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14 Virtual Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Today I’m partnering with Greetings Island to share 14 virtual gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, to help you spread a little love amongst friends, family members, and romantic partners you may not be able to see in person this year.  Did you know that Valentine’s Day greetings date back to the Middle Ages?  Luckily we no longer need to put feather quill to parchment!  We can now show our loved ones how much we care with a few clicks of a button – or maybe a bit more clickety clacketing (what we call typing in this house), if you decide to try some of my more creative virtual gift ideas…

Greetings Island Review

Send a Digital Card

The first virtual gift idea: use Greetings Island to send the perfect, personalized card to accompany any of the virtual gift ideas below.  Greetings Island has a beautiful selection of cards and invitations for any occasion, but their Valentine’s Day card selection boasts a variety of especially sweet and unique designs.  You can choose to print your cards, like I did, or send them via email or text message with a personalized message.  And I don’t just mean the inscription inside – you can change the font/color/message on the front of the cards as well.  You can even customize the inside of any cards – and the front of many designs – with a photo, to make your Valentine’s Day card truly one of a kind and personal.  (Rainbow Hearts Card Design). 

Did I mention the designs are just the sweetest?  I’ve shared some of my favorite designs throughout this post.  (You Complete Me Card Design). 

Greetings Island Cards for Valentine's Day

With the perfect card chosen, check out the rest of my ideas for virtual gifts you can send this Valentine’s Day.  I tried to brainstorm ideas that fostered closeness and intimacy in different ways.  It’s been a difficult few years for us all, so this list of virtual gift ideas was developed with the spirit of growth and connection in mind.

Valentine's Day Card for Tea Lovers

Take a Live, Online Class Together

Sign up a loved one to take a live, online class with you and learn a new skill – from baking to photography – together!  I have known about online classes for years, but only recently discovered you can take a LIVE online class.  What a fun way to be together in spirit, even if you can’t be together in person. (Paper and Love Card Design). 

Put Together a Guide for a New Hobby or Skill

If you have a loved one that has wanted to try a new hobby or learn something new, but hasn’t found the time or motivation (that’s me!), show them you’re invested too and log some research hours to put together a handy guide to make it easier.  Research the hobby, for example, and put together a list of the best books, websites, or blogs, plus supplies needed (with links for easy purchasing).  Basically summarize the main points to get started – and curate all of the resources required – to give them the push and inspiration they need.  This could be anything from starting a business to learning how to make jewelry.  Bonus points if you combine with the gift above and sign both of you up for an online class! (Chocolate Strawberry Card Design). 

Free Valentine's Day Card to Send Online

Make an Online Music Playlist

Do you remember making homemade mixed CDs or – am I dating myself here?mixed tapes?  With today’s online streaming music platforms, it’s even easier to put together a curated list of the perfect songs.  Hubby and I both love making playlists and sending individual songs to each other.  I haven’t necessarily made him a romantic playlist, but I have made a playlist for when we hang out together, with a carefully curated mix of songs we both like.  Sometimes when I share Instagram stories of us working on projects, you can hear his playlists in the background and I have gotten SO many requests to send the links – so I know folks love a good curated list of music. (Tweet Tryst Card Design). 

Free Valentine's Day Cards to Print and Send

Design a Custom Tea Blend

Did you know that you can create a custom tea blend for a loved one?  There are many online tea shops that will help you create a custom blend and then mail your creation to a loved one with steeping instructions.  Schedule a time to virtually enjoy a cuppa together and get caught up on all the gossip. (So Matcha Card Design).

Free Valentine's Day e-Cards

Create One of a Kind Digital Art

From simply editing the perfect photo or photo collage, to creating cute graphic art with any of the amazing, free online software that abounds, unleash your creativity and create some one of a kind art online.  Then you can either use an online printing service to mail a printed copy, or send the piece virtually so your recipient can use it as a computer background, phone lock screen or maybe even displayed on a TV! (Donut Card Design). 

Put Together a “What I Love About You” List

Use a free graphic design platform to make a beautiful and thoughtful, “What I Love About You” list to send to a loved one.  Handwritten ones are sweet, but if you don’t have time for snail mail, create a digital version your recipient can print and frame, or just save it for when they need it.  We all think our loved ones know what makes them special, but the negative thoughts can creep in, plaguing even the most confident person with self doubt.  Don’t be shy – let them know exactly what you love about them and what makes them so dear and special to you! (The Biggest Fan Card Design). 

Free Virtual Gift Ideas and Greeting Cards to Match

Make a Digital Recipe Book

When I moved out of my childhood home (and city), my paternal grandma showed me a recipe book she was working on for me, with all of her recipes.  I don’t think she ever finished it.  She passed away last year and when I went to her house, I searched all over but I couldn’t find the book.  I think another family member might have taken it, not realizing it was intended for me.  I think about it often, desperately wishing I had it.  Designing a digital recipe book – whether it’s your best recipes, your recipient’s favorite meals, or a collection of recipes from the family – is a gift that will be cherished more than you may ever know. (Olive You Card Design). 

Adorable V-Day Cards for Free

Lead Them on a Virtual Meditation

Watch some videos to familiarize yourself, and then try something fun: guide your loved one through a meditation, through the phone or online, to help them relax and unwind.  Obviously you won’t become an expert with only a bit of research, but you can still have some fun and share a relaxing – or even romantic – experience together.  You can even make this a weekly treat for the next month or pair it with a soothing playlist you’ve created.  I think we could all use the gift of relaxing a little. (Love Bird Card Design). 

Send a Valentine's Day Card Through Text Message

Write a Poem, Song, or Short Story About Your Loved One

If visual art isn’t your passion, put pen to paper (or, perhaps I should say: fingers to keyboard) and use your talents to write something romantic.  Your short story can just be a funny or fond memory you share.  I’ve been with my spouse for more than half my life and what goes on inside his brain still surprises me sometimes – he’ll blow me away by something he remembers or holds dear.  Don’t underestimate the value of opening up and sharing your feelings with a loved one. (My Type Card Design). 

Valentine's Day Cards for Adults

Make a Video Montage

One time my phone put together a video montage from snippets of videos I took during our trip to Punta Cana.  It was beautifully edited and set to soothing music.  Honestly, it was the creepiest thing ever – but if Hubby had made it, I would have loved it!  Your phone probably contains amazing candid photos and videos of your loved ones and they’ve forgotten about these – or maybe don’t even know they exist.  Use free video editing software to splice together a sweet homage, bonus points if it’s set to their favorite song.  Not sure where to start?  Social media is all about short form video right now, so you can find lots of inspiration!  But don’t go overboard with editing – just show your loved one how you see them. (Framed Card Design).

Online Valentine's Day Cards

Send a Gift Certificate – For Your Time!

Send a virtual gift certificate promising to do something together soon.  Remember making those as a kid?  I used to give my Mom ones for DIY manicures (she loved when I painted her nails – I’m strangely good at it and used to mix my own nail polish colors) and days off from washing the dishes.  Make one for your loved one – maybe for something they’ve wanted to do (like a trip this summer!) or a task they really need help with (like cleaning out the basement).  The promise of time spent together in the future – and the paperwork to guarantee it – will probably be the favorite gift they receive all year. (Love in Blue Card Design).

Modern Cards for Valentines

Take a Virtual Trip Together

With travel limited, plan a virtual trip together!  Do a little research and create a video montage or slide show.  Send it to the recipient and watch it together online, acting as a tour guide.  Share interesting details and history about the sights.  Add soothing sounds (like the sound of waves if you’re headed to the beach) and funny trivia.  Use this to explore places you know you’ll never visit – or maybe as a way to plan for and get excited about a trip you’ll take together in the future.

Vintage Inspired Valentine's Day Cards

Start a Book Club

Start a book club in February and pledge to read a book together each month for the next year – calling or face timing each other on the 14th of every month to pour a glass of wine and talk about what you read.  Take the guesswork out and choose the 12 books that you think your loved one will enjoy.  Gift an online gift certificate to a book store to go along with this idea! (My Moon Card Design).  

Turquoise Valentine's Day Cards

You’ll see a common theme in my list of virtual gift ideas: time.  It’s our most precious commodity.  Giving our time freely or doing things to help our loved ones reclaim their time is a more meaningful and special gift than anything you can buy.  It’s been so easy to feel disconnected the past couple of years, so I hope these ideas help you reconnect – or spark an idea that does. (Lifelong Love Card Design). 

Bird Themed Valentine's Day Card

Let me know what you think of these virtual gift ideas – or share your own – in the comments.  Wishing you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day! (Fleeced Card Design).  

FREE Virtual Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

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Virtual Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day


This post was sponsored by Greetings Island but all thoughts, opinions, and ideas are my own.  I absolutely love the card selection from Greetings Island – and the quality once they are printed is excellent.  These are so sweet, printed or sent online, and I love the options to customize and shop by free or premium designs.  



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    February 10, 2022 / 9:14 pm

    Great job putting this thoughtful list together. I’m sorry about the missing recipe book.

    • February 11, 2022 / 1:37 pm

      I’m so happy you liked this list 🙂 Maybe the book will find its way to me someday!

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