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Contemporary Nature Inspired Wall Murals

I wanted to share some beautiful and contemporary nature inspired wall murals.  This post is sponsored by Ever Wallpaper, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

I used to be a white-walls only kind of decorator but, in recent years, I’ve really warmed up to wallpaper and wall murals.  It’s possible that I may have run out of spaces to wallpaper, so I’m rounding up some contemporary wall murals from Ever Wallpaper, inspired by nature, that I think you might like!

This China Rose mural is so striking and I love the asymmetrical design.  The birds and butterflies are a beautiful touch.  This mural would add a lot of drama and life to any space – and it would also really draw the eye up, for anyone with a striking ceiling (even if it’s just painted!) or impressive room height.

Watercolor Lotus is a beautiful mural, packed with slightly muted and very mature pastel hues.  I love the movement in this design.  It would work so perfectly in so many spaces – picture this in a home office with lots of white and natural wood tones.  I think it would improve workdays by 100%!

Lotus Leaves and Seedpods has a fabulous color palette with some moody blues and greens, but an overall brightness that would keep a room feeling airy and uplifting.

No view? No problem! Check out this Mush Ice mural and pretend you’re Dans le Lakehouse 😉

Prefer to add more warmth to your walls? Then I recommend this Soft Blue mural.  Loosely inspired by the ocean, the vibrant turquoise injects any space with warm, coastal vibes – without being too literal in its depiction of churning, frothing water.

Hazy Woods is a dreamy watercolor drawing of an ethereal forest and, with the scale and color palette, this is more a work of art than wallpaper!  Install this in any room that could use large scale artwork and a splash of inky teal.

These are just some of my favorites!  Check out Ever Wallpaper for more beautiful wall murals.  Ever Wallpaper ships worldwide – and offers FREE shipping on all orders!  They have a really great selection of murals for any space and also offer custom murals.  Plus their peel & stick murals are removable!


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