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25 White Christmas Tree Decorations + White Christmas Decor Finds

It all started with these faceted ceramic Christmas trees (pictured below) and now all I can think about are white Christmas tree decorations and white Christmas decor finds.

Modern Tabletop Trees

Appreciating White Christmas Tree Decorations + White Christmas Decor

Of COURSE I love aqua Christmas tree decorating inspiration, but I also have quite a few white ornaments I love – including my favorite DIY felt animal ornaments.  Because my world is blanketed in snow all winter (frankly, most of the year it seems), there’s a certain comfort and familiarity in white Christmas tree decorations and white Christmas decor.  The wintry, sparkly vibes make it feel homey.  Plus white Christmas decor blends into any home decor really beautifully, so you can easily add white Christmas decor to any space without it throwing off carefully, curated spaces!  Here are some of my favorite finds (with a few DIY ideas thrown in!) this year…

DIY White Felt Animal Ornaments

You can use white felt to make any ornament shapes (moons, stars, hearts), but my favorite is making different animals!  Learn how to make your own DIY felt animal ornaments.

How to Make Felt Animal Ornaments

White Ficus Wreath

There is apparently some assembly required with this white ficus wreath, but the end result is this super full and dense wreath that I think has some kind of transparent, glowy vibe.  It’s so gorgeous – picture it against a bright and bold front door.

White Ficus Wreath

White Ceramic Animals

Before you buy these adorable white ceramic animals, I think these could be thrifted.  Even if you can’t find white ones, there is always spray paint…  I know the figurine section at my local thrift stores is always packed with options.  But these ARE super cute, especially the little crackle finish…

White Ceramic Animal Figurines

White Glass Tree Ornaments with Character

It’s easy enough to find all white Christmas tree ornaments, but these ones have some character.  I bet they look amazing illuminated on a tree.

Unique White Glass Christmas Tree Ornaments

DIY Felt Leaf Garland

I love this DIY felt leaf garland because it’s so versatile.  Plus it’s a fun way to upcycle worn out wool blankets, sweaters and more.  I just happened to have cream colored wool, but you can make it any color – including a brighter, more wintry white.

How to Make a Felt Leaf Garland

White Stoneware Holiday Houses

I have been lusting after white ceramic or stoneware houses.  Costco has a cute set – but these A-frames ones are especially adorable!  Again, you could probably thrift some to paint (but I’d worry about accidentally scooping up something vintage and valuable – Google image search, first!).

Modern White Ceramic Holiday Village

White Sequin Ornament Balls

I LOVE glass ornaments, but I know folks with cats and kiddos need a shatterproof ornament, so I found these super sparkly sequin ornaments in white.  I love the texture because it reminds me of snow.  I can only imagine how beautiful they look when the tree lights shine on them.

Shatterproof Sequin Ornaments

White Felt Wreath 

I love the coziness of this white felt wreath (but it’s DIYable too – just cut little felt leaves from an old wool blanket or sweater and affix them to a foam wreath form).

Felt Leaf Wreath

DIY White Washed Wood Tabletop Trees

I made a set of teal stained wood table top trees and also this set of white washed DIY wood tabletop trees, but you could also paint them for a really nice, crisp white.

How to Make Wood Tabletop Trees

White Knit Tree Skirt

Totally DIY-able if you can hand knit, but if you’re looking for a beautiful, chunky, wintry tree skirt to just purchase – I love this one (it’s also a best seller with great reviews)!  These knit stockings would look so cute with it.

Knit Christmas Tree Skirt

White Dove Felt Tree Topper

This white dove felt tree topper would look soooo good with some of the knit and felted wool decor pieces in this list.  This would really complete a homespun but chic white Christmas tree theme.

White Dove Christmas Tree Topper

White Ceramic Snowflake Ornaments

These white ceramic snowflake ornaments are so elegant – especially with that touch of gold!

Ceramic Snowflake Ornaments with Gold Detail

White Felt Stockings

These white felt stocking are also totally easy to make (just keep your eyes peeled for wool blankets at the thrift stores), but this ready made option is really chic and beautiful.

White Felt Christmas Stocking

White Ceramic Reindeer

These white ceramic reindeer have a subtle mid-century mod vibe about them that I appreciate.

White Ceramic Deer

Felt Merry Christmas Garland

This felt garland that spells out Merry Christmas is so lovely and would pair beautifully with the other white felt Christmas decor I’ve rounded.  I love this against dark or neutral fireplaces but on the website it’s also styled on a really full and beautiful Christmas tree and that looks equally gorgeous!

White Felt Christmas Garland

DIY Beaded Snowflake Ornaments

You can substitute beads on these DIY beaded snowflake ornaments (try matte white beads or faux pearls) for a truly white-white Christmas tree theme.

How to Make Beaded Snowflake Ornaments

White Felt Pom Pom Tree Skirt

This white felt pom pom tree skirt is such a timeless, classic look and pairs so beautifully with so many different Christmas tree themes.  You could buy this once and keep it forever – although there’s also DIY potential here too (see how I made a tree skirt from an old wool blanket here).

White Felt Tree Skirt

White Boucle Christmas Stocking

Another textural choice, this white boucle stocking has mid-century modern vibes and a coziness that can’t be beat.

Boucle Christmas Stocking

Paper Snowflake Garland

Another cute DIY-able idea, this white paper snowflake garland has a comforting, handmade Christmas vibe.

White Paper Snowflake Garland

White Beaded Snowflake Table Runner

I love how textural this white beaded snowflake table runner is – I’ve ogled this type of beaded table runner MANY times before.  It would be so beautiful as is, or layered over a simple white linen table runner or gauzy cheesecloth table runner.

White Beaded Snowflake Table Runner

Wood and White Enamel Ornaments

These chunky ornaments are a little more on the rustic side, with wooden sides and enamel fronts.  You could switch out the twine for something more delicate and completely change up the vibe, though.

White Enamel Star Shaped Christmas Tree Ornaments

Sculptural White Ceramic Trees

These sculptural white ceramic trees are a curvier take on the ceramic tabletop trees above, but they have the same simplicity and handmade quality.

Modern White Tabletop Trees

White Blown Glass Ornament

This white blown glass ornament is too beautiful to only enjoy at Christmastime.  It looks like it cost $50 (or more!) but is surprisingly affordable…

White Blown Glass Christmas Tree Ornament

Pre-Lit Faux White Tree

For the ultimate in white Christmas decor, this pre-lit faux white pine is so gorgeous and it looks like a really lovely and cozy warm white.  I would totally love to see an all white Christmas tree decorated with all white ornaments – but ones with a lot of luminescence, with materials that catch the light and glow from within.  Hmmmm… I’m kind of selling myself on this idea.

Pre-lit Faux Pine White Christmas Tree

I hope you enjoyed this round up – and hopefully found a little inspiration, whether you’re ready to DIY something or just add one or two new finds to your Christmas decorating.  Click here to see more white Christmas tree ornaments and white Christmas decor available on Amazon.

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25 Cozy and Modern White Christmas Decor Finds


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