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How to Store Glass Ornaments – Ornament Storage Idea

After spending the last few years making hundreds of tree ornaments, I needed a better way to store them all – and I especially needed to figure out how to store glass ornaments!  I had a hodgepodge assortment of containers (everything from plastic muffin packaging to ziploc bags to ratty old cardboard boxes) to store my and my Mom’s ornaments.  But now I have the perfect system for storing ornaments:

Ornament Storage Container Review

I Ordered FOUR of These Ornament Storage Containers!

I spend days considering what kind of ornament storage to buy (pouring over reviews and zooming in on listing photos, weighing pros and cons).  After a lot of research, I chose this ornament storage container.  I ordered one and tested it out when packing up my glass ornaments, after taking down my ornament packed Christmas tree.  I loved it so much that I quickly ordered 3 more (one more for me, and then two for my Mom’s Christmas tree ornaments).  I’m so happy with my new ornament storage system, that I thought I would share with you too – in case you’re also struggling with how to store glass ornaments or looking for a nice Christmas ornament storage container but feeling overwhelmed with all of the options (I was!).  Although I originally bought this ornament storage bag for my glass ornaments, I realized that it would be really convenient to just house all of my ornaments in two of these, so even if you don’t have glass ornaments that you need to protect, I am sure you will appreciate the convenience of this system.

How to Store Christmas Ornaments Safely

Ornament Storage Container PROS:

  • Holds up to 72 ornaments
  • Holds 4″ ornaments (most are designed for 3″ ornaments)
  • Dividers aren’t bare cardboard, they’re covered in fabric
  • Dividers are adjustable to fit longer ornaments/decor
  • Ornaments are stored in accessible layers
  • Secure zippered top

How to Protect Ornaments in Storage

Ornament Storage Container CONS:

  • Wish top layer had a rigid, protective cover (I made one from cardboard)
  • I don’t really need/use the pouch at the front – but one day I might!
  • Expensive (here’s a more budget friendly option)

Why I Chose This Particular Ornament Storage Container:

The Best Ornament Storage System

Ornaments are Stored in Removable Layers:

While shopping for ornament storage containers, I wanted something that made decorating the tree really easy.  I wanted something where all of my ornaments could be stored in one place, but some of the ornament storage containers were designed in a way that you had to remove all of the ornaments to access the next layer.  I loved that with this system, I can take out all three layers and see every single ornament at a glance.  This system shaved hours off of putting the tree ornaments away – I was done in 10 minutes.

How to Store Glass Christmas Ornaments

Ornament Trays Are Adjustable + Not Bare Cardboard:

This storage system assembles really quickly: it’s flat packed and there’s a wire frame that pops out inside to hold the shape, but the sides are soft, like a duffel bag.  The structure comes from the ornament trays, which have a sturdy bottom and sides, with adjustable slots inside.  I like that the ornament trays can be adjusted to fit other shapes and sizes of ornaments, but also that the dividers aren’t bare cardboard.  I just think this will be more durable than plain cardboard –  the whole thing feels sturdy.

Ornament Storage with Removable TraysHow to Store Large Ornaments4" Ornament Storage System

Compartments Can Fit 4″ Ornaments:

I also like that this system comes in two sizes (to hold 4″ or 3″ ornaments).  I have some larger glass ornaments to store, so I ordered the 4″ model and it’s perfect!  Every single ornament I own fits into these compartments, with room to spare!  There’s extra room to sneak in some tissue paper for the extra special or super glittery ornaments (not that it needs it).  And none of the ornaments are even close to the top of the compartments, so they’re safe from being crushed.  I spent so much time making these ornaments, I feel better knowing they’re safely and securely stored and now I don’t have to stress about dropping something while I’m rummaging through muffin packages.

How to Protect Glass Ornaments in Storage

Below is the 3″ ornament version (it’s designed a little differently, with storage on the sides for nutcrackers, etc):

3" Ornament Storage System

Zippered Top:

I have to haul my Christmas stuff out of my 5 foot tall crawl space, up a ladder, so I wanted something with a secure lid and the zipper is perfect.  This similar ornament storage has a lot of the same qualities to mine, and even holds more, but with a rigid shoe box type lid – perfect if you have a more reasonable place to storage your ornaments (but it didn’t work for me – I needed a more secure lid).

Is the Quality Nice?

I think the quality on these is really nice.  I find these a bit expensive, to be honest (everything is expensive these days), and I had some sticker shock there.  But I have spent so much time creating ornaments, which are also sentimental because my Mom and I worked together on so many of them and I’ve also used sentimental supplies for some of them, so I want to keep them safe.  I was pleased with the quality – enough to order 3 more!

The Best Ornament Storage Container

Other Ornament Storage Options:

Here are a couple other ornament storage systems I was considering, as well as a much more inexpensive option.

How to Store Glass Ornaments

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How to Store Ornaments



  1. Jewell Milburn
    March 23, 2024 / 1:36 pm

    I have been looking for something like this! I will have to get one for next year – wish I had seen this earlier.

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