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How to Install the Pfister Ladera Faucet with TopPfit

Today I’m collaborating with Pfister to show you that installing the Ladera faucet, with their TopPfit Installation technology, is an absolute breeze.  If you’ve ever felt frustrated – or intimidated – by installing a faucet, Pfister’s TopPfit installation technology will change your mind!  You’ll find a quick video at the bottom of the post, but I’ll highlight what’s different about this faucet installation in a few photos below.

How to Install the Pfister Ladera Faucet with TopPfit

Installing My New Ladera Faucet

To install my Ladera faucet, the first few steps are typical:

  • I turned off the water
  • Then I disconnected the water lines and removed my old faucet
  • I quickly cleaned the surface of my sink while the faucet was removed
  • Next I installed the body of my new faucet

How to Install the Pfister Ladera Faucet with TopPfitHow to Install the Pfister Ladera Faucet with TopPfit

What Makes the Pfister TopPfit Installation Technology Different

Here’s where the Pfister TopPfit installation is totally different!  Instead of crawling under the sink to tighten the spout body, I could do it from the top using the included tool (pictured below).

How is Pfister TopPfit Installation Technology Different?

I only had to twist the TopPfit Tool to raise the below-sink swivel bracket.  I tightened it by hand, but using a drill makes this step even faster – for a quick and secure fit.  If you’ve ever sweat under a kitchen or bathroom sink, awkwardly tightening a spout body in the smallest spot on the warmest day, then you know this is absolutely genius!!  And if you’re new to home improvement, know that this is so easy and muss-free, I did this in minutes and didn’t even break a sweat!

How is Pfister TopPfit Different?

Completing the Installation of My Ladera Faucet

To wrap up the installation, I:

  • Disassembled the spout quick disconnect
  • Fed the hose through the spout body
  • Clicked it into place!
  • Then I simply had to reconnect the water lines below

What is Pfister TopPfit?

This entire installation only took me a few minutes, and now I’m enjoying my new Ladera faucet.

Pfister Ladera Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Why I Love My New Ladera Faucet

I love the simple and elegant style – I think it’s timeless.  And you know how much I love a brushed stainless finish – but this has the added bonus of spot defence, for extra protection from fingerprints and water spots.  It’s also a pull down style, which I think is so handy.

Pfister Ladera Review

Plus I know I can trust the quality of Pfister craftsmanship, especially with their Pfister Pforever never-leak guarantee.


You might recognise that my old kitchen faucet was also made by Pfister – and we’ve had that for eight years!  Plus I’ve been loving my Pfister fixtures in my powder room – they see a lot of heavy use, yet they still look and feel brand new.

Pfister TopPfit Review

Find the whole line of faucets (for the bathroom too!) with TopPfit technology at  And if you love my new Ladera faucet, the Ladera Collection is available exclusively in Canada at The Home Depot.

Kitchen Faucet That is Easy to Install

Catch the quick Instagram Reel installation video I put together here:


This post was sponsored by Pfister, a brand I trust, have happily collaborated with before, and wholeheartedly recommend.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.



  1. Susan M.
    August 6, 2021 / 8:38 pm

    You make it look very easy, but I think even I could manage this… 🙂

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