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Easy DIY Wooden Egg Holder

This DIY wooden egg holder is really easy to make and a great way to use up leftover scraps of wood.  I had been tempted to invest in a plunge router to make wooden egg trays like this, but it was honestly super simple to make this egg tray with just an inexpensive hole saw that I already owned!

DIY wooden egg holderHow to make a DIY wooden egg holderDIY wood egg holder tutorial

Supplies for a DIY Wooden Egg Holder:

DIY wooden egg holder tutorial

How to Make This Wooden Egg Tray:

First, decide on the overall length and width for your DIY wooden egg holder.  You can adjust this – but I would not suggest making your egg tray narrower than mine because you need room for the width of the eggs.  I didn’t need to make my DIY egg tray to fit a standard dozen or 18 eggs because mine come sporadically from my chooks, haha.

My Egg Tray Size:

DIY wooden egg holder

For reference, my egg tray is:

  • 11″ long,
  • 3 3/4″ wide
  • 2″ tall
  • 1 1/4″ holes
  • With 10 holes for eggs

Cut your wood to length (11″ long to make it the size of mine).  Then cut two additional pieces for the “legs”.  My legs have a length the same width as the egg tray, with a height of 2″ (you can adjust this) so I cut a 2″ wide piece of wood from the same length of wood.

I ended up with three pieces: 2 for the legs and one for the tray.

Next it was time to determine the placement of the holes:

The edges of the holes are 1/2″ apart.  From center to center, the holes are 2″ apart.  You can space it out with a ruler and make markings as a guide with a pencil – they can easily be sanded off after.

making an egg tray

Then we pre-drilled a hole as a guide for the hole saw, to make sure we drilled these holes exactly where we measured them out to be:

DIY wooden egg holder diy egg tray

Then we sawed each one, sawing halfway through the hole and then flipping it over and sawing from the other side to minimize tear out.

hole saw project

Then I sanded the holes and edges:

scrap wood project

Finally, I used a bead of wood glue and attached the legs to the tray, using painter’s tape to hold the glue in place while it dried.  Be sure to sand off any glue that squishes out.  To finish it, I just used the same food safe oil I used for my DIY driftwood egg cups:

food safe wood oilhandmade egg holder

I LOVE how this easy DIY wooden egg tray turned out!  This was a test using scrap wood we had.  I wanted to make sure we’d actually use it before investing in some nice wood.  I do use this – everyday!  I don’t necessarily store all of my eggs on the counter, but I definitely need a place to put them when I come in with a handful.  It’s nice to just plonk them down here and then I put them into the fridge when I have a chance – although some days we use/eat them right from this tray.  So it’s just a convenient thing to have!  Now I definitely want to get my hands on some walnut to make a fancier version of this DIY wooden egg holder.

Solid wood egg holder solid wood egg tray DIY gift for backyard chicken keepers How to make an egg holder for the counter

How to Use This DIY Egg Tray:

Did you know?  Farm fresh eggs (meaning: straight from the chicken) don’t need to be refrigerated!  When a hen lays an egg, she coats it with a nearly invisible coating, which is called a “bloom” or “cuticle”.  The bloom helps keep air and bacteria out of the egg.  That means that an unwashed egg, which still has the bloom on, doesn’t need to be refrigerated right away.  Isn’t that neat?  The only caveat is that one day on the counter is like storing an egg for one week in the fridge, so they will still spoil and not last as long as refrigerated eggs, but if your hens are laying eggs and you’re using them up quickly, you can store them on the counter in a pretty little egg tray like this!  But for anyone buying their eggs, you can use this egg tray in the fridge or for when you’re cooking and need a handy place to put a few eggs while you’re prepping things.

wood egg tray How to make an egg tray DIY wooden egg holder

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Easy DIY Scrap Wood Egg Holder



  1. February 26, 2021 / 11:57 am

    This is such a cute idea and perfect for simple home decor. I’ll get my dad to make mine though. 😉

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