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Holiday Gift Guide: 25 Gift Ideas for Men

When I started sharing my holiday gift guides (see my gift ideas for homebodies and my gift guide for cottagers), I started getting requests for the most difficult person to buy for: the dudes in our lives, and so here is my much-requested gift guide for the fellas: 25 gift ideas for men.  I hesitated to write this one because I’m not a huge fan of gendered lists like this – frankly, I want this stuff too!  And I’m sure there’s tons of guys who want none of this.  I honestly think it’s way easier to shop based on interests, because not all guys like sports/tools/beer.  But I also know that guys can be tough to buy for and because I was asked to put together this guide, I was happy to do so!  I polled my Handy Hubby and our male friends to come up with 25 gift ideas for men – hopefully you find a gem.  Although there are a couple of “themed” gifts here, most are fairly generic but also thoughtful and either highly recommended by my buds or else really quirky and fun.

Holiday Gift Guide: 25 Gift Ideas for Men

Saxx Underwear

Hubby and I have a friend who is always raving about this underwear, in a non-creepy way, so I have to suggest it.  It comes in tons of fun patterns and colors and apparently it’s super comfy (it reduces friction).  If you’re struggling with gift ideas for men and need the go-to gift of underwear, these are cool and not boring.

Holiday Gift Guide: 25 Gift Ideas for Men

Tactical Spork

This looks hilarious, but it’s so practical for fishing and camping and hanging out in the garage eating microwave dinners from the secret garage microwave.  I speak from experience, lol.

Holiday Gift Guide: 25 Gift Ideas for Men


“Watches” was a unanimous answer from the guys as I was gathering gift ideas for men – although the styles varied a bit.  I know that my JORD wood watch always garners a ton of compliments, from men and women.  There are a ton of styles of wood watches for men as well, but this Sandalwood and Emerald one is especially gorgeous for the guy(s) in your life.  This Walnut and Jet Black wood watch is a classic choice too, and because I’ve been wearing mine a lot for over two years, I’m confident that they’re good quality.  A friend sent me a link to the Junkers Bauhaus watch, a very reasonably priced and stylish watch.  Hubby has his eye on this Casio “Pro Tek” Resin Outdoor Smartwatch.  If the fellas in your life like watches, there can never be too many and even non-jewelry wearing guys normally love ’em.

Holiday Gift Guide: 25 Gift Ideas for Men

Cold Steel Pocket Knife

What was a unanimous answer from the guys I polled when it comes to gift ideas for men?  KNIVES.  Luckily that’s something I know a thing or two about!  This is when you find out I’m a weirdo because, other than when I’m traveling through airports, I always have at least two knives on my person (and then more tucked into the car, truck and all over the house.)  This Cold Steel Recon Tanto Folding Knife is the one I’m currently carrying and I have bought Cold Steel for years because of the excellent quality.  I bought Hubby a larger Cold Steel folding knife and he was SO happy.  You will be a hit if you spring for anything Cold Steel.

Holiday Gift Guide: 25 Gift Ideas for Men

Baseball Wine Rack

I don’t even like sports but this baseball wine rack is too cute – and it’s made in the USA, with a bat sourced from Cooperstown, New York—home of the Baseball Hall of Fame!

Holiday Gift Guide: 25 Gift Ideas for Men

Record Player

Record players come in so many price points and styles!  I found a super reasonably priced one with excellent reviews on Amazon: the Audio Technica AT-LP60WH-BT Fully Automatic Bluetooth Wireless Belt Drive Stereo Turntable, which is made in black but also comes in a sleek white finish.  Connect wirelessly to Bluetooth-equipped audio devices or to wired audio systems and speakers via included dual RCA output cable.  

For a more vintage style, the 1byone Nostalgia wooden Bluetooth vinyl record player  has a cool retro style but a lot of modern features, including the ability to record from CD/vinyl/cassettes/AUX to USB memory/storage device, which is awesome.  Wireless Bluetooth Capability means you can play music from a Bluetooth-enabled device without using a wired connection, plus it has (apparently) great sound and great reviews.

Beard Grooming Kit

Obviously only a cute gift if the fella has facial hair but if he does, this looks like a nice quality kit with great reviews and really nice packaging.

Holiday Gift Guide: 25 Gift Ideas for MenMission Belts

You might have seen these no-holes, ratchet-style belts on Shark Tank.  They come in a million different colors, materials – even emblazoned with sports teams and logos.  There is literally a style for everyone, making them one of the most versatile gift ideas for men.  Because there are no holes, Mission Belts can fit and adjust every 1/4″ (as opposed to 1″ like traditional belts) which mean they can easily adjust to changing bodies and they’re perfect if you’re not 100% sure of size.  And they last!  Mission belts don’t have the issue of cracking at the holes like traditional belts that can wear out from the stress of being used on the same size hole every day.  They also sell men’s and women’s styles, but I know these have been a huge hit with some of the dudes I know – they come in gift sets too.

Holiday Gift Guide: 25 Gift Ideas for MenMulti-tool or Wallet Ninja

Hubby and I both have multiple multi-tools and I have something similar to the wallet ninja – you can never have enough of these handy little things and this wallet ninja has a cute name to boot.  It’s perfect for a stocking stuffer, or to slip in with a gift card if you’ve given up on gift ideas for men and just going with a gift card (never a bad choice!) but want to add a little something extra.

Holiday Gift Guide: 25 Gift Ideas for Men  Paco Rabanne 1 Million for Men

According to one of our friends, “this cologne is really popular.  I wear it and get lots of compliments”.  Hubby doesn’t wear cologne or anything other than his deodorant and then hand lotion he steals from me, lol, so I’ll have to trust my source on this one.  Cologne is one of the more classic gift ideas for men.

Holiday Gift Guide: 25 Gift Ideas for Men

Cigar Humidors

I am told that humidors are a good gift – obviously only if your fella likes a cigar – but some of them are UGLY.  Yikes.  Amazon is usually my go-to but there were a lot of truly ugly ones there – and the ones a friend recommended were no longer available.  I did some searching and found that Overstock actually has an amazing selection of really attractive looking humidors, plus there are lots of reviews which can help sift the good from the bad.  My faves include this gorgeous Bey Berk “Torpedo” Lacquered Cigar Humidor – it’s yellow and look so 1960s James Bond cool.   Meanwhile, this glossy teal Cuban Crafters Colores Azul Blue Wood Humidor for 100 Cigars is so beautiful I can’t help but wonder if I’d like smoking cigars… Also this Visol Porthole Burlwood Humidor is classic.

Holiday Gift Guide: 25 Gift Ideas for MenDash Cam

A dash cam is one of those super handy things that lots of guys want, but it’s a little expensive so maybe it gets pushed to the bottom of the wish list.  For us it would be so handy as volunteer firefighters/first responders so we’ve been shopping for one too.

Holiday Gift Guide: 25 Gift Ideas for MenBeer Brewing Kit

Most cities have places where you can make your own wine or buy beer making supplies, but if not this kit looks great and the beer it produces has spicy citrus notes (yum).

Holiday Gift Guide: 25 Gift Ideas for Men

Cashmere Sweater

Buying someone a cashmere sweater is actually the nicest/meanest thing you can do because although it’s soft and will make their days happy, they’ll never be able to wear scratchier, cheaper wool again!  That’s the story of poor Hubby, who was spoiled and there was no going back.  Choose a classic style, like this simple zippered sweater, and this will be a gift that can be worn for years to come.

Holiday Gift Guide: 25 Gift Ideas for Men

Bourbon Infused Coffee

This bourbon infused coffee sounds delicious!  Pair with a handmade pottery mug (or super rugged looking mug or this woodsy travel mug).

Holiday Gift Guide: 25 Gift Ideas for Men

Bose Soundlink Mini II Bluetooth Speaker

You can’t go wrong with Bose!  I already recommended two Bose products in my gift guide for homebodies, but this was suggested by a friend as the perfect gift for guys and it’s also a better bargain than what I recommended.  There are voice prompts with this, plus it lasts 10 hours on a charge – which is amazing!

Holiday Gift Guide: 25 Gift Ideas for MenBose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Headphones

Can’t go wrong with these!

Holiday Gift Guide: 25 Gift Ideas for Men

Travando Money Clip Wallet “Rio”

This thin money clip wallet gets GREAT reviews and it’s way more comfortable to slip into a pocket than a massive folding wallet.  This wallet is tested by an independent German quality control institute and it apparently blocks the 13.56 MHz band and protects against data theft by RFID scanners.  Designed in Germany, it’s slim and sleek but holds up to 14 cards.

Holiday Gift Guide: 25 Gift Ideas for Men

Automatic Pot Stirrer

For the chefs in your life, this automatic pot stirrer is hilarious and awesome.  It’s so awesome, it’s back ordered but expected to ship by Dec 14th.  At which point I am ordering one for me, lol.

Holiday Gift Guide: 25 Gift Ideas for Men

Wood Cellphone/Wallet/Keys Docking Station

This solid wood docking station is so cute, but if you click the link you’ll find slightly different variations on the design too.  It’s practical but beautiful and guys seem to loooooove natural wood, I don’t know what it is about wood grain that speaks to so many of them.

Holiday Gift Guide: 25 Gift Ideas for MenPersonalized Whiskey Barrel

This whiskey barrel is cute and custom, but it also ages spirits to peak flavor so it serves a purpose.

Holiday Gift Guide: 25 Gift Ideas for Men

Cards Against Humanity

Games are always a fun gift and Cards Against Humanity is a great one – there’s lots of different versions too and it’s small/portable for parties.  Warning: it can be a bit vulgar, but overall pretty funny and it generally gets awesome reviews, except from the minority of folks who are deeply offended.  So gift this with caution…

Holiday Gift Guide: 25 Gift Ideas for Men


If a guy is handy, tools are a good option but he might already have the basics covered: drill, drill bits, level, stud finder, jig saw, orbital sander, table saw, miter saw, work bench…   Something Hubby and I, and so many of our guy friends are pining for, is a routerMakita makes a great one that’s cordless and it’s a reasonable price too – it’s a fun tool I think even most handy people might not own but would surely want.  Or you can always replace any much-loved tool with a newer version.  I have a drill, Hubby has a drill and we have literally used them both at the same time and totally just bought a Makita hammer drill the other night.  You can’t have too many drills!  Skip the big hardware stores and head to a mom and pop shop for awesome recommendations if you’re nervous about what kinds of tools to buy.

Holiday Gift Guide: 25 Gift Ideas for Men

Nail Clipper Set

This set came highly recommended by a friend, who has two because they’re great for anyone who works with their hands – he’s constantly getting slivers on the job so one kit is kept at work and one at home.

Holiday Gift Guide: 25 Gift Ideas for MenMaxpedition Gear

Maxpedition is a company with a brand that is focused on ruggedly tough gear with tactical features.  Their products are definitely a splurge, so I am betting a lot of guys have some of these products on a wish list.  I have a few smaller pieces but I always wanted the Adventure Travel Bag.  Handy Hubby likes the GyrFalcon backpack.  There’s lots of cool gear to choose from:

Holiday Gift Guide: 25 Gift Ideas for Men

Hopefully these gift ideas for men was a helpful list and you found a good gift idea or two for the guys in your life.  I know that a lot of dudes can be difficult to shop for, so if you have any awesome gift ideas for men, drop them in the comments!  And if you’re really stuck, try shopping local.  Whether your guy is into sports, electronics, music, comics – whatever – a local shop specializing in that hobby or interest will know what’s new and coveted in the community.  I always get excellent advice shopping local.  I also have a secret trick: creep their Pinterest boards!  I got Handy Hubby hooked on Pinterest and it’s a window into his soul…Happy shopping!  (And be sure to check out my gift guide for cottagers and gift guide for homebodies because there’s lots of stuff guys would like on those two lists too.)



  1. MissBoots
    December 6, 2018 / 12:29 pm

    Another great guide! I’m all done my Christmas shopping for this year, but I’m excited to come back to your lists for next year. Thanks so much.

    • Tanya from Dans le Lakehouse
      December 6, 2018 / 12:39 pm

      Wow you are so ahead of everyone else, I’m impressed! I know some bloggers haven’t even released their lists yet haha and you’re done! That must feel so good and so much less stressful.

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