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Treating Szuka + Hynda to Some Goodness | The Missing Link Smartmouth Dental Chews Review (Sponsored)

This post is sponsored by The Missing Link, but all thoughts, opinions, and stinky puppers are my own.

Our two pups, Szuka and Hynda, are the absolute cutest puppers and they make rural life really fun!  They totally run amuck in our neighborhood – despite my best efforts to corral them – but only a few people mind because they’re just so adorable.  They have such a zest for lake life and they motivate me to get outdoors, rain or shine.  But while I might go outside to relax, my girls have work to do and they take it very seriously.

They protect the shore from geese (as best they can), working in unison to chase those pesky birds away.  They protect us from foxes and bears, who no longer sniff around as much.  They also protect us from neighborhood children, delivery people dropping off parcels I have ordered online, and anyone listening to country music.

Because they work so hard to keep us safe, I worry about how to best protect them. I feed them nutritious food, I give them delicious treats, we exercise a lot in the yard and daily snuggles are a must. They’re well cared for and loved, but I do worry about their teeth. Neither one of them really took to tooth cleaning chews and getting a toothbrush in either of their mouths was a no-go (now what do I do with all of that beef flavored tooth paste?).  

Then I received a couple packages of The Missing Link. I could barely open the package before the puppers pounced. Both Szuka and Hynda were super curious and Szuka definitely powered her way into a bag to sneak a chew.  She LOVED it.  I could barely photograph Hynda enjoying hers because she was just a blur of activity.  The chews come in three different sizes, so each of my gals got a chew perfectly sized for her. And they went totally bonkers for them.  

The Missing Link’s Smartmouth™ dental chews are a HIT in this household and I’m so relieved because now I’m confident that I can better care for their teeth – and overall health.  Smartmouth™ dental chews reduce plaque and tartar and freshen doggie breath, thanks to the unique bristle ridges and Stay-C™ (a patented form of Vitamin C).  I would be happy if the chews just offered a deep clean, because good oral hygiene benefits pupper health in so many ways and my two girls were missing out by refusing to eat any dental chews.   

But The Missing Link’s Smartmouth™ dental chews offer so many other health benefits too!  They’re veterinarian formulated, so the ingredients focus on helping a dog’s overall health.  If you take a peek at the ingredients, you’ll see glucosamine, which helps promote mobility and hip and joint health.  This is especially important for Szuka because Komondors, like other large breed dogs, are prone to hip and joint problems as they age.  I want to help protect her mobility, and these chews are perfect for that! Both of my puppers suffer from skin problems, mainly itchy skin, which I try to help treat through their diet and also the products we use to bathe them.  It’s an ongoing struggle to find the right balance so I’m happy to learn that the Smartmouth™ dental chews also have balanced omegas, which promote healthy skin and a shiny coat – or maybe a fluffier coat, in the case of my two curly girls. The chews are full of other tasty ingredients and The Missing Link uses a proprietary cold processing and packaging to maximize the nutritional value.

If you have a dog who may not have loved other dental chews – or maybe you just wished that dental chews offered other health benefits too – I really recommend you try The Missing Link’s Smartmouth™ dental chews.

The best thing about The Missing Link’s Smartmouth™ dental chews is that they’re made in the USA (and completely sourced in USA and Canada), with no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.  I try not to eat that stuff, so I sure as heck don’t want Szuka and Hynda eating it either.

The Smartmouth™ dental chews are just one product made by The Missing Link and I’m sure that Szuka and Hynda can’t wait to try the rest!  You know I love my two dogs and I’m often sharing doggie DIYs and posts about life with dogs (like the mod aqua dog bowl stand and cute pink and brass dog bowl stand we made, my tips for keeping the house clean with two messy puppers, and of course the recipe for the homemade dog treats I’ve baked them), so I’m excited to share the scoop on this healthful chew that they love too. 


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