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DIY Beaded Spider Wreath for Halloween

If you’ve loved my DIY beaded Christmas spider tutorial, and have wanted to enjoy the beautiful, sparkly spiders you made earlier in the season, this DIY beaded spider wreath for Halloween idea is for you!  Uninspired by the usual orange + black Halloween decor, I made a set of beaded spiders with a color palette of black, purple, and teal – but of course you can create your own beaded spiders in any color combo!

DIY Beaded Spider Wreath for Halloween

Supplies to Make a Beaded Spider Wreath:

Notes on Supplies: I think this is a great project for upcycling an old wreath!  I used a sparkly faux evergreen wreath that had seen better days.  The little seasonal baubles had all faded and peeled – so I just pulled those off and was left with the (slightly ratty) green base.  Because you’re going to be covering the wreath with faux webbing, it doesn’t really matter what is underneath because you’ll only see a small bit of it through the webbing, so that’s why this is a great way to use up something old.  But you can also purchase a new wreath for this beaded spider wreath project.  Whatever wreath you choose, make sure it has some texture so the webbing can just grip to it without needing to be glued/affixed.

Spider Craft Ideas DIY Cob Web Wreath with Beaded Spiders for Halloween Front Door Decorating

How to Make a Beaded Spider:

You can find my original beaded spider tutorial right here, but you can also purchase an updated PDF tutorial right here.  The PDF features detailed instructions alongside brand new, large, and detailed photos – plus it’s easily printable.  You can also purchase pretty spiders to add to your wreath (if you don’t want to make them) – like these jewelled spider ornaments.  Or you could even use spider brooches, like these spider brooches or these super glam spidersThis stained glass option is so striking, you probably only need one and you can re-purpose it later on.  For a budget friendly option, the dollar store normally has some basic plastic ones and you can always paint them or add little glittering dollar stone rhinestones – like the ones I used for these rhinestone pumpkins.

How to Make Beaded Spiders DIY Beaded Spider Tutorial DIY Beaded Spider Project

How to Make a DIY Beaded Spider Wreath for Halloween:

  1. Grab a wreath form with some texture – like (real or faux) evergreen, pine cone, or grapevine
  2. Grab a bag of faux webbing and tear off a small piece
  3. Stretch and sheer out the webbing, draping it over the wreath
  4. Stretch the webbing around the wreath, using the texture of the wreath to hold it in place
  5. Repeat this process, working in a circular shape around the wreath, until it looks suitably spooky
  6. Make a set of beaded spiders (find the tutorial in this blog post)
  7. Wrap wire around a spider (through the bead cap or around the neck)
  8. Poke the ends of the wire through the wreath and twist at the back to secure
  9. Trim and tuck in any loose ends of wire
  10. Repeat with as many spiders as you’d like – I made 9
  11. Shape the legs and tuck in any loose webbing
  12. Enjoy your new beaded spider wreath!

DIY Beaded Spider Wreath

Detailed DIY Spider Wreath Instructions:

Find a Textured Wreath

Find a wreath with texture that the faux webbing can hold onto.  As mentioned, this is a great project for upcycling or adding some seasonal creepiness to an older wreath.  I used an old ever green wreath with some sparkle – it’s actually an old Christmas wreath!  I like the faux ever green wreath because it kind of looks realistic – this is what the creepy spiders do to my cedar bushes in real life (although on a much smaller scale, thankfully!).  Here’s what it looked like before adding the webbing:

How to Upcycle an Old WreathHow to Upcycle an Old Wreath

Make/Buy Some Spiders

Then you will want to make, or purchase, some glittering spiders.

How to Make a Bead Spider

Stretch on Some Faux Webs

I found bag of faux cobwebs at the landfill and used some last year to create a spooky beaded spider covered fireplace installation for my Mom.  After Halloween was over, it was easy to pack up the webbing, stuff it back in the bag, and re-use it this year!  It’s from the dollar store originally, but see if you can’t thrift some first.  To use it, tear off some of the faux webbing like cotton candy.  It’s easier to work with small handfuls of this stuff because it is very uncooperative.  A little also goes a long way, so you don’t need much to cover a wreath.  Tease and sheer out the webbing, pulling it apart to create a finer web, and then drape it on your wreath.  I chose a kind of circular placement to keep it looking natural.  Then push and tuck the webbing into the wreath, tucking it behind branches or back around into crevices.  The texture of the wreath should hold it in place – it doesn’t need to be load bearing, it just needs to stay on.

Fake Cobweb Wreath DIY

Once the webbing looks suitably dense and spooky for your liking, it’s time to affix the beaded spiders.

Fake Spider Web Wreath DIY

Affix Beaded Spiders

I used wire to affix the spiders, and I either threaded it through the back of the bead cap or wrapped it around the neck of the spider.  With either method, the wire is pretty much completely hidden.  When making beaded spiders, you will have loops on either end and you can use those as points for affixing the spiders as well, but just note that it will be slightly more visible where the spiders have been attached to the wreath.

How to Attach Beaded Spiders to a Wreath

After weaving the wire through the spider, poke the two ends into the wreath and then twist the wire at the back of the wreath to affix the spider.  Make sure you’re wrapping the wire around an anchor point – like a branch or the wire wreath form itself (depending on the kind of wreath you are using).  Trim and secure any loose wire ends.

Attach Spiders to a Wreath

Repeat this process to affix all of your spiders, creating any kind of arrangement you like.  I wanted a slightly asymmetrical wreath,  and tried to position my spiders so they look like they are scurrying around.  I also tried to find a nice balance of colors because each on of my spiders is unique – but you could also make all of your spiders identical.

DIY Beaded Spider Halloween WreathHow to Make a Beaded Spider

Finished DIY Spider Wreath for Halloween:

Here is my finished DIY beaded spider wreath for Halloween!  I love how it turned out because it’s definitely creepy and scary, but also sparkly and pretty.  I think the end result is a suitably spooky, but also kind of elegant, Halloween wreath.

Chic Spider Wreath DIY

Here are some close up photos of my beaded spider wreath:

DIY Chic Halloween Wreath IdeaElegant Halloween Wreath IdeaDIY Halloween Wreath with Beaded SpidersWhat to Do with Beaded Spiders?How to Make Beaded Halloween Spiders

If you want to make your own, grab the DIY beaded spider PDF tutorial right here.  And if you’re looking for more chic DIY Halloween decor ideas, find more ideas by clicking here!

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How to Make a DIY Beaded Spider Wreath for HalloweenHow to Make an Easy Halloween Wreath DIY



  1. Campbell Addison
    October 4, 2023 / 9:39 am

    This DIY beaded spider wreath for Halloween is absolutely enchanting! Your creativity shines through in the unique color palette and the combination of spooky and elegant elements. The way you’ve repurposed an old wreath is eco-friendly and resourceful. The beaded spiders add a touch of glamour to the spookiness, making it a standout Halloween decoration. Your detailed instructions make it accessible for anyone to try. It’s a perfect blend of creativity and craftiness, resulting in a wonderfully festive and stylish wreath. Bravo on another fantastic DIY project!

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