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Samsung Frame TV Art for Sale – Inspired by Lake Superior

I have finally launched my collection of Samsung Frame TV Art inspired by Lake Superior!!!  I have a series of aerial Lake Superior photos, plus other photos and artwork inspired by the lake, available for immediate download – and perfectly sized for your Samsung Frame TV – in my shop.  See them all right here.  I’ll be adding downloadable art in other formats soon, but I wanted to started with Frame TV art because I love displaying my photos on my own Samsung Frame TV:

Samsung Frame TV Photography for Sale

I purchased mine back in 2018 and shared my unsponsored Samsung Frame TV review then (I’ve since updated it a little).  I am still very happy with my purchase but after using my Samsung Frame TV for so many years, I grew a little bit tired with the art that comes with the TV.  I wasn’t willing to spring for their art subscription though, so I decided to make my own Frame TV Art!  At first I started by editing and uploading our aerial photos of frozen Lake Superior – which really look beautiful displayed on the TV because the “glow” works with this particular photography.  Then I started editing and uploading other aerial photography, photos of the lake I had taken from our shore or boat, and now I’ve also added a digital version of my alcohol ink art – with more to come.

Samsung Frame TV Christmas Art

What Art Looks Best on a Samsung Frame TV:

Of course, this is subjective, but I have seen people complain online that the Samsung Frame TV doesn’t look like “real” art because it has a subtle glow.  This is true – and that was one thing I was a bit underwhelmed by, even when I shared my review back in 2018!  Although you can adjust the setting, some artwork really does just look like a screen saver on a monitor.  Perhaps this has been improved on new models?  Even if it has not, by choosing artwork that is enhanced by the glow, the end result can be really stunning.

In my opinion the Samsung Frame TV art that looks best is art that works with, and is made better by, the glow.  That’s why I think my aerial photography of Lake Superior works so well: the glow from the photo – thanks to a setting sun illuminating layers of frozen ice – is only made more beautiful when backlit by the Frame TV.  I have had those photos printed on metallic paper as well, and that similarly complements the inherent glow of aerial ice photography.  It is for this reason that I think my alcohol ink on yupo paper also works when displayed on the Frame TV: the original piece has a “glow” and luminescence that the TV enhances.

So whether you are making, or simply choosing, art for your Samsung Frame TV, choose pieces that have a luminescent quality – some kind of glow, or softness, or atmosphere – that will be brought out by being displayed on a TV.

Lake Superior Photography for Sale

Lake Inspired Samsung Frame TV Art:

How to Get FREE Samsung Frame TV Art:

Wondering if you can get free art for Samsung Frame TV?  Of course!  You can make your own FREE Samsung Frame TV art by uploading your own photos!  If you want to take photos for your Frame TV, I’d recommend using a tripod to ensure crispness.  I only do light editing to my photos using Lightroom (the vibrant colors in my photos are from nature), but there are many free options for editing photos online.  If you’re not sure about subject matter, you cannot go wrong with nature photography: flowers, water, sky, etc., all look beautiful displayed on the Frame TV.  To make any photo seem more artistic, try turning it into a black and white!

How to Get Free Samsung Frame TV Art

What is the Best Picture Size for Samsung Frame TV:

Size your photos 3840 x 2160 pixels to create the perfect art for displaying on a Samsung Frame TV.  This is a 16 x 9 aspect ratio.

Samsung Frame TV Art for Sale

How Do I Get Art on My Samsung Frame TV?

If you’d like to get art on your Samsung Frame TV you can purchase individual digital downloads, or make your own art by taking stellar photos.  Once you have your piece of art purchased, or sized and edited correctly, follow the steps below to actually display the art on your Frame TV.

How to Upload Photos to Samsung Frame TV with USB:

Load your digital art onto a USB Drive.  Plug the USB Drive into a USB port on the One Connect Box. Depending on the year/model of your Samsung Frame TV, the following steps/screens might vary slightly but the process is typically very intuitive.

After plugging in the USB, a screen showing the drive contents should appear on your TV.  If you don’t see this screen, press the Home Button on your remote and scroll left to the Art app.  Scroll down until you see the My Collection menu.  Select the USB Disk option on the right.  Now you should see the contents of your USB drive.  Select Options at the top of the screen and check which images you want to save to your TV.  Scroll up and click on Save to My Photos.  Now you can select your art and adjust the mat, brightness, etc.

How to Upload Photos to Samsung Frame TV Using the Samsung SmartThings App: 

If your TV is a 2018 or newer, you can use SmartThings.  If you have a Samsung phone, it will already be installed.  For Android or iOS devices, open the Play Store or App Store respectively, and search for “SmartThings”.  Once the app is installed:

Open your SmartThings app, select Devices -> Add device, or press + then Add device.  Select your preferred method for registering your TV.  Scan for nearby devices may be the easiest.  After your TV is registered with SmartThings, select Art Mode.

After selecting Art Mode, press Add Your Photos +, and select the photos you want to save on your Frame TV.  After selecting your photos, press Save on The Frame in the bottom right corner.  Next you will be given the option to select the photo you want displayed.

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