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Art Inspiration from SINGULART

Today I’m sharing some stunning art inspiration from SINGULART, an online, curated gallery where you can find incredible, original art from artists all over the world (110 countries!) – with 49% of the artwork available on the site created by women.

Bold Blue Abstract Painting

Blue Veil over Sunlight | Heidi Thompson, Canada, 2022 | Acrylic on Canvas

How Art Can Inspire & Improve Your Home Decor

Whenever I am asked about home decor, I eventually steer the conversation toward art because I think art is such an integral part of creating a home that feels personal and special.  Beyond the social, historical, and cultural importance of art, on a grand scale, it can play such an important part of our day to day lives – and, I’ll admit, that’s what excites me, as a home decor enthusiast, the most.

  • Struggling to come up with a complementary color palette for designing a room?  Pull colors from a piece of art you love (it doesn’t even have to be something you own!)
  • Renting and you can’t paint or make any changes?  Lean a big painting against a wall!
  • Want to add some character to a neutral space?  Hang art to set the mood and add personality.
  • Feeling just generally uninspired by your surroundings?  Visit a gallery (online or in person) to spark your own creativity.
Soft Graffiti Style Painting

Soft Blue and White | Michelle Louis | United States | 2020 | Acrylic on Canvas

Why Looking at Art is Good For Your Health

BUT art in the home is about more than just making a space look good, it can also make a space FEEL good – it can make you feel good.  Of course owning a work of art is fabulous, but even to see and be inspired by art can increase serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain!  One study demonstrated, through brain scans, that when people view art they think is beautiful, the increased blood flow that the pleasure part of the brain experiences is the same as when looking at a loved one.  Isn’t that wild?  And beyond the warm, fuzzy feelings, viewing art can also help stimulate the brain, moving the viewer to think critically, generate ideas, and more.  Another study found that enjoying art (not just creating it, but even just viewing it) can also bring forth positive emotions and help reduce stress.

Indigo Abstract Painting

Daydream panorama (Natures imagery) 11 | Nestor Toro | United States | 2020 | Acrylic on Canvas

Where to Buy Original Sculptures

Andros | Chris Itsell | United States | 2020 | Wood, Steel

My Favorite Pieces from SINGULART

So, in the interest of inspiring you – and helping your brain feel good today, I’m sharing some of my favorite pieces, available from SINGULART.  Of course I was drawn to the original paintings for sale, but I did also pepper this post with a couple of sculptures!

Conchitas | Pepe Linares Molina | Spain | Oil on Canvas

Beautiful Painting of a Wave

My brain had a really difficult time comprehending that this beautiful painting is, in fact, a painting!  I was fully convinced it was a photograph until I viewed some close up details.  It is absolutely stunning and so masterfully painted:

Original Coastal Artwork Source

Vagabond | Rudolf Kosow, | Germany | Acrylic, Oil on Canvas

This quirky painting immediately caught my eye – it’s so different than what I am normally drawn to, but the surrealism is so captivating.

Where to Buy Contemporary Surreal Art

Et la tendresse ? bordel ! | Michel Laurent | France

This one is sold (the artist is available to commission something similar) but I absolutely loved this!  The blue hearts are cut from 2mm thick gas bottles and painted – the end result has such an irresistible, tactile quality.

Contemporary Metal Wall Sculpture

Gischt II | Inge Schulz | GermanyAcrylic, Pigments on Canvas

The ferocity of the crashing waves is very palpable, even in this more abstracted painting of water.  You know I love anything inspired by water and waves!

Abstract Coastal Painting

TETE A TETE | André-Marc Serrano | France | Acrylic on Linen

Polar bears are my favoite animal, and this depiction is so moving.

Polar Bear Original Painting

When the Shark Turned Left | Lali Torma | Canada | India Ink on Paper

A Canadian artist!  Love the bold statement this piece makes – it’s so simple, but dramatic.

India Ink on Paper Original Art

Flowers meadow | Irina Laube | Germany | Acrylic, Pastel on Canvas

Looking at this painting might be the only things that gets me through this winter…

Summer Meadow Original Painting

La Poule | Sylvie Ajacques | France | Oil on Linen

Okay, so I definitely searched “chicken” and there were MANY pieces – almost all SOLD!  So next time I’m showing you chicken themed things, please note that I actually have excellent taste… 😉

Contemporary Modern Chicken Painting

No Budget for Art?

Now, I have to admit that I am very lucky because Hubby’s grandpa, an artist, shared so many of his beautiful – and large – paintings with us.  But there was a time when I had 0 budget and 0 cool paintings – so I made all my own art (and I still do sometimes)!  From painting my own abstracts to framing anything from vintage posters to slices of dyed agate, I have played very fast and loose with the word “art”.  You might have seen that just recently I painted over a painting from the landfill to create a cute and spooky piece for Halloween.  So even if you don’t have an art budget, you can still adorn your walls with something interesting – even if it’s just while you save for a purchase.  Luckily, you can find many beautiful pieces at lower price points – especially if you’re supporting emerging artists or searching for smaller scale pieces.  SINGULART can filter art by price, to make sure you keep within your budget!

Small Scale Original Oil Paintings for Sale

Howth | Weatherly Stroh | United States | 2023 | Oil on Linen

Peruse Just for Fun

When SINGULART reached out, I was immediately inspired by what they have to offer.  I love that you can search by artist, style, price, what’s trending – or search through curated collections.  I have honestly enjoyed hours of just scrolling the website (the site itself is designed so beautifully!), finding new artists and styles.  When Hubby and I lived in a bigger city, we used to regularly have a date night at a large art museum and I didn’t realize how much I had missed those days of just sitting in a gallery, enriching my brain by just looking.  So even if you are not planning any art purchases – any time soon! – you can still find inspiration on the SINGULART website.  Save your favorite pieces and let them inspire you the next time you’re tackling a creative project in your space – or just need a little pick-me-up.

Black Swans Oil Painting

BLACK SWANS | Tatiana Rezvaya | United Kingdom | 2020 | Oil on Canvas

This post is sponsored by SINGULART, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.  Photos are not my own, and were provided by SINGULART.    


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