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Turquoise and White Christmas Tree Theme (Winter Wonderland)

I am SO excited to show you my Mom’s updated turquoise and white Christmas tree theme!  It looks like a sparkly little winter wonderland:

Aqua Christmas Tree Decor ThemeTurquoise and White Christmas Tree DecorationsTurquoise and White Christmas Tree Theme (Winter Wonderland)Turquoise and White Christmas Tree Theme

I have worked so hard: curating the turquoise and white Christmas tree theme with a few thoughtful purchases – and also hand making many, many more ornaments.  When my Mom said she wanted a tree last year, it was sort of last minute and, because we no longer had any of our old tree decorations (because we stopped celebrating Christmas a long time ago), I worked really hard to make her some ornaments.  I made some pretty DIY alcohol ink ornaments and then I whipped up some easy DIY beaded wreath ornaments.  Inspired by the Maud Lewis exhibit we had recently seen, we also got together and painted some birch slice ornaments.  The tree looked so cute and pretty but, if I’m being honest, it looked a little…naked.  Although Hubby contends it’s fuller than any tree he had growing up – and I’m inclined to agree: the trees my family members decorated back in the day were all very homey and minimal – I still wanted to add more decorations.  I see a lot of really PACKED trees, just exploding with ornaments, on social media, so I was inspired to add just a little more glitz and fun to my Mom’s tree.

Here’s a reminder of Mom’s tree theme last year:

handmade ornaments vintage rustic tree theme

And here is the updated turquoise and white Christmas tree theme!

Turquoise and White Christmas Tree Theme (Winter Wonderland) Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree ThemeDIY felt ornaments

Here’s What’s New!

To fill in the tree, I found a couple of gorgeous ornaments at Dollarama (I know, I’m shocked!).  These plastic snowflakes GLOW so beautifully and the gleaming plastic deer are my faves too and they were all a steal.

Plastic Snowflake OrnamentPlastic Deer Ornament

I also bought my Mom a few special little ornaments: some mercury glass acorns/pine cones/walnuts because she loves the shape of them.

Mercury Glass Acorn Christmas Tree Ornament

I also picked up a little glass ornament of a mama and baby polar bear, which she loves:

Cute Mother and Child Christmas Tree ThemeWinter Christmas Tree Theme

And I thrifted a little stained glass heart ornament!  I just wanted a few unique additions to give it some interest and add back the sentimental, collected over time feel our tree from my childhood had.  Because I made so many new ornaments – and I forgot them at home when we first decorated the tree, lol – the birch slices replaced the handmade beaded snowflake ornaments on Mom’s mantel and the beaded snowflakes migrated to the tree.  You might have also noticed: Mom stole my large DIY wood trees.  They’re the perfect scale for her mantel, so I can’t really complain…

blue Christmas mantel decorblue Christmas mantel decor

The tree is 20x more sparkly this year!  I wish photos could adequately capture the beauty of it – I’ll share some videos on my Instagram and TikTok accounts, so make sure you’re following me to catch the glow.

turquoise winter wonderland tree theme Aqua tree theme for Christmas

I recently found an entire banker’s box full of these glass votive holders (this isn’t even half of them) at the landfill, so I scooped them up and brought them to my Mom’s.  They look perfect on the dining table and will be a wonderful, wintry touch on the mantel once the holiday decor is packed away.  The vintage McCoy vase was gifted by Curated Home Decor.  The new canvas art in the dining room is one of my aerial lake photos, I had one photo printed across two canvases.

turquoise Christmas decor ideas

The tree skirt is made from a blanket we thrifted – I searched ALL YEAR for a wool blanket that would work (I was hoping for cream) and I finally found this perfect aqua one!

DIY wool tree skirtUpcycled wool tree skirt

Here’s a closer look at some of the ornaments I made:

DIY felt ornaments DIY alcohol ink ornaments DIY felt animals ornaments DIY felt animal ornamentsDIY felted wool ornaments DIY polymer clay ornaments DIY marbled clay ornamentsDIY felt bunny ornaments DIY ornament ideas

And, of course, every tree needs a spider ornament!

turquoise Christmas tree theme DIY beaded Christmas spider

I think the turquoise and white Christmas tree theme looks so pretty!  Now I kind of wish I had one in my own home.  After I took these photos, I just sat in the living room for a few hours.  I was honestly avoiding driving home because the heater failed on my truck – again! – so until my service appointment it’s absolutely miserable in the cab.  So I was just chilling on the sofa and the vibe was so nice: cozy, sparkly, and turquoise.  My three favorite things!

turquoise Christmas tree theme turquoise Christmas tree theme turquoise Christmas tree themeturquoise Christmas tree themeteal and white Christmas tree theme

Ornament Sources & Tutorials:

winter wonderland Christmas tree theme

Other Decor Sources:

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  1. Miss Boots
    December 13, 2021 / 1:59 pm

    Very pretty and festive!

  2. Brigitte
    December 15, 2021 / 8:34 am

    It’s just beautiful! I’m sure your mum appreciates all of your creations and how thoughtful they are.

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