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DIY Feather Wreath (Using Feathers My Chickens Molted)

I have been collecting naturally shed chicken feathers for a couple of years, with the plan to make this DIY feather wreath.

DIY Feather Wreath (Using Feathers My Chickens Molted)

Sometimes I wonder when I’ll cross the line from totally normally backyard chicken keeper to complete weirdo.  Then I wonder if I crossed it already?

Maybe with the painted eggshell art?  The other day I was standing in the yard in my pyjamas, holding Mama Hen.  I had just moved her chicks into the mini coop we keep them in during the day and I was moving Mama over too, but I paused to snuggle her.  I was holding her, sort of nuzzling her if I’m being honest, softly whispering, “you’re doing such a good job, I’m so proud of you” when I heard a rustling.  I looked up to see a guest of my neighbor, a few feet away, just staring at me, mildly horrified and thoroughly confused.   And I wonder if maybe that was the moment, lol?  Meh, let’s not think too much about it and just enjoy my latest chicken themed craft project!

DIY Feather Wreath (Using Feathers My Chickens Molted)

This DIY feather wreath is so cute for fall decor.  I love how you can see all of the variation of chicken feathers  (they’re very autumnal).  I started collecting these when my first batch of chicks molted for the first time.  FYI, it’s surprisingly difficult to collect a decent bunch of feathers – this wreath’s worth took me two years!  I think a lot of the feathers get blown out into the yard, or buried deep in the muck.

DIY Feather Wreath Chicken Feather Wreath

Supplies for a DIY Feather Wreath:

*Geese shed a LOT of feathers, so if there are any parks or beaches near you where geese flock, search there.  I collected a ton of goose feathers for this project, but decided to use only my own chickens’ feathers in the end.  But that’s a great way to find free feathers!  

Grapevine Wreath IdeasDIY Feather Wreath (Using Feathers My Chickens Molted)

How to Make a DIY Feather Wreath:

First, gently wash the feathers, if you have collected them yourself, because they may have poop on them!  I filled a sink with water and dish detergent and let them soak.  Then rinsed each off and placed it on a towel to dry.

Next, sort the feathers by the direction in which they curve.  When I held them, some curved left and some curved right and I used right-curving ones for the main top side of the wreath, and then the other ones for the edges of the wreath.  If they’re differently colored, sort the feathers by color too, to make sure you can mix up the colors in a pleasing way.  I liked to save the pretty, non-black, patterned feather for the front surface.  I had more black than any other color (my first batch of chickens was all-black).

Then I simply applied a bead of hot glue to the base of the feather, tucked it into the grapevine and held it there until the glue dried.  I worked backwards applying my feathers, to cover up each section of glue.  It was super easy!

How to Make a Feather WreathHow to Make a Feather Wreath

Here’s a closer look at my finished DIY feather wreath!  I think this will look super cute on the door to the chicken run – I just hope my chickens aren’t traumatized by this feather wreath I made.  Hopefully they see it as an homage and not an ominous threat, lol.  Chickens are surprisingly smart.  Whenever a chicken is re-homed, or dies and is buried, we transport it in a cardboard box.  When they see a cardboard box now, they’re totally petrified.  Oh – and when I first tried to put Mama’s chicks in a cardboard box (just to move them from the coop to the mini coop), she FREAKED out!  She knew exactly what a box meant.  Now, after weeks of using a cardboard box to transport them to the main coop at night and the mini coop for daytime fun, she’s more relaxed.  But chickens are smart and not to be underestimated!

DIY Feather Wreath (Using Feathers My Chickens Molted) DIY Feather Wreath (Using Feathers My Chickens Molted) Crafts with Chicken Feathers Chicken Feather DIY DIY Feather Wreath (Using Feathers My Chickens Molted) Chicken Feather Craft Ideas What to Do with Chicken Feathers Eco-friendly Fall Wreath All Natural Fall Wreath DIY

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How to Make a Feather WreathDIY Feather Wreath Tutorial (Using Chicken Feathers)



  1. September 1, 2021 / 11:39 am

    I think this is FANTASTIC Tanya! I mean, how can you not make a wreath with all those feathers…and look how pretty they are!!

  2. September 1, 2021 / 2:41 pm

    This is great! I haven’t seen this before and I love it!

  3. Miss Boots
    September 1, 2021 / 3:04 pm

    I love your feather wreath! It’s simple and sophisticated, and looks great on the teal background.

  4. GAYE
    September 2, 2021 / 1:44 pm

    You have such great ideas. Thank you for putting colour out there when everyone else is still using the greys and whites.

    • September 3, 2021 / 11:24 am

      Thank you so much! I am so glad you like my ideas and liberal use of color 🙂

  5. September 2, 2021 / 5:54 pm

    This is SO beautiful, Tanya! Some of the feathers really have some stunning details. And keep on nuzzling and praising your mama hen…she deserves it lol! XOXO

    • September 3, 2021 / 11:24 am

      Thank you! And yes, haha, she’s done an amazing job! She grew a white feather, which made me laugh – poor Mama’s chicks have been wearing her out…

  6. September 10, 2021 / 4:53 pm

    These feathers made such a beautiful wreath. I love the colours.

  7. September 13, 2021 / 1:48 pm

    I think your feather wreath is fantastic. The little details in the feathers look amazing.

  8. Misty Fahrenfeld
    November 20, 2021 / 7:04 pm

    I have a back yard flock of a variety of breeds and started collecting feathers a few months ago to make a feather wreath. Everyone is currently molting, so finding feathers is pretty easy, though I’m sure anyone driving by wonders what I am looking for and/or picking up as I wander slowly around my yard looking for the nicest feathers lol! Thank you for your tutorial! I can’t wait to have enough feathers to make my wreath!

    • November 21, 2021 / 2:51 pm

      Yay, I’m so excited for you and hope you find lots of great feathers to make your wreath. This time of year is a good time to find them – although it’s been so windy here I think my neighbors are finding feathers in their yards lol. What breeds of chickens do you have?

  9. Alison
    September 23, 2022 / 12:14 am

    I love this wreath and I love your little stories about your sweet chickens!

    • September 23, 2022 / 2:33 am

      Thank you so much! I am always so happy to hear someone likes my chickens stories – I could talk about them all day, lol.

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