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DIY Egg Wreath Idea for Spring

I wanted to make a DIY egg wreath for the chicken coop (x 3, because I love how the DIY paneled door looks with three wreaths) and I found a simple way – but I still made a couple of funny little mistakes along the way.

DIY Egg Wreath Idea for SpringHandmade Egg Wreath

Here are my three DIY egg wreaths on the coop door – I still have my holiday garland up because the lights ended up serving a purpose!  They alert me to power outages in the coop (which keep the automatic coop door and heater from working).  I will transition to new window box decor in spring, but it’s too early for anything to bloom – as you can see, we still have snow, so “spring decorating” is always a little theoretical for us, haha.  But the new DIY egg wreath trio does look cheery and reminds me that spring is coming – I had my holiday wreaths up all winter so it’s nice to transition to something a little lighter.

Easy Egg Wreath Idea Spring Egg Wreath for Coop DecorEgg Wreath

DIY Egg Wreath Supplies:

*Fillable Wreath Notes: if you can’t find the same wreath at the dollar store, here is a heart shapes fillable chicken wire wreath you might like.  Alternatively, just grab two regular wire wreath forms (like these) and arrange the eggs, moss, flowers, etc inside (meaning behind) one of them.  Then secure them, back to back, with a little wire – if you like the look of chicken wire, you can wrap something like this around it for that rustic wreath.  This way you can create your own DIY chicken wire fillable wreath, like this!

Turquoise Egg Wreath for Spring

How to Make an Easy DIY Egg Wreath:

I found these fill-able chicken wire wreath forms at the dollar store (here’s a similar style) and I liked the rustic vibe – a nice contrast with my very modern DIY coop design.  I also really like that they’re fill-able, so they’re easy to re-use and re-purpose.  I do a lot of crafting projects, so I like to re-use as much as I can.  You’ll often see me recycle and revamp supplies all the time to keep costs, and my environmental impact, down.  You could technically make a chicken wire wreath form from leftovers, but I had a bad chicken wire experience as a kid.  I took an after school art class and we did really creative things, like make lino cut art for print making (sliced my hand open) and create a chicken wire sculpture (sliced my arms open).  So I wasn’t feeling confident about making my own…

Chicken Wire Wreath Fillable Fillable Wreath Form

After I found my wreath, I bought a few packs of plastic eggs from the dollar store as well.

Easy DIY Egg Wreath

You can find wooden ones or pre-painted plastic.  I decided to paint mine and chose three different shades of pale aqua – matched exactly to my Ameraucana chicken eggs.  I bought three sample pots of very carefully chosen paint but, in the end, all three shades looked the same (oops) and then, outside in the bright light and against my bold aqua coop door, they read almost white (oops again).  So it was a lot of work and an extra $10 in sample pots for nothing, lol.

Aqua Painted Eggs

My advice is to save money and stick with one color and go brighter/bolder if you plan to hang your DIY egg wreath outside.  Inside, the eggs look like a pale aqua (success!), but it’s too subtle for the bright light outside:

DIY Spring Egg Wreath

Once I painted my eggs and let them dry, I simply opened up the chicken wire wreath and placed the eggs inside, checking to make sure the wreath would still close as I arranged them sort of casually.

Ameraucana Egg WreathPale Aqua Egg Wreath

Then I tucked in some moss and faux flowers (you can add a dab of glue or secure with wire, but I just relied on the friction fit) and DONE.  Easy, right?  This DIY egg wreath was so simple to make.

Moss Egg Wreath DIYEasy Egg Wreath DIYHow to Make an Egg Wreath

When I hung the wreaths outside, I added a wired ribbon bow to hide the hook I installed on each panel of the coop door.  I think next year I’ll repaint the eggs brighter but, for now, I think the wreaths look cute.

Easy DIY Spring WreathWreath for Coop Door

I wondered if the moss would wash out, but they’ve been hanging up there for a couple of weeks, through torrential rain, some more snow, and epic Lake Superior winds, and only a few little specks and flecks have landed on the eggs.  The moss holds together well and stays put, and adds a little earthy touch.  UPDATE 2022: the wreaths lasted two years, without any glue, but the moss did eventually dry up and lose its vibrant green color, after two years baking in the sun.

Spring Wreath Ideas

Hopefully you like this easy DIY egg wreath idea!

Natural Moss and Egg Wreath

I’ll be re-using these supplies again and re-vamping this idea so leave me a comment if you have an idea for making it better.  Bolder turquoise eggs? Spray paint the wreath form? I’m eggcited to experiment…

Easy DIY Egg WreathTurquoise Egg Wreath

Pretty soon the snow will melt and I can take down the marine-grade vinyl sides for the run and also do some more landscaping and a few other chicken coop projects I didn’t do before winter.  Click here if you missed the DIY modern coop tutorial and click here for more spring craft/decor ideas.

Chicken Coop with Egg WreathAqua Egg Wreath

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  1. Carmen
    April 1, 2022 / 3:25 pm

    I loved this wreath idea. My daughter has hens that lay green, blue and brown eggs, so I was going to use them in their natural state and not paint them. I clicked on the link that says “Here’s a link to a similar wreath form,” and was taken to Amazon and I purchased the wreath form.
    The wreath form is about half the size of yours, but more importantly, it does not open, so there is no way to put the eggs into the wreath form. You could probably squeeze the moss and flowers in, but no luck with the eggs. It does say in the description under NOTE: This wreath can NOT be opened, but I didn’t bother to read through because you were recommending it. I just wanted to tell you because I thought to be fair you should take the link down, this wreath form will not work for this very cute wreath! THANKS.

    • April 1, 2022 / 9:24 pm

      Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry about that! I have struggled to find a wreath form similar to mine online. I bought mine from Dollarama, so I couldn’t link the exact one. But I always try to find something as similar as possible when I can. I finally found that one and saw that it had flowers in it, so assumed it opened. My sincerest apologies for that mistake and the inconvenience it caused! I’ll remove the link, thanks for taking the time to let me know, I appreciate it! If you’re not able to return yours, I wonder it you can unwrap the chicken wire in one spot, push the eggs in, and then re-wrap it?

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