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Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults

I’ve always been fascinated by the finished paint by numbers art I’ve seen in antique shops, so I’m super excited to have finally been able to try a modern paint by numbers kit for adults, for myself!  This post is sponsored by Winnie’s Picks, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Paint by Numbers Kit for AdultsWinnie's Pick Field of Daisies

Have you ever tried paint by numbers?  Did you know that you can buy a paint by numbers kits for adults?  Winnie’s Picks has such a varied selection, with so many beautiful works of art, from famous paintings to contemporary designs, that are fun to recreate.

Modern Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults

What Kit Did I Choose?

Here is the paint by numbers kit I chose: Field of Daisies.  I loved the movement of the daisies – you can practically feel a soft breeze through the painting.  Plus you know I love the color palette of inky and bright blues.  Because of all the goose poop, our lawn is usually a good 25% daisies in the summer and that’s the only bright side to the endless struggle with geese.  Daisies are such a pretty, underrated flower!  Winnie’s Picks was considering taking this piece out of production, but I begged them to keep it so I could order it.  If you like this one too, order it quickly – just in case…

Winnie's Picks ReviewContemporary Paint by Numbers Kits

What Comes in a Paint by Numbers Kit?

The kit arrives in a tube and, with the holidays coming up, let me just say that this would make the best gift idea!  This paint by numbers kit includes everything you need: high quality paints, small paint brushes, the canvas printed with the numbered design, a reference picture, and even a back up print out with the color coding in case you make a mistake.  All you really need is a small container of water and a few pieces of paper towel to get started.

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How Long Does it Take to Paint?

It took me a surprisingly long time to paint my canvas, but that’s a good thing!  This is a very relaxing and meditative hobby, so you don’t want to whip through it quickly.  I worked on this for many weeks, blocking off an hour or two at a time to chip away at it.  I left it out on one end of the dining room table and, eventually, I’d just work on it whenever I had the chance: while I was waiting for pasta to boil or waiting for my tea to steep.  It was so easy to get into it – and get lost in it.  It’s very difficult to stress about the day when working on one of these paintings – they’re very immersive.

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Who Would Like This Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults?

My mom, who has recently gotten into puzzles (much to our surprise – she always thought they were pointless) kept circling this canvas any time she visited and was so tempted to paint a little of it.  I had to bat her hand away, lol.  So if you know someone who puzzles, this might be a great new hobby for them!  Anyone who enjoys adult coloring books will likely enjoy this as well.  I also found it really helped me with my brush work – keeping a steady hand and learning to paint detail.  As someone who actually paints, and enjoys making big swooping abstracts, this gently eased me into a different style of painting and I could see this being excellent practise for anyone wanting to learn how to paint or just paint differently.

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But ultimately, I’d recommend this for anyone looking for a hobby that helps de-stress and unwind!  You don’t need to be artistic or have any skills to paint this.  Acrylic paints are forgiving and mistakes (I made a few!) are easy to correct.

I still have to make a canvas stretcher, and easy canvas frame, for my new paint by numbers painting so I can proudly hang it (you can also buy stretchers and frames inexpensively in craft and art supplies stores).

Paint by Numbers Kit for AdultsGift Ideas for Retirees

There are so many beautiful options, I found it difficult to choose just one!  If you’d like to buy your own paint by numbers kit for adults, you can search by easy kits, by theme, by new arrivals – you’re also able to order a custom piece, based on a photo – check out the cute pupper one!

Happy Painting!


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