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Green Blue Painted Fireplace Brick (Ooh Paint Review)

I’m so excited to show you my Mom’s *new* green meets blue painted fireplace brick.  That’s right: we repainted the dark blue fireplace paint – and this time we used a cool, Canadian-made paint for the makeover, so this post is also an Ooh Paint review!  I am SO obsessed with the colour we chose (Ooh Paint’s Green Meets Blue).  The process of choosing and ordering paint online with this company was so enjoyable and stress-free – and the quality of this paint is outstanding.  If you’re looking to support Canadian-made brands, while also beautifying your home, keep reading!

Painting Over Fireplace Brick

Why Did We Repaint the Brick Fireplace?

I liked the blue chalk paint when we first did my Mom’s mid-century inspired dining room makeover (which sort of flowed into the adjacent living room, which is why we painted in there as well).  But unfortunately the dark colour had really faded unevenly in the sun – and after photographing/styling it a LOT, our passion for the colour had faded too.  We were tired of the matte blue, and my Mom wanted something lighter and softer.  Plus we recently  chose new art for the dining room and this fresh new colour on her painted brick fireplace really complements it and pulls together a more cohesive and calming look for the space:

Painted Fireplace WallPainted Fireplace Grey

Can Paint Be Ordered Online?

YES – you can order paint online.  Ooh Paint is freeze/thaw resistant and ships in packaging that protects it really nicely.  I had zero issues ordering paint online from Ooh Paint, even with the chilly weather we have here.  The paint swatches – and a 12-piece kit – can be ordered online too so, technically, you can repaint your entire space without having to leave home.

Ooh Paint Review

Ooh Paint Ordering Process

Ooh Paint has beautiful curated collections of colours and you can order large peel & stick paper swatches online to help choose a new color.  The large scale swatches easily stick to a wall, and make it so easy to choose a colour.  The first 3 are free online.

Ooh Paint Peel & Stick Paint Swatches Ooh Paint Peel & Stick Swatches

First we shortlisted a choice of six (really different colours) and then, as we considered the colors in different lighting, we quickly narrowed down our selection to a few: Monstera (a rich green), Olive Queen (a warmer mossy green), and Green Meets Blue.  In the final round, it was a really strong tie between Monstera and Green Meets Blue:

Painting a Fireplace Green or Blue!

The ceiling was already a soft blue from the previous makeover (but Ooh Paint carries ceiling paint as well), and adjacent walls were a warm creamy white so, although we were tempted by bolder greens, we kept coming back to the softer Green Meets Blue.  After we chose our colour, cans of Ooh Paint Primer, Ooh Paint Interior Paint, and a 12-Piece Paint Kit were promptly shipped to my Mom’s door.  It was such an easy process!

Ooh Paint 12 Piece Paint Kit

Ooh Primer & Paint Quality

The Ooh Primer and Paint are outstanding quality.  I’ve painted a LOT of rooms at this point, and runny, watery paint is the worst because it splatters and takes so much more work to get a nice even coat.  If you remember, this is a rental apartment and the poor fireplace is covered in spatters of paint from previous applications (which I’m betting is from cheaper, thinner paint).  If you’re brushing or rolling on paint, you want something with a thicker consistency and great coverage.  First, let’s chat about the zero VOC primer – it covered this inky chalk paint in ONE COAT!  The coverage was incredible.  I was actually so surprised because the original color was DARK, but it didn’t bleed through at all.  The Ooh Paint technically has a built-in primer, but I opted to first roll on their multi-purpose primer just in case, because I didn’t want the chalk paint causing any problems.  Not only is the coverage amazing, but this primer dries so fast so you can quickly move onto painting.

Does Ooh Paint Primer really cover in one coat? See here!

Ooh Paint Primer – One Coat

Ooh Paint Primer ReviewOoh Paint Primer Coverage Example

Ooh Paint interior paint has equally good coverage – one coat looked nearly perfect, but because these walls are plaster and so irregular, I did quickly roll on a second coat (what’s pictured below is the one coat).  I think most people, without these textured and wibbly-wobbly walls, could get away with one coat, for sure!  Again, the consistency of the paint is high quality and the coverage is fabulous.  The paint is also low VOC and didn’t have that dizzying “paint smell”.

Ooh Paint One Coat Coverage

Ooh Paint One Coat Coverage

Ooh Paint Green Meets Blue

Ohh Paint’s Green Meets Blue is a GORGEOUS colour – I know, I can’t stop gushing about it.  The whole room feels lighter and calmer and, as the light changes, the colour shifts from more blue to green and back.  It’s a very subtle colour, but with a beautiful depth, and my Mom is SO thrilled with the change!  But there was something so familiar about the colour we chose… I spent a few days there prepping/priming/painting and, on the final day, she followed me out to my Jeep with the paint chip.  Turns out the colour is almost identical to the colour of my Jeep, lol.  I very clearly have a new favorite shade of aqua at the moment!

Ooh Paint Green Meets Blue

How to Paint Fireplace Brick

Painting over fireplace brick is actually really easy!  In my experience, the best way to paint fireplace brick – or anything textured, like stone (I’ve also painted my own stone fireplace and also painted my exterior stone), is with a ratty old paintbrush.  I mean, ideally a paint sprayer would be nice but using that inside that can be tricky.  So I find it fastest and easiest to just load up an old brush with primer or paint and then push it into the brick.  I make a stippling motion to really push the paint into the nooks and crannies and then smooth out the paint after with the brush (once all of the paint is worked in).  Push/smooth/repeat.  It sounds laborious, but with a good coverage primer and paint, the process moves quickly.  This fireplace only took a few hours to prime and a few hours to paint.  To get into really tight spots, I use an artist’s brush like this (you can find them for cheap at the dollar store).  This process will trash your paint brush, so it’s perfect for a really old paint brush you have been meaning to toss.

How to Paint Fireplace Brick

Finished Soft Aqua Painted Fireplace

Below are some more photos of the finished painted fireplace brick!  If you’re looking for painting a fireplace ideas, hopefully this inspires you to paint over fireplace brick in a fun color.  I personally love my own painted fireplace grey version (which kind of reads as black), but this softer, green/blue sorta grey fireplace looks so much brighter and lighter – without being just white.  It lends a lightness and softness, while still injecting a bit of color into the space!

Aqua Painted Fireplace Brick

I painted the whole wall again, because the fireplace is off center – as are the sconces – and I think it just makes it look less noticeable with the entire wall the same color.  This is a rental, so although I wish I could re-tile and do major renovations, paint is the most we can do to work magic in this space.  But I think it’s really transformed it – below is the BEFORE:

Painted Brick Fireplace Before and After (BEFORE)


Other than this painted fireplace wall, I never really finished the makeover of my Mom’s living room – although we painted and I made some quick art, we never chose a rug or really did much decorating.  This fresh new paint color is motivating me, though… so stay tuned for more updates in here!  The first step will be to find a new stand for the TV (the current one I dragged home from the landfill and painted, lol, but I think we can do better).  Let me just ogle this new painted fireplace for a little bit more.

Painted Fireplace in Blue Green Shade of PaintLight Blue Grey Painted Fireplace InspirationPainted Brick Fireplace Coastal Grandmother Muted Aqua Painted Brick Fireplace

Ooh Paint sponsored this post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.  If you’d like to save money on your next painting project, customers who sign up to Ooh Paint emails will get special deals/early access to sales. 



  1. Mike Eddington
    May 17, 2024 / 10:33 pm

    i really like the new color,,, you’ve done good on this fireplace

  2. SJ
    May 26, 2024 / 9:16 pm

    The “before” blue was such a pretty color but how fabulous is this new one! Softer is the perfect description; it softens the lighting, it softens the textures and makes the room even more inviting. Love it. So get on that new rug etc before another couple of years fly by 😊😂

    • May 29, 2024 / 11:24 am

      Oh… how time does fly, haha! Thank you for the kind words 🙂 I loved the darker color too, but it’s been so refreshing to see the space with the a lighter color -I’m really excited to decorate her mantel for Christmas!

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