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Planning a New Christmas Tree Theme for 2022

I’m planning a new Christmas tree theme for 2022!  Here’s a hint:

Scene from 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' by John Simmons, 1873, Watercolor

Scene from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ by John Simmons, 1873, Watercolor

Christmas Tree Theme 2020

You might recall that we stopped celebrating Christmas many years ago, but the year before last my Mom said she wanted a Christmas tree again.  We had donated or sold almost all of our old Christmas tree ornaments, many years prior, so I quickly made a few ornaments for her, including my popular DIY painted birch slice ornaments, DIY alcohol ink ornaments, and also these little DIY beaded wreath ornaments.  I lent my Mom the ornaments from my cascading ornament display to fill in the gaps.  The tree was really cute – a little spartan as you can see here, but very cute!  Kind of old fashioned – in a good way.

Old Fashioned Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas Tree Theme 2021

Last year, with more time to prepare, I added to that wintry tree theme with a TON of new ornaments, including a new approach to making DIY alcohol ink ornaments, plus DIY agate slice ornaments, DIY marbled polymer clay ornaments, DIY beaded snowflake ornaments, and an entire forest of DIY felt animal ornaments.  We filled out the tree even more with many new strands of lights and some additional store bought ornaments.  We made a no sew DIY tree skirt and I hacked a dollar store tree topper with gold leaf.

Wintry Christmas Tree Theme

The end result was nothing short of MAGICAL.  We both loved this turquoise and white tree theme so much.  Here’s a list of similar ornaments I curated, to get the look!

Turquoise and White Christmas Tree Theme

Christmas Tree Theme 2022

As we were taking down the tree and wrapping up the ornaments, a new Christmas tree theme popped into my mind: a Midsummer Night’s Dream tree theme!  Last year’s theme was inspired by my location, nestled between Lake Superior and (seemingly) endless forest.  The theme was a winter wonderland with ice and snow, nods to the mercurial lake colors, and then, of course, lots of woodland creatures.  I captured all of the magic of living here in the winter in my collection of handmade ornaments (and took some creative liberties with polar bear ornaments because I just love them).  But SUMMER is my favorite season… so I thought, why not draw inspiration for a new Christmas tree theme from a summer motifs instead?

Hermia and Lysander. A Midsummer Night's Dream by John Simmons, 1870, Watercolor

Hermia and Lysander. A Midsummer Night’s Dream by John Simmons, 1870, Watercolor

I was probably pining for summer as a long winter stretch out before me, so as we disassembled the tree I started dreaming of a tree decked out in inky jewel tones, shimmering iridescent touches, and woodland creatures.  I don’t want to draw from the Shakespearean play quite so literally (because it’s weird, lol) but I loved the concept of a mysterious summer forest at night – capturing all of the magic I imagine happens once we go to sleep.  As soon as I explained this moonlit, ethereal, magical forest theme, my Mom was immediately on board.  I’m sourcing imagery inspired by the play as my inspiration, but I’m not taking the theme literally – meaning I’m not interested in the characters (although there IS this donkey ornament I should get, haha) so much as the setting.  This new Christmas tree theme will be more like the summertime twin to last year’s magical and snowy turquoise and white tree theme.  We’re ambitiously planning to make a bunch of new ornaments.  I created a secret Pinterest board with hundreds of inspiring photos and we’re pulling inspiration from art, fashion and nature.  Like the last tree theme, I’m sure it will take us a couple of years to fill it out completely.

Midsummer Night’s Dream DIY’s

In addition to sewing a shimmering floral tree skirt (I’m feeling loosely inspired by this dress Cate Blanchett wore to make a flower adorned one – although this iridescent sequin one would be perfect if I run out of time…) and coming up with a new tree topper – and maybe adding a lot of faux flowers to the tree itself, these are the ornaments we’re planning to make:

  • Velvet mushroom ornaments
  • More alcohol ink ornaments in jewel tones (purple, teal, forest green)
  • More marbled polymer clay ornaments (iridescent stars and moons)
  • Beaded or fabric butterfly ornaments
  • Beaded dragonfly ornaments
  • Metal leaf ornaments
  • Flower ribbon ornaments
  • Embossed velvet leaves

Ribbon Flower Ornament

Midsummer Night’s Dream Ornaments in My Cart

Below are a few Midsummer Night’s Dream themed ornaments “in my cart” – my shopping list should give you a good idea of the vibe I’m going for!  I’ve also created a curated list on Amazon, filled with ornaments I’d love to buy for the new tree theme that really help me visualize the theme.  I created one for last year’s tree theme – as well as an imaginary coastal Christmas tree theme, a retro Christmas tree theme, an all natural Christmas tree theme, and, of course, a chicken themed Christmas tree!

Midsummer Night's Dream Inspired Christmas Tree Theme

Clay Moon Ornaments

These clay moon ornaments are so perfect but I’m hoping to make my own – I already bought the supplies I just need to convince my Mom to let me use her oven to bake the clay…

Blue Clay Moon Ornament

Iridescent Hummingbird Ornaments:

Dollarama had really gorgeous iridescent hummingbird like these and we scooped a few last year (these seem similar).  They’re just like the iridescent deer ornaments we had on the tree – surprisingly pretty and really nice quality!  Hopefully they make them again this Christmas – if not, these are a cute alternative that’s even a bit more colorful.

Hummingbird Ornaments

Iridescent Ribbon:

I scooped some iridescent ribbon like this last year on clearance, to use as garland on the new tree theme.  I am loving the contrast of these super pale, iridescent details against the really moody, jewel toned color palette in my mind.  This ruffled version would also look so good sewn to the tree skirt…

Iridescent Ribbon

Glass Mushroom Ornament:

My mom and I are going to be making little velvet mushroom ornaments but I am SOOOO tempted to buy this adorable purple glass one.  These glass mushroom ornaments are sweet too.

Purple Glass Mushroom Ornament

Iridescent Ornament Balls:

I bought a lot of clear glass ornaments on clearance last year, to make some jewel toned alcohol ink ornaments, but I’m still tempted to pick up these iridescent balls for some more glow.  And also some solid jewel toned ones, like these inky teal balls, but I’ll wait to see how many of the alcohol ink ones we end up with before committing to anything else.

Iridescent Christmas Tree Balls

Beaded Dragonfly Ornaments:

I don’t know how, yet, but I want to make some ethereal butterfly and dragonfly ornaments – this beaded one is inspiration.

Dragonfly Tree Ornament

Stained Glass Star Ornaments:

These stained glass ornaments are sold in sets of 5 for only $34.99 and come in so many different colors!  These ones are slightly larger and just as pretty.  At 6″ wide, this one is more of a window sun catcher than ornament but the iridescent rainbow color is fab.  I love the idea of adding some stained glass stars to this tree.

Star Ornaments

Framed Dried Flowers Ornament

I want to use flowers in as many ways as possible – I wish I’d dried some local wildflowers but I’ll have to add that to next year’s list so I can make these framed flower ornamentsThis ornament filled with dried flowers is a sweet idea as well.

Pressed Flower Tree Ornaments


Moon Garland

This moon garland is so dreamy!  I could re-purpose these metal moons as ornaments.

Moon Garland

Where is last year’s tree going?

My house!  I have never, ever put up a Christmas tree in my own home, so this will be a first!  The wintry, turquoise and white Christmas tree theme will look beautiful in my home.  I didn’t think I’d get SO into making Christmas tree ornaments, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because I’ve always been a magpie.  I have to say, I have REALLY enjoyed making DIY Christmas tree ornaments and the glow of the tree definitely did brighten my mood at the start of our never ending winter.  While I’m still not *technically* celebrating Christmas, I am looking forward to curling up under the glow of the tree, admiring all of my little handmade ornaments…

beaded christmas spider ornamentWinter Wonderland Tree Theme



  1. Oona
    November 2, 2022 / 12:40 am

    I love the new theme, Tanya! Midsummer Night’s Dream seems perfectly in tune with a long northern winter setting, and the colors of your mood board are stunning. I think I’ve said before that although I celebrate Christmas, as the years pass I feel more inclined to leave all the gift giving behind. So a focus on the tree, and the wonder of appreciating the creativity of the season without turning it into a hoarder event seems perfect. Now, if I can just figure out the perfect way to display fragile ornaments in a household whose little cat who thinks a Christmas tree is a rack of toys just for her!

    • November 2, 2022 / 10:37 am

      Thank you! I’m so glad you like the new theme.

      Although I have enjoyed this part of Christmas once again, I don’t plan to re-integrate any other Christmas traditions. I just like the glow… I’m glad you can relate 🙂

      Haha, I can’t imagine it’s easy to keep anything safe from a little cat! I am honestly worried about the dogs and all of the glass ornaments. I think I will just wire them onto the branches tightly, as opposed to using hooks and ribbon, and hope they don’t send the whole thing crashing down.

  2. Brigitte
    November 2, 2022 / 2:28 pm

    Tanya, what a beautiful theme – it’s going to look gorgeous! I can’t wait to see the velvet mushrooms. Mushrooms are used a lot in European Christmas decorating, so it’s a nod to your family history too. I have red glass ones that I’ve passed on to my daughters. In my case, I donated a shorter, wider tree and bought myself a slim, taller tree after rearranging furniture and planning to downsize next year. In my family we only draw names for one adult gift each and then I go to town for my two grandkids. Looking forward to seeing your creations!

    • November 2, 2022 / 10:31 pm

      I have noticed a lot of mushrooms as ornaments in various shops and I’ll have to research the reason why – I’ve been learning about the origin of Christmas trees and ornaments and it’s fascinating. Your glass ones sound gorgeous!

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