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15+ Adorable Mushroom Ornaments

Woodland Christmas tree ornaments are everywhere this season and, after making my own DIY mushroom ornaments this year, I can confirm that mushroom ornaments are the cutest addition to a tree – so today I’m sharing 15+ adorable mushroom ornaments.  I got my Mom a little gold clip on mushroom ornament for her Midsummer Night’s Dream Christmas tree theme but I’m excited to add some more.  Below are my faves!

DIY Velvet and Felt Mushroom Ornaments

Before you buy anything, I encourage you to try making your own DIY mushroom ornaments with my tutorial!

diy mushroom ornaments

Needle Felted Mushroom Ornaments

These needle felted mushrooms ornaments are really adorable!  I just think that felt Christmas decor lends an extra cozy vibe to the season.

needle felted wool mushroom ornaments

Glittery Neutral Felt Mushroom Ornament

I love the simplicity of this mushroom ornament – it’s labelled as felt, but the top looks like velvet, with a little dusting of gold glitter.  The neutral colors are perfection.

felt and glitter mushroom ornaments

Red Polka Dot Clip on Mushroom Ornaments

This pack of 6 painted glass mushroom ornaments has the cutest shape and classic polka dot tops.

mushroom ornaments that clip to the tree

Neutral Clip Mushroom Ornaments

If you prefer a more neutral mushroom, these clip on mushrooms have a more mellow color palette.

mushroom ornaments that clip to the tree

Ceramic Mushroom Ornaments

These colorful ceramic mushroom ornaments are hand sculpted out of brown stoneware clay. I love the glazed tops and how each one is unique!

handmade clay mushroom ornaments

Handmade Velvet Mushroom Ornaments

These handmade velvet mushroom ornaments have the more luxurious color – with the added sparkle of Swarovski Crystals!

velvet beaded mushrooms

Colorful Velvet Mushrooms

These eclectic velvet mushrooms look like they were collected over time (and they’re on sale right now).

Velvet mushroom ornament collection

Glam Clay Mushroom Ornaments

These glam clay mushroom ornaments are each formed, painted and sealed by hand, so no two are exactly the same.  The minimalist shape and metallic paint combines to create a super chic and glam mushroom ornament.

metallic clay mushroom ornaments

Earthy Mushroom Ornaments

This set of 3 woodland mushroom ornaments has a slightly more realistic color and shape, but still looks adorable.  Made from glass, these will glow and sparkle under tree lights.

neutral mushroom ornaments

Pastel Mushroom Ornaments

These pastel mushroom ornaments are made from crepe paper and velvet – and the texture is so perfect!

pastel colored velvet ornaments

Wood Mushroom Ornaments

A pet and kid-friendly version, these wood mushrooms ornaments are durable and have a fun, vintage vibe.  It’s a set of 48, so that’s a lot of mushrooms to decorate with!

wood mushroom ornaments

Felt Mushroom Ornaments

These felt mushrooms have a neutral color palette and cute, cartoon shape!

felt mushroom ornaments

Clay Mushroom Ornament

This handmade clay mushroom ornament has a realistic feel but magical color palette – check out the listing to see other photos and the incredible attention to detail!

handmade clay mushroom ornament

Beaded Mushroom Ornaments

These beaded mushroom ornaments are a unique spin – I see a lot of velvet and blown glass mushroom ornaments, but very few beaded ones!

beaded mushroom christmas tree ornament

Bird and Mushroom Blown Glass Ornament

I love this blown glass ornament because it also features a little bird sitting on top – which is a cute addition!

blown glass bird and mushroom ornament

Flocked Blown Glass Mushroom Ornament

LOVE the flocked finish – and rich color – on this blown glass mushroom ornament.  It looks so luxe!

flocked blown glass mushroom ornament

I hope you liked this round up of mushroom ornaments!  I searched high and low to find some of the absolutely cutest mushroom Christmas ornaments.  I wanted to find a few options that were budget-friendly and kid-friendly – alongside some blown glass stunners – but I also wanted to inspire you with some DIY-able ideas if you’re on a mushroom making mission!

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The BEST mushrooms ornaments!



  1. Campbell Addison
    November 22, 2023 / 8:04 am

    These mushroom ornaments are absolutely enchanting! The DIY velvet and felt mushrooms add a personalized touch to any tree, while the diverse range of materials, from ceramic to blown glass, brings such a unique charm. The pastel-colored crepe paper mushrooms and the earthy glass set are particularly delightful. The handmade clay ornaments showcase incredible attention to detail, and the beaded ones are such a creative spin! It’s a fantastic roundup that caters to various tastes and budgets. Plus, your DIY tutorial encourages a touch of personal creativity for a truly magical holiday tree!

    • November 22, 2023 / 1:38 pm

      I’m so glad you like these! I spent a lot of time curating the prettiest options – highlighting many small shops, alongside some blown glass ones from larger retailers. Plus making sure there were some kid and pet-friendly options too 🙂

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