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DOVOH 4D Laser Level Review

I recently had a chance to review* the DOVOH 4D Laser Level and I have one thing to say: I wish we had this 100 DIY projects ago!!!

DOVOH 4D Laser Level Review

Hubby and I are notorious for “making do” with the tools and equipment we have – to our detriment!  We didn’t even have a stud finder until only a few years ago – we would just knock along the wall, lol.  The only reason we have a table saw is because my father in law took pity on us and found us a great deal on a secondhand one.  I don’t know why, but doing so much with so little was a point of pride for us.  I think it’s because we started off with a VERY tiny budget (it’s why we DIY’d so much in the first place).  We made do because we had to, but then even afterwards we just felt so proud of making do.  But looking back, I wish that at the start of buying our first house, we had set aside some money to buy some must-haves, including a laser level like this, because we very obviously have needed one all along.

DOVOH 4D Laser Level P4-360G

Exhibit A: we recently struggled with this ancient chalk line (that we found in the house, but belongs in a museum) for the kitchen flooring we installed:

Chalk Line vs Laser Level Chalk Line vs Laser Level

Ugh, it was a huge mess and then when we tiled over it we wished we could have still seen where it was.  The DOVOH Floor Laser Level would have made our flooring job so much faster, neater – and more precise!  Look how nice this is:

Laser Level for Installation FloorsLaser Level for Installing Floors

Exhibit B: Double checking with our level, our tiler did a great job

How to Level Backsplash Tiles

…but back when we installed our herringbone backsplash, this laser level would have SAVED the project!  There was a little area where things went sideways for a tile or two that I always regretted…

Wood Kitchen with White Backsplash

Why You Need a Laser Level:

Honestly, there are so many ways a laser level can help your decorating or renovating projects.  Here are some projects we have upcoming – or have done in the past – where a laser level would have been so useful:

At least now we have the best laser level at our disposal!  Below are some features we especially like about this particular laser level.

DOVOH 4D Laser Level

Key Features for the DOVOH 4D Laser Level (product model: P4-360G):

5 Year Accuracy Warranty

This gives me serious peace of mind!

Key Features for the DOVOH 4D Laser Level (product model: P4-360G)

Convenient + Compact Carrying Case:

I love that everything fits safely and securely in this case, so I don’t need to go rummaging around to find the charger or spare battery.

Key Features for the DOVOH 4D Laser Level (product model: P4-360G)

Easy to Use:

Three buttons and one slide switch are all you need.  You can also use the included two-button wireless remote to selectively turn on (or off) the horizontal and vertical beams without disturbing the level itself.

Durable Laser Level

Bright and Visible Laser Lines:

My camera and editing doesn’t accurately reflect just how bold and bright the laser lines are.  There’s a pair of glasses included to help enhance the lines, but we honestly don’t need them.

DOVOH 4D Laser Level (product model: P4-360G)

If you’re using the laser level outside, which I plan to for plotting out a new shed on uneven terrain, you can use the DOVOH DR1 laser receiver to greatly increase the laser detection range:

How to See a Laser Level Outside

Magnetic Wall Mount:

Although you can use a tripod or other stand, this laser level also has a magnetic mount as well.  This is cool, because if your drywall has metal drywall corner beads, you can just stick up the laser level like this:

Magnetic Mount for Laser Level

Versatile 4 Plane Laser:

This 4D laser level has 2 horizontal lasers and 2 vertical lasers, so it’s versatile for a variety of DIY renovation and construction projects.  From installing drop ceilings to tiling floors, you can use this on a multitude of projects.  Whether you’re tearing your house to the studs or simply decorating, you’ll find applications where this 4D laser will make DIY easier.

Versatile 4 Plane Laser4D laser level has 2 horizontal lasers and 2 vertical lasers4D laser level has 2 horizontal lasers and 2 vertical lasers

Durable Core Assembly:

This laser level core is wrapped with dual cushioning rubber, which helps protect it against impacts, vibrations and other factors that could affect the accuracy.  The construction is unique to the brand, and very durable – designed to resist impacts and shock.

This laser level core is wrapped with dual cushioning rubber

Convenient Charging:

This laser has two power options: battery or USB cable without battery.  A spare battery is great because you can charge one while you use the other, but it’s great that this can also be used with a cable if/when the battery is out of power – so you’ll never be without this laser level due to power!

This laser has two power options: battery or USB cable without battery

Self-Leveling and Manual Mode:

The DOVOH Laser Level 360 Self Leveling features are cool: this 16 line laser level will automatically level itself within ±4 degrees (when working on self-leveling mode).  It will beep and blink when out of self-leveling range to notify you.  When working on manual mode, the laser line can be locked at any angle (think diagonal tile patterns).

The DOVOH Laser Level 360 Self Leveling features

One BIG Downside:

There’s one massive drawback though: getting this AFTER you’re done your projects, from hanging wallpaper to installing window trim, you’ll realize absolutely everything is a tiny bit off, lol.  We spent an entire day checking things – and wish we hadn’t!

The DOVOH Laser Level 360 Self Leveling features The DOVOH Laser Level 4D Why You Need a Laser Level

Want a more in depth look at how to use a laser level for floors?  Check out the DOVOH blog post!

*This blog post review was sponsored by DOVOH but all thoughts and opinions are my own.  

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Why You NEED This Laser Level


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