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Blue Latte Recipe | How to Make a Butterfly Pea Flower Latte

I just found another way to infuse my life with blue (do you see what I did there?): I discovered this easy blue latte recipe, so keep reading if you want to learn how to make a butterfly pea flower latte.  Spoiler: it’s super easy.  I’m a huge fan of making my own tea lattes at home – remember my earl grey tea latte recipe? (basically a  Starbucks London Fog dupe).  I still have that exact same little handheld frother and it’s awesome.  I gave up drinking coffee awhile ago – I even gave away my Keurig!  So now if I want something warm and comforting, I reach exclusively for tea and tea latte recipes.  My Mom works for a tea shop and one day she brought home this tiny bag of butterfly pea flowers.  Turns out that’s the secret to making a blue latte – and also the starting ingredient for many moon milk recipes, which also add spices and adaptogens to help you sleep.  I didn’t want to add any extras because I just wanted to enjoy my blue latte, so here’s my super simple blue latte recipe and some delicious photos of its beautiful blue hue.

Blue Latte Recipe | How to Make a Butterfly Pea Flower Latte

Blue Latte Ingredients & Tools:

Blue Latte Ingredients

I used a really nice fillable tea bag with a drawstring top – you can find similar ones on Amazon or local tea shops.  For my tea, I usually use a metal reusable strainer that fits into my tea pot, but for this it was easier to fill this bag and then I actually hung it from the handle of my pot and let it steep as I heated up the milk.

How to Make a Butterfly Pea Flower Latte

What is Butterfly Pea Flower?

If you’ve never seen it before, here is the dried butterfly pea flower.  It’s very large, so 6 teaspoons sounds like a lot but it really isn’t because that’s like a blossom or two per teaspoon.  You can also find this in powder form, but I think the flower is so pretty.  It has been enjoyed for centuries in Southeast Asia as a vibrant herbal tea (and also as plant-based food and natural dye).  That means it’s caffeine free, so great for an evening treat.  I am always sceptical about claims, but apparently butterfly pea flower tea is a source of antioxidants and can help keep skin youthful looking!  We’ll see, lol, because my skin is looking rough these days…

Butterfly Pea FlowersBlue Latte Recipe | How to Make a Butterfly Pea Flower Latte

How to Make a Butterfly Pea Flower Latte:

  • Heat the milk slowly (I don’t have a microwave, so I used my stove top and a pot)
  • Steep until desired color is achieved (5-10 minutes – I steeped while I heated my milk)
  • Pour into a 2 cup measure or bowl with spout and add the honey
  • Froth with handheld milk frother
  • Pour into two mugs and enjoy!

How to Make a Butterfly Pea Flower LatteWhat is Moon Milk?How to Make Moon Milk BlueNaturally Blue Drink

Butterfly Pea Flower Latte is Actually BLUE!

This blue latte is the prettiest color, I couldn’t stop photographing it.  I didn’t know what to expect and how blue the milk would become.  While it isn’t as boldly colored as my turquoise smoothie, this blue latte really is a gorgeous color.  And the dried butterfly pea flower really is an effective colorant because I set the dried flowers on top of the drink, just for photos, and when I removed them they left a little dyed design behind so these flowers really color the milk blue.  (Don’t top your drink with the dried flowers – I just did that because it looked so lovely in the photos).

Butterfly Pea Flower Latte Recipe DIY Blue Latte Plant That Dyes Milk Blue Flower That Dyes Milk Blue

What Does Butterfly Pea Flower Taste Like:

I made a blue latte without honey first, so I could best describe the taste.  It has a very soft flavor – if this makes sense, it tastes the way it looks: soft, delicate, pastel.  If pale blue had a flavor, this would be it.  Okay, you probably want something more descriptive.  It has a super mild floral flavor, but the taste is incredibly subtle and very soothing.  I can see this being a really delightful bedtime drink because it is warm and soothing – with no caffeine.  It’s definitely been a fun tea latte for me to make and this is my official holiday drink this year!  In previous years I’ve made a slow cooker full of mulled wine or apple cider, but this year I want a sleepytime drink so I can just snooze through the next couple of weeks and wake up in the new year, feeling refreshed.  That’s my current mood, lol.  Cheers!

Blue Latte Recipe | How to Make a Butterfly Pea Flower Latte Blue Milk Recipe Butterfly Pea Flower Latte

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Blue Latte Recipe | How to Make a Butterfly Pea Flower LatteHow to Make a Naturally Blue Latte

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