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Chic Spring Decor Finds

I didn’t used to get excited about spring decor, but after getting backyard chickens I became obsessed with anything egg-shaped.  Now I realize that, with a cheery combo of pastels, florals, and all things egg themed, spring decorating might just be my jam!  Although, I’ll be honest: anything I have bought for “spring decor,” like my egg shaped plates or this vintage chicken shaped dish, has just worked its way into my regular decor.  Here are my favorite spring decor finds right now – and let me know how you decorate for spring in the comments!

Glass Easter Egg Ornaments:

I love the speckles on these glass Easter eggs.  They’re perfect for an Easter egg tree – and could even be re-used as Christmas tree ornaments, for my fellow backyard chicken keepers.

Spring Tea Towels:

I LOVE seasonal tea towels – I have ones for every season.  Even though I’ve admittedly never been HUGE into seasonal decor (mostly because I hate storing stuff), tea towels are easy to stash and something I use daily anyway!  These ones are super cute – I love the watercolor stripes.

Beaded Bunny Pillow:

This beaded bunny pillow also comes in pink and pale blue, but I think the cream on cream looks so chic!  I love the little beaded bunny motif because it adds some texture and interest, but still feels elegant and perfect for adult spaces.

Iittala Chicken Shaped Egg Holders:

Blending my love of Iittala with chickens (didn’t know that was an option, lol), behold:

Iittala Glass Eggs:

I also discovered Iittala made glass eggsWhat?!  These are super cute for an Easter egg tree too.

Cute Spring Art:

Such a pretty little canvas art piece!

Pastel Egg Wreath:

I have lots of tutorials for wreaths, like this hydrangea wreath or this egg wreath, but if you’d prefer BIY, I love the simplicity and pastel colors of the egg wreath pictured below.  If you have a larger budget, or want to add some fuller blooms to the look, this other egg wreath is a stunner.

Textured Egg Wreath:

Speaking of egg wreaths, I also love this more textural egg wreath – could be an easy DIY, too.  They’ve made of foam and corn husk, but I think thick yarn would create a similar look.  You can also just buy the loose eggs as filler for a bowl or vase – they’re sold in two color ways (the cool aquas or warm oranges).  And these ceramic ones are gorgeous too.

Vintage Royal Winton Grimwades Lotus Bowls:

I just found one of these at the thrifts, but left it behind because it was a bit spendy (are your thrift stores charging more than antique stores, these days?).  I’ve always thought these are beautiful and they would be so pretty for spring decor or spring tablescapes.

Spring Bunny Wreath:

This bunny wreath is ADORABLE!  It’s cute, but not too campy, which I love.

Watercolor Print Pillows:

Based on this Etsy sellers own paintings, her collection of linen/cotton watercolor pillows are perfect for spring decor – without a single bunny or chick.

Bunny Shaped Lamp:

I love the quirkiness of this bunny shaped lamp.

Bunny & Carrot Garland:

You could re-use my DIY felt Christmas ornament tutorial to make a version of this adorable felt bunny garland… (this one is adorable too).

Egg Table Runner:

This linen table runner features the most beautiful design, inspired by Claude Monet.

Spring Chick Pillow:

This pillow featuring spring chicks is just too cute!  For an even MORE cutesy version, check out this one.

Chicken Shaped Solar Light:

I need this.  Not even for spring, just around the chicken coop, lol.

Spring Flower Arrangement:

I can’t believe I’m typing this, but this faux flower arrangement is CHIC!  I love the color palette and the minimalist vibe.

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I hope you liked this round up of chic spring decor finds!  Sometimes spring decor can lean a little too…I hate to say it, but, kind of tacky.  It was fun to round up some options that feel fun and fresh and cute, but a little more chic and stylish!  Except maybe that chicken solar light, lol, that’s straight up campy… If you’d like to see more of my picks, find more chic spring decor finds here.

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