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A SHOCKING Landfill Find!!

One of my recent landfill finds was WEIRD!  But I also scored some cute vintage loot, and also some supplies for weird DIY projects rolling around in my head, so let me show you everything (starting with the less weird moving on to the items too ugly to show in this first photo)!

Landfill Picks

Glass Tree Ornament

First, one meagre thrift store find: a little glass tree ornament (I believe it has a little Dala horse?) for 5o cents which will look super cute on this Christmas tree.  It’s from a small little thrift shop in another town.  The prices there still feel like thrift store prices.  It was originally on a red ribbon, but I don’t like red, so I replaced it with aqua – which I swear I cut out of a sweater or something.  This is why I can’t get rid of anything, lol.

Glass Christmas Tree Ornament

Pottery Bowl

Okay, so two seconds ago I said I don’t like red and here’s this red pottery bowl.  Honestly,  I almost didn’t take this from the landfill, but the shape is so beautiful.  I also love the electric blue glaze – I thought this could be cute for Halloween decorating because the red glaze kind of looks like blood…

Blue and Red Pottery BowlRed Pottery Bowl

Pink Libbey Glass Vases

These Libbey glasses are THE prettiest shade of pink (here’s a similar set in purple).  The scale is so good and I can’t believe there was a pair – I also love that they were made in the USA.  I scooped them for seasonal decorating (I decorate my Mom’s mantel every season and this will be something new and fresh).

Pink Libbey Glass Vases

Anchor Hocking Prescut Platter

I used to collect Anchor Hocking prescut glassware – I had SO many pieces because I found them at yard sales for $1.  I sold it before we moved here, because it was just so heavy to move.  This reminds me so much of when Hubby and I first moved it together, because we had a whole collection of these serving pieces.  There’s tons of this on Etsy (here’s the platter) and it is really durable.

Anchor Hocking Prescut PlatterFinds from the Landfill

Miscellaneous Glassware

I also found this bubbly glass (it’s just something cheap, made in China) and decanters, in two sizes.  I’ve been wanting to use alcohol inks on glass to make a pretty vase.  I’ve used alcohol inks a lot (on glass ornaments, inside glass ornaments, on china, on ceramic) and I love to experiment, so these will be fun to use for that.

Glass DecantersBubbles in Glass Landfill Finds

Macrame Wall Hangings

Okay, I feel terrible about this but I have dismantled these wall hangings already!  I’m sure someone worked forever on them.  My Mom was saying she wanted to make a modern hoop wreath and so I was going to buy some metal hoops but then the next day I found these and scooped them to re-use the rings underneath.  I like to keep my crafting as sustainable as possible so it feels good to reuse supplies, but still…

Macrame Wall Hangings

Other Wall Hanging

This one is slightly terrifying but also cute – I think this is someone’s…dog?  I’ve already salvaged the hoop and I felt guilty during every snip of the yarn…

Yarn Wall Hanging

Hanging Planter

I love these hoop hanging planters!  I’ve sold a couple, but also kept a couple – one for outdoor use and another in the bunkie.  This one is a mini size and I want to clean it up, spray paint, and find a little planter/bowl that fits (that’s always the tricky part).

Brass Hoop Planter

Painting I Want to Make Spooky

I mentioned finding a painting to add spookiness to and this is it.  Unfortunately, I just haven’t found time or inspiration to add Halloween vibes to it yet – but you know I’m always game for a last minute craft, so there’s still time…

Vintage Painting

Chair for a Project

I’m collecting chairs because I want to make some concrete ghouls but I needed a way for them to “sit” properly so I grabbed this.  I think it might be too cold for concrete work now, so I might have to hang onto this until next year.  Hopefully I can find some more chairs and towels at the landfill so I can make a collection of concrete ghouls.  Do you know what I mean or do I just sound bizarre right now?  I plan to hide them around the woods on my property, year round, but figured I look more normal if I make them for Halloween…

Chair Found in the Trash

My Own Painting

HERE is the weird find from the landfill: my own painting.  I painted this in high school (over another painting) and at some point must have donated it.  Someone brought it home, screwed a hole right through the front (you can see it at the bottom),and hung it up!  Then decided to trash it, haha.  I did NOT take this because I hated it then and hate it now…  But when I tell you I was floored to find it here – especially because I donated it in another city so it really had to work to find its way back to me… to haunt me, basically, lol… This was such a bad painting.

Ugly DIY Painting

Those are my recent finds!  The landfill has been serving up better finds than the thrift stores these days, but it probably only seems that way because the price is right, haha.

What treasures have you found lately?



  1. Oona
    October 27, 2022 / 11:40 pm

    I’m so charmed by your ghouls-on-chairs plan, I’m just sitting here grinning and wishing it was concrete-pouring season! We have a number of inherited not-quite-wonderful sculptural objects that have become permanent garden ornaments. Some have become beloved friends once they grew moss beards or bedded down in the ferns. I can imagine a whole convention of non-Rodin Thinkers hanging out in your woods! Meanwhile, the poured ink embellishments of your found glassware will keep me going.

    • October 31, 2022 / 6:51 pm

      I love envisioning your moss covered sculptural objects! That’s the vibe I want to create – like they’ve emerged from the natural forest. I might have to table it for next year if the weather won’t cooperate, haha. But don’t worry, I have lots of DIYs and crafts coming up 🙂

  2. Toni
    November 1, 2022 / 6:57 pm

    Totally AMAZING your painting found you! 😂 I think I would of took it for “proof” of the story. AND it’s not bad, I kinda like it. You were just starting on your creative side. 😍

    • November 1, 2022 / 7:55 pm

      I could still take it because no one else has, lol. I visit it every week haha! I’m glad you don’t mind it – honestly it’s probably just the color because now I’m so in love with aquas. At the time I lived in a space with burgundy and ochre floors and I was trying to make it work by making matching art…

  3. Peggy
    November 2, 2022 / 9:49 am

    That dog!!!

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