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Turning My Chick Photos into Art with BestCanvas

Last year I took so many cute photos of my new batch of chicks (see here and here).  One year later, I finally turned my chick photos into art – with the help of!

Below is the exact photo I chose to have turned into art.  I had a pair of splash Silkie chicks last spring but one passed and the other, Sterling, was so lonely because by the time she was grown, my two full grown Silkie chickens had passed also.  For a brief period of time, the three of them lived in a separate little coop and they were so happy!  I worked so hard to get Sterling integrated into the flock so she would have other chickens to keep her warm in the winter.  It was a rocky start, but eventually she would eat and roost with the others.  But one day I didn’t see her in the run so I raced over to the barn and found her hiding, with a large, gaping, and bloody wound on her rump.  It was awful!  I rushed her inside and luckily I was able to successfully treat her and she healed.  She loved her time spent indoors with me.  I couldn’t keep her inside forever though, but I also couldn’t let her into the run with the other chickens again, so I found her a new home with another small breed chicken – tended to by the most adorable five year old girl!  I miss Sterling because she was such a sweet chicken: so gentle and snuggly.  The Silkies have been one of my favorite breeds of chickens but, unfortunately, the other chickens will no longer tolerate them.

That’s why it’s so lovely having this photo of Sterling as a chick, to remember not only what an adventure it’s been to raise chicks into chickens, but also what a treasure Silkies are.

Yes, it’s weird that one of the moments I wanted to give special treatment to is of a chicken.  But that’s just what happens when you get chickens – you get totally obsessed with these little birds.  Whatever special moment you’d like to frame or give as a gift, BestCanvas offers lots of unique options for printing photography, including canvas prints, poster prints, metal prints, etc.

I chose the photo on acrylic option because I thought it was a really fresh and modern way to display photography.  Below are some photos of my new Silkie chick art!  First, a couple of close ups so you can compare to the original above.

The acrylic print has a really beautiful luminous quality and my photo was printed with a really lovely softness to it.  It’s really a great quality print – it would make a lovely gift.  This is the 20″ by 16″ size and, without any coupons or sales, cost only $80.  Ordering was really easy and I loved that BestCanvas emailed me regularly to keep me updated on the progress.  Everything was shipped quickly and packaged really safely.

I made sure to request the hanger set when ordering.  It’s a super sturdy hanger that came separately and is a peel & stick installation (super easy!):

My print also came with two rubber bumpers to stick onto the back.

It sits almost perfectly flush to the wall:

I love how my acrylic print turned out, but I actually ordered a couple more items from BestCanvas…

While I was browsing, I saw that BestCanvas also makes a lot of really beautiful photo gifts.  So before I checked out, I also ordered a pair of custom mugs.  On the one mug, I had a photo of our Camaro printed in a panorama design – meaning the photo wraps all of the way around the mug.  I had this made as a surprise for Hubby (because he is obsessed with our car) and he LOVED it – I could barely snap a photo of it before he absconded with it to work.

Here’s the other side, you can see how the design wraps around (I blurred out our license photo just for these photos, just fyi):

I had a second mug printed with just a single image of another of my chick photos.  Helping to model my new mug is one of the baby chicks my broody hen recently hatched.

Mug printed with photo mug with a chick printed on it custom printed chick mug baby maran chick baby chick mug design

As a left-handed person, I love that you can choose which side of the mug to have a photo displayed (I chose left portrait), if you didn’t want the panorama option.  Hubby’s Camaro mug was $11 and mine was $8.

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This post was sponsored by but all thoughts and opinions (and baby chicks!) are my own. 



  1. Miss Boots
    July 28, 2021 / 3:13 pm

    Love these! What a great service. Thanks for sharing.

    • July 29, 2021 / 9:29 pm

      I’m so glad you love them! I thought the acrylic was a really fun spin on having photos printed.

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