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Smartbot Submersible Water Pump Review

This Smartbot submersible water pump review is sponsored by Smartbot, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Today I’m sharing my review for the Smartbot submersible water pump (the Robust 2800 model), a small but mighty water pump that packs a lot of punch for its small size.

Living in this rural lakeside spot, water is always an issue for us – when the water was too high, we had to build a rock wall to save the shore, but when the water was too low, our well had problems.  We actually have two other, larger water pumps for different reasons.  The first, a 2-inch semi-trash water pump, is a bulky, heavy pump that runs on a large gasoline-powered engine.  We use it for pumping water up from the lake to our well, on the rare occasion it runs dry.  It pumps a lot of volume, but it’s meant for outdoor use only.  Last year, when forest fires raged nearby, we invested in a second water pump.  Unlike the trash pump, which is designed for flow, this new water pump has a lower flow rate but is designed for pressure to use a nozzle and we bought it to help us aid in fire protection around our property.  Also gas powered, it’s another beast of a water pump that serves a specific purpose.  What we didn’t have was a pump to have on hand in case of basement flooding (knock on wood), or similar water related calamities, so I was thrilled when Smartbot reached out and offered to let me test the Smartbot submersible water pump.

Sadly, I don’t have a pool or hot tub (but luckily, I don’t have a flooded basement!), so I tested the pump out in the bathtub with a garden hose!!

What Are the Benefits of the Smartbot Submersible Water Pump?

I like the Smartbot because it’s electric, so it can be easily and quickly grabbed in an emergency.  You don’t need to take time to acquire and fill it with gasoline.  It’s also incredible easy to use – just plug it in and it will automatically start pumping water.  The last time we had well issues, Hubby went out of town for a couple of weeks and pull start engines are my weakness, so I practised quite a bit so I would be able to operate our large water pump if I needed to fill the well while he was away.  It stressed me out!  I didn’t want everyone on the bay to see me struggling to get the pull start pump going.  But pretty much anyone can operate the Smartbot, which is much more accessible and user-friendly.

The Smartbot Submersible Water Pump is also quiet.  You might not think that matters, but our water pumps are VERY loud and the one for well issues basically announced to the entire world, at 10pm at night, that we ran out of water.  It was mildly embarrassing for us, but probably also deeply irritating for neighbors whose evenings were ruined by our desperate water pumping.  In contrast, the Smartbot is pretty quiet and won’t wake the neighbors!

Despite being small, the Smartbot can pump 2800 gallons of water per hour, making it a very effective means of draining water.

Who Can Use a Smartbot Submersible Water Pump?

Ultimately, water flooding can happen anywhere to anyone – from a burst pipe to a leaking basement.  This is small enough that even someone in an apartment could benefit from storing one – just in case.  My Mom had an issue with rain coming in the apartment she rents and, while it wasn’t disastrous and she could move her furniture in time, it worried her.  What if she had experienced some flooding?  If her apartment ever has more substantial water issues, you know I’ll beat her landlord there, with my little Smartbot water pump in hand to help her out!

In addition to being useful in the event of flooding, the Smartbot water pump is also handy to have to drain pools, hot tubs – even for watering gardens from a cistern or clean rain barrel.  In the Amazon reviews, you can see a video someone else uploaded using the pump in their pool (lucky), and you can see just how effective it is for that application.  It’s small, but mighty, and has a lot of practical uses around the house or apartment.

How Does the Smartbot Submersible Water Pump Work?

There are various attachments for different sized discharge hoses –  the larger the diameter of the hose, the faster the water can be pumped out.  Here’s how the Smartbot Submersible Water Pump Works:

  • It is ready to go, right out of the box!
  • Set the Smartbot in the water and plug in – it automatically turns on if the water is 2″ deep.
  • The Smartbot will run automatically, even if knocked over.
  • It will turn off when water is 1/16″ to prevent it from overheating (running while dry is dangerous).

That’s it!  When operating, the lights will glow green but if there’s an error (like blockage caused by debris) the pump will turn off and the lights will be red.

It’s very, very simple to operate this pump – it basically just needs to be plugged in, and then it does all of the work for you.  The built in water sensor means you do not need to monitor it.  You can see below that although it’s plugged in, it won’t start pumping water until it senses it.

Overall Impression of the Smartbot Submersible Water Pump?

I love that this is very accessible to many people, because it’s:

  • a good price ($199 USD)
  • light and easy to manoeuvre
  • straightforward to use
  • compact for storage

I think this is a handy tool to have around the house or apartment, in the event of emergencies.  It is definitely very powerful and pumped water out of my little bathtub demo very quickly.  You do need to buy a hose, but otherwise everything is included and it’s shipped ready to use.

It also feels very solid and well made.  I don’t want to test it, but it feels like if I drop it, it won’t break.  I’ll keep you posted on how it wears – I do want to get a rain barrel this year, so this will be an easy way to use that to water my garden beds.

It comes in orange and green.  There’s also a slightly larger Super 3600 model, which is a bit more expensive but pumps up to 3600 gallons per hour.

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