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Modern Gift Ideas for Backyard Chicken Keepers

I’ve put together a brand new gift guide: modern gift ideas for backyard chicken keepers – you can find my previous guide with gifts for chicken lovers here.  Wondering what to get people with chickens?  Especially if they don’t live on a farm…?  While I am a backyard chicken keeper myself, and chicken obsessed, I do not fall into the “farmhouse decor” category that most chicken themed stuff is designed for (although literally everyone I know has sent me a link to this rubber chicken purse lol).  Even though I’m rural and have chickens and a garden, I still love my (vintage) modern vibes – just with a little nod to my beloved chooks.  So I’ve rounded up some chic chicken and egg themed finds that would make beautiful gifts for your most stylish chicken obsessed friends and family.  Along with a few fantasy gift items I know will be out of most budgets, but I just had to show you!  If you’re looking for more practical gift ideas for people with chickens, check out my list here, which includes some of the fun finds below, but also some of the every day items I rely on as a backyard chicken keeper.

Egg Shaped Vase

This modern stacked egg shaped vase is available in black or white and is handmade ceramic.  It’s so sculptural and chic – I love it.

Modern Egg Shaped Vase

Chicken Print Linens

I am smitten with these chicken printed tea towels – and there’s vibrant chicken print napkins to match!  I appreciate that they’re Jacquard, woven of OEKO-TEX® ­certified cotton at a family-owned mill in Portugal – manufacturing matters to me and I bet these are such nice quality.

Colorful Chicken Print Textiles Made in Portugal

Chic Chicken Print Pyjamas

These chicken printed pyjamas are made from satiny 100% recycled polyester that looks chic and polished – but the print is super cutesy.

Chic Chicken Patterned Pyjamas

Lladro Chicken Shaped Tree Topper

I want this chicken shaped tree topper so much, but it’s a little expensive.  If you have a vintage loving, chicken obsessed weirdo in your life, I can promise they will looooove this!!  And this is definitely the kind of tree topper you can hand down for generations, because it’s made by Lladro.

Modern Chicken Shaped Tree Topper

Egg Shaped Plates

The glossiness of this handmade glass egg plate is too perfect.

Glass Fried Egg Shaped Plate

This enamelled plate is made in France and so simple but stunning.  The organic quality is really pretty.

Egg Shaped Dish Gift Idea for People with Chickens

Wood Egg Holder

Always a welcome gift for chicken keepers, this wooden egg holder is so beautiful!

Wooden Egg Holder Gift Idea for Chicken Keepers

Egg Earrings

This mismatched pair of egg and OJ earrings is adorable (there’s also this fried egg and croissant set).

Stocking Stuffer Idea for Backyard Chicken Keepers

Egg Appliqué Crepe Jacket

If I didn’t work from my home office in the comfort of my pyjamas, I’d 100% buy this egg emblazoned blazer and wear it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Egg Themed Blazer

For the more leisurely styled, Moschino makes this 100% organic cotton cropped hoodie, made in Portugal, that’s equally adorable and way more casual.  There is also a matching egg printed phone case.

Fried Egg Hoodie Gift Idea for Backyard Chicken Keepers

Rooster Casserole

How chic is this all-white, rooster-topped covered casserole (made in France by Apilco)?  I love how simple the design is, because it work work in any kitchen with pretty much any aesthetic!

White Rooster Casserole Dish

Egg Shaped Tea Ball

Not as literal a design as my other chicken and egg shaped finds, this egg shaped Georg Jensen tea infuser is chic and practical.

MCM Style Tea Ball Rooster Indoor/Outdoor Rug

This rooster printed rug is so minimal, I just love the simplicity and texture of the design.  It is also, apparently, responsibly handmade and fair trade so that’s always nice to see.  Plus it comes in two different sizes.  If you’d like some a little sassier, this one is a funny option.

Modern Chicken Rug

Rooster Weather Vane

I think I had one of these (different maker/brand) in a previous gift for the chicken obsessed.  I clearly want a copper rooster weather vane very badly, lol.  It’s soooo cute and practical and perfect for atop a coop.

Rooster Shaped Copper Weather Vane

Egg Shaped Bath Mat

A very affordable – but also substantial – gift idea is this adorable egg shaped bath mat with good reviews!  I always favor a cute and usable gift over visually clutter.

Egg Shaped Bath Mat

Egg Shaped Candle Holder / Terrarium

This hand blown glass egg shaped glass candle holder (made in Poland!) can also be filled and used as a terrarium!  A multi-functional gift is always a fun idea.

Egg Shaped Terrarium

Chicken Themed Tree Ornaments

I have an entire curated list of chicken themed tree decorations, but these two blown glass ornaments are my absolute favorite: hen on nest with chick and carton of eggs (lol).

Chicken Themed Christmas Tree Ornament

Rapid Egg Cooker

I have one of these (ever since my childhood henrietta gave up the ghost) and it comes in so many fun colors.  I love the vintage vibes.  It’s the best way to prepare eggs because it’s so easy and they’re always perfect.  Although I will say this penguin shaped egg holder for boiling eggs is hands down the cutest thing ever!  I just love the set it and forget approach these little rapid egg cookers offer.

Aqua Egg Cooker

Egg Shaped Lidded Jars

I love the simplicity of these egg shaped lidded jars and they’re so cute for jams, pudding, yogurt or just as a trinket dish for jewelry.

Egg Shaped Pudding Dish or Trinket Dish

Musical Chicken Toy for Kids

I hardly ever share toys or things for kids, but this musical chicken is TOO CUTE!  So if you have friends/family with chickens and little ones, this is such a sweet little toy and it looks so cute doubling as decor when it’s strewn about the house, lol.

Musical Chicken for Kids

Egg Shaped Soap

This handmade goat’s milk egg shaped soap is the perfect stocking stuffer!  Although you know I favor the aqua, it comes in different colors and scents.

Aqua Egg Shaped Soap Handmade - Stocking Stuffer for Backyard Chicken Keepers

Danish Modern Chicken Art

The people who love Danish modern/MCM style and also chickens is a small Venn diagram I think, lol.  So bask is the gorgeousness of this mod chicken themed art!

Modern Chicken Art Print

This watercolor egg themed print is also chic and minimal:

Modern Chicken and Egg Themed Gift Ideas

Resin Egg Shapes Coasters 

These resin egg shaped coasters are handmade and double as a spoon rest.  There are two options, for 2D or 3D yolks, and you can even mix and match.  Check out the photos in the listing – they look so chic and cutting edge in the styled photos.  Very mod and cool!

Fried Egg Shaped Resin Coasters

Egg Printed Aqua Throw

This egg print aqua throw is handmade and super cute.  Love this for a kid’s space, especially!

Colorful Fried Egg Patterned Throw

Quirky Chicken Puzzle

This quirky chicken puzzle seems like a lot of fun – plus it’s made in the USA!

Quirky Chicken Themed Puzzle for Adults

I hope you liked this round up of modern gift ideas for backyard chicken keepers.  There are always so many cute egg shaped and chicken themed items to be found, but I love rounding up my favorites.  If you’re chicken obsessed too, what are you coveting right now???

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Cool and Modern Gifts for Backyard Chicken Keepers



  1. Miss Boots
    November 21, 2022 / 1:43 pm

    Great round-up!

    • November 21, 2022 / 2:08 pm

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I tried to make very thoughtful suggestions and spent way too much time window shopping, haha.

  2. December 3, 2022 / 12:36 pm

    Love this collection of chicken themed gifts!! We always had chickens growing up, so they hold a special spot in my heart. Saving this list.

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