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No Sew DIY Wool Felt Table Runner

This no sew DIY wool felt runner was made with leftover wool from the blanket my Mom and I thrifted.  I turned some of it into my DIY felt leaf garland, my Mom sewed some cup cozies for a local tea shop, and then I used some to make this simple DIY wintry table runner.

No Sew DIY Wool Felt Runner

I didn’t really need anything between the DIY wood trees I made and my new dining room table because my trees are sanded very thoroughly.  They’re nice and smooth so there’s zero risk of scratching the table.  But….. my table is new and you know how it is when something is new, lol.  You baby it, just a little.  So I quickly made this little no sew DIY wool felt runner and I actually loved the bit of softness and coziness it added!  My Christmas decor can be pretty spartan, so this extra little touch adds some warmth to my table centerpiece.  I also think it sort of looks like a patch of “snow”?

Here’s a closer look:

Faux Snow Table Runner for ChristmasSnow Shaped Table Runner for Christmas

To enhance “snow” vibe, I ended up sewing on some pearl and faceted beads, which catch the light when you walk by.  Here’s a look at the runner with the beads sewn on – it’s a subtle difference in photos, but in real life it’s the perfect sparkly touch for the holidays.

No Sew DIY Wool Felt RunnerEasy DIY Felt Table Runner for Winter

Supplies for a Felt Table Runner:

No Sew DIY Wool Felt Runner

How to Make This No Sew DIY Wool Felt Runner:

This no sew DIY wool felt runner almost needs no tutorial!  It’s so simple!  As I mentioned in my tutorial for the DIY felt leaf garland, Mom and I thrifted this worn wool blanket.

  1. First I washed the thrifted in the washing machine, in warm water.
  2. Next I tossed it in the dryer to help it “felt” more.
  3. I ironed it, on the wool setting, with a tea towel on top to prevent singeing the wool, to remove fold lines.
  4. Then I cut a rectangle the approximate width and length I wanted.
  5. To chose the exact size, I arranged my mod little DIY trees and then just cut the wool around the tree arrangement, using my Fiskars Fabric Shears.
  6. I cut out the curvy shape freehand, and kept the shape loose.
  7. I used matching thread and a needle to individually sew on some beads.
  8. To add the beads, I made a knot in the thread and sewed up from the bottom, slid on the bead, then back down through the wool, knotting at the back, cutting the thread and moving on to the next one.

That’s it!  So easy, right? I love how it turned out and how this DIY wool runner adds a little softness to the dining room.

No Sew Table Runner Idea DIY Beaded Table RunnerNo Sew DIY Wool Felt Runner No Sew DIY Wool Felt Runner

You can, of course, do this project in any colors to match your holiday or home decor!  I loved the cream, because it looks like snow and feels very wintry.  Even if you like the idea of using a neutral wool, you can find pretty faceted beads in rich bold colors for more color.

No Sew DIY Wool Felt Runner How to Make a Felt Runner for Winter Decorating

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no sew DIY felt table runner


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