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Guest Bedroom: “Before & In Progress”

Before (with the seller’s items):

Note the floofy heart.

And now, after much labour. . .  

In this bedroom (officially the master, but used as our guest space) we removed the shutters, ripped up the carpet and ripped out the ratty closet fittings in the walk in closet.  My husband and father-in-law installed maple hardwood floors (which was an awesome DIY success! See here and here) and new closet fittings.  We also painted everything—the walls, trim and ceilings, even the new bed!—the same crisp, clean white used in almost every room. 

I repurposed my beloved maple armoire (the first piece of furniture I ever bought) for linens and storage for guests.  The vintage teak bedside table (meant for beside a sofa) was an estate sale find and the Lotte lamp matches the pair in the living room.  It too had lost its original vintage shade, but a crisp white drum shade suits it well.  This non-traditional assembly of furniture works for us, which is a bonus because we didn’t have to purchase too many items.  Even though the items don’t match, I’m trying to create balance—a small bedside table and lamp would make the room seem lopsided.  I tried to use substantial pieces, with height and presence (both items lived elsewhere in our previous dwelling).

Still to do: curtains!  But so far the neighbours haven’t complained.  And a new reading chair.

All of the artwork is by my grandfather-in-law.  I’ve kept the décor simple to let his work shine.  I love the hits of turquoise and bright green against all of the white.  The emerald green silk pillows were sewn by my mom. 

The Ikea chair is a (pretty bland, but oh so comfy) placeholder.  My husband is reluctant to replace it.  It was originally in my office but I scored a sweet vintage teak chair from an online classifieds ad and he doesn’t heart it like he hearts this one.  When this chair departs the guest room, I think he will be crushed.

I hate you Ikea chair.  Except your price.  Your price was right.

I have been ogling the chair below: a stunning vintage Swedish teak piece I spotted in a local vintage shop.  It even has new upholstery that is the perfect colour!  But, it is quite pricey ($1250!) and although gorgeous, that (imaginary) money could be better spent on a new sofa.  But I will keep my eye out for a more affordable vintage piece I could recover myself.  In the meantime, the Ikea chair offers guests a private place to read when spending time with us becomes a little overwhelming!

I pine for you.

 UPDATE: I found a great chair and picked out a fabric! See here.  I’ll have “after” shots of the chair soon.
SECOND UPDATE: Woot. New chair looks awesome!



  1. Jewel
    January 10, 2011 / 2:16 pm

    oh my… I just LOVE your grandfather-in-law's artwork. does he have a website or does he sell any of it?also, nice work on the guest bedroom. i love the way you hung the asymmetrical artwork over the bed. great colour scheme. i would love to be a guest in this room.

  2. Tanya @ Dans le Townhouse
    January 15, 2011 / 9:58 pm

    Hi Jewel. I'll post some info about my grandpa-in-law soon. Thanks for asking! ~Tanya

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