the felt circle smaller, and made my stitches closer together, I think you’d see more of the ruffling of the velvet, which would probably look more like gills.  I might keep experimenting…  Once you start making these DIY fabric mushrooms, you will want to experiment too, because they’re relatively quick and easy to put together.  So dig out your craft supplies – especially those leftover odds and ends from other projects – and have fun making these little fabric mushrooms!

Velvet Craft Ideas

DIY Mushroom Christmas Ornaments

These three DIY velvet mushrooms are the ones I made specifically for my Christmas tree.  I made them using leftover velvet scraps from the velvet throw pillows on my sofa, so not only did they coordinate with each other and my tree theme – they also coordinated with my living room decor!  I had fun making each one unique, with different colored felt and beading.  The one with the green faceted beads (top, pictured below) REALLY sparkled under the tree lights.

Velvet Mushroom Christmas Decorations DIYDIY Velvet and Felt Ornaments

I hope you’re feeling inspired to make your own DIY fabric mushrooms!  Happy crafting.

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DIY Fabric Mushroom Ornaments DIY Fabric Mushroom OrnamentsHow to Make Fabric Mushroom Ornaments



  1. Miss Boots
    March 15, 2023 / 3:50 pm

    These are adorable!

  2. December 20, 2023 / 11:22 am

    Thanks for the inspiration ! Now I’m ‘hooked’ ! Made two ‘bunches’ and sewed them together as a grouping. One is a free-standing cluster and one is a hanging ornament.

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