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Getting Projects Done with the Help of Cosco

With the longer days, I’m feeling so motivated.  In fact, Handy Hubby and I are finally tackling long overdue tasks and abandoned projects, with the help of Cosco.  First, a confession.  When we had our windows replaced, and originally struggled with issues, we also replaced the trim around the windows but never caulked, patched, or even painted the trim!  We also never replaced all of the trim to match – just the window trim (I’m holding off replacing the rest until we replace the kitchen floors and renovate that space).  And every single day I have thought to myself, “we really need to caulk that trim”.

22 ft Reach Aluminium Telescoping Multi Position Ladder

That unfinished trim even ended in the pages of Good Housekeeping magazine when they published my house tour!  I think it’s not so noticeable in photos, but in real life it bugs me every day.  I might have finished it already if it weren’t for the generous ceiling height in our living/dining room – plus the fact that hubby and I are both afraid of heights.  Hilarious, I know, because we’re both volunteer fire fighters where we live.  We decided that this is the year we finally finish this task, so I was thrilled when Cosco reached out and offered me a sturdy new ladder.  We chose the 22 ft Reach Aluminium Telescoping Multi Position Ladder to help us reach this wall of windows.

Cosco 22 ft Reach Aluminium Telescoping Multi Position Ladder

We both appreciate how sturdy it is – that definitely helps us get over our fear of heights and work quickly and confidently to caulk and fill the holes on this trim.  Because the extensions slide, it’s also really easy to set up in a confined space, like our small living room.  It’s also easily convertible so we can position it in different ways based on the task at hand.  Cosco has a great selection of really sturdy and versatile ladders and step ladders, so check out the website to find the perfect fit for you.

The Best Telescoping Ladder

I was also sent Cosco’s SmartFold Portable Workbench.  The portable workbench actually folds into such a compact size that I can literally fit this in my office closet!

Cosco's SmartFold Portable Workbench

It also folds in a snap – it’s a single motion that’s really easy.  I want to keep it in my office during the colder months, so I can easily pull it out for working on smaller craft projects for the blog.  Right now I spend most of my time working at the kitchen counter, but then I have to pack everything away to make dinner – which is annoying when I’m mid-task.  For a professional DIYer, I really lack a space to create in the winter months, so I’m so grateful for this new workbench!

Portable Work Bench

But for the spring and summer, when I prefer to work outside just to get as much fresh air as I can, it has found a home in my garage.  I have a small workbench out there, but it’s pretty much a permanent stand for the miter saw.  I’m usually too lazy to move it, so I have previously used my truck tailgate for projects (see, lol, I tell no lies).  This portable workbench is my new go-to, especially because it has a great height for working while standing, along with large smooth castors for easily manoeuvrability around the garage.  I love that because I can quickly set it up and then quickly store it away because space is tight in there.

Standing Height Portable Work Bench

Now I have no excuse not to be productive!  If you’ve been putting off some projects too, let this be the nudge you need to tackle those abandoned projects…


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