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DIY Tinsel Wreath with Retro Vibes

My aesthetic is kind of torn between an organic, textured, coastal MCM kinda vibe and straight up kitschy retro design – so I made two wreaths this year: my earthy boho wreath with feathers and velvet leaves, and this bold turquoise DIY tinsel wreath.  This DIY tinsel wreath took minutes to make, cost less than $10, and is just the cutest thing ever – I love the retro vibes.  I was at Dollarama when a bunch of turquoise tinsel caught my eye.  I had just found the battery operated lights with a MCM meets Mooi light vibe and I knew they’d look amazing paired with this retro looking tinsel.  It’s a little less fluffy than the more expensive tinsel you can buy from craft stores, but it was so cheap (but not so cheap that it fell apart; I barely lost any pieces while I was making this, so I know I can use it for years to come).

DIY Tinsel Wreath with Retro Vibes #diychristmas #tinsel #tinselwreath #retrochristmasDIY Tinsel Wreath with Retro Vibes #diychristmas #tinsel #tinselwreath #retrochristmas Dollar Store Craft Ideas

Supplies for a DIY Tinsel Wreath

Inexpensive Dollar Store DIY Tinsel Wreath with Retro Vibes #diychristmas #tinsel #tinselwreath #retrochristmas

How to Make a DIY Tinsel Wreath

Making this tinsel wreath was a breeze – even easier than the DIY boho wreath I showed you the other day.  I grabbed my trusty grapevine wreath, which I literally use for everything (my DIY agate slice wreath, my “Ghost” rat wreath, and my aqua gradient pumpkin wreath).  You just need any kind of form but if you’re buying something new, go for foam or straw.  You can even turn a pool noodle into a wreath base.  Plus the thrift stores are always brimming with old wreaths for only a buck or two.

First I attached my lights, using twist ties to affix them to the grapevine wreath.  I wanted the tinsel to cover the cord.  If you’re using a foam wreath, you can affix the lights with some string.

DIY Tinsel Wreath with Retro Vibes #diychristmas #tinsel #tinselwreath #retrochristmas

Next I took the end of the tinsel and affixed it to the back of the wreath using a twist tie.  Then I wrapped it around the wreath base.  Each strand covered about 1/4 of the wreath, but that will depend on the size of your wreath/length of tinsel/how densely you wrap it.  When I reached the end of the tinsel, I secured with another  twist tie.  Then I grabbed some sparkly, plastic ornaments (from the dollar store years ago – remember them from my A-frame ornament stand?) and used twist ties to secure them to the grapevine, tucking them in beneath the tinsel.  The tinsel is fluffy, it hides everything – even the battery pack for the lights – with ease.

DIY Tinsel Wreath with Retro Vibes #diychristmas #tinsel #tinselwreath #retrochristmasDIY Tinsel Wreath with Retro Vibes #diychristmas #tinsel #tinselwreath #retrochristmas

I love the turquoise tinsel with my turquoise front door – it’s almost enough turquoise for me!

DIY Tinsel Wreath with Retro Vibes #diychristmas #tinsel #tinselwreath #retrochristmasDIY Tinsel Wreath with Retro Vibes #diychristmas #tinsel #tinselwreath #retrochristmas

At night the lights make the tinsel and glittery balls sparkle like crazy – I love coming home to this wreath at night because it’s just so welcoming.

DIY Tinsel Wreath with Retro Vibes #diychristmas #tinsel #tinselwreath #retrochristmas

It’s so easy to make a DIY tinsel wreath and I love the retro vibes.

Aqua DIY Tinsel Wreath with Retro Vibes #diychristmas #tinsel #tinselwreath #retrochristmasDIY Tinsel Wreath with Retro Vibes #diychristmas #tinsel #tinselwreath #retrochristmas

For the BIY (buy-it-yourself option) I found this simple turquoise tinsel wreath for $40 and this tinsel wreath already bedazzled with glittering ornaments.  And for my turquoise loving friends, did you see this Turquoise Tree???

DIY Turquoise Tinsel Wreath with Retro Vibes #diychristmas #tinsel #tinselwreath #retrochristmas



  1. Cindy
    December 11, 2018 / 8:01 am

    OH so cute! I feel you on the competing aesthetic – mine being more rustic modern scandi- retro mcm. Not sure I’m pulling it off.
    We recently gave the front porch a modern makeover- removing the railing and concrete cast steps and installing a single wood step and slab the full length of the porch, modern house numbers & 3 black planters to span the entire front, and painted door black. I love natural greens for xmas/winter so my large oversized grapevine wreath gets adorned with forest trimmings (arranged asymmetrically ala Pinterest) and planters filled with greens and couple of black xmas balls. A chair is draped with a red buffalo check blanket and paired with my black tulip table and garden Buddha (the lesser know tradition of the Christmas Buddha😂)
    But your retro vibe tinsel wreath beckons. I have some lovely aqua vintage xmas balls waiting for the right aluminum tinsel tree to come along to live happily ever after in my dining room for the holidays. Your wreath would get along well with that look. Loving it

    • Tanya from Dans le Lakehouse
      December 11, 2018 / 2:31 pm

      I have a feeling you’re totally pulling off that look no problem. What you’ve described with your porch makeover sounds beautiful. Are you looking for a vintage aluminum tree or reproduction? Someone I follow on Instagram was JUST talking about finding one… I wish I could remember who, it might come to me – but I think it was a reproduction. And I need to see those vintage aqua balls… I’m jealous 🙂

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