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Modern Valentine’s Day Decor That Isn’t Red!

I found some cute and modern Valentine’s Decor that isn’t red or pink!  Or super cheesy (not that cheesy is bad, it’s just not my jam).  I love all of these Valentine’s Decor pieces and  I hope you like these finds too!  Although I’ll be honest: although I’d happily take every one of these items, lol, I don’t really decorate for Valentine’s Day.  I’m already in spring mode, patiently waiting for the snow to melt.  Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day?

XOXO Pillow:

This XOXO pillow is actually super cute – and not a stitch of red to be found!  I love how minimalist and un-fussy it is.

Valentine's Decor That Isn't Red

Heart Shaped Steel Trinket Dish:

Definitely no frilly vibes here, with this very raw looking steel trinket dish, handmade and shaped into a heart.  I think this would make a pretty Valentine’s Day gift too.

Heart Shaped Trinket Dish

Punny Planter:

I’m into it if there is a cute pun involved, haha.  This planter is adorable – all year round.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Men

White Heart Shaped Wreath:

A white heart shaped wreath with a TEAL bow?  Okay, I can get on board with this!

Modern Valentine's Decor

Wait, stop the presses.  It comes in teal too.  This is actually super gorgeous Valentine’s Day decor!

Teal Valentine's Day Decor

Heart Shaped Wood Bowl:

I love the modern vibe of this oak wood bowl, shaped into a heart and totally functional.  Fill with Valentine’s Day candy and keep on the counter…

Heart Shaped Wooden Bowl

V-Day Front Door Mat:

This heart adorned mat is simple and modern – and it comes in white, pink, or black.

Modern Valentine's Front Door Mat

Simple XOXO Wall Art:

This simple XOXO wall art is really pretty and festive.  Matches that XOXO pillow too…

Modern Valentine's Day Decor Ideas

White Heart Garland:

I do love a good garland and this white heart garland is so pretty!  It comes in other colors – including a pale blue!

Valentine's Day Garland

Heart Shaped Candle Holders:

These handmade concrete candle holders are festive but not fussy.

Heart Shaped Candle Holders

White Heart Shaped Pillow:

I love the undone ruffles of this creamy linen heart shaped pillow.

Heart Shaped Pillow

Heart Shaped Cup & Saucer Set:

Okay, there’s pink/red in this set but there are other colors too!  It’s a multi-colored set and I’m obsessed with the heart shape of this delicate set of china cups and saucers.  If you love this idea, I also spotted a clear glass heart shaped mug that’s really pretty too (and only $10).

Heart Shaped Mug

Heart Shaped Mug:

For mug lovers, this rustic handmade heart mug is pretty sweet.

Heart Shaped Gift Ideas

Poetry Bedding:

I have always loved script on fabric.  I had pj’s with poetry and there was a $100 silk scarf I pined for that had poems written on it in cursive.  Pretty scripts like this always catch my eye and this bedding has romantic love letter scrawled across it – or so says the listing, lol.

Valentine's Day Decor That Isn't Red

Heart Shaped Fairy Lights:

These lights are sweet!  And nothing makes the cold winter nights cozy like some glow.  These silver filigree  heart lights are really gorgeous too.

Valentine's Day Decor Ideas

Heart Shaped Spoons:

For those heart shaped cups and mugs!  This is another sweet gift idea.

Heart Shaped Spoons

Heart Shaped Jute Rug:

This jute rug in a heart shape is super cute, but still has a beachy cool vibe.

Heart Shaped Front Door Mat

Heart Shaped Pottery Bowl:

I know, another bowl! I couldn’t resist the teal glaze on this pottery bowl.

Heart Shaped Pottery Bowl

I had so much fun rounding up cute and modern Valentine’s Day decor, that isn’t frilly and red or pink!

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Valentine's Decor that isn't RED or PINK



  1. mimi
    January 16, 2021 / 12:45 pm

    Thank you so much for creating this post with links. I too do not care for red decor in my home so I appreciate this post.

  2. Courtney Newton
    January 19, 2021 / 12:35 am

    Most of these pieces could stay out year round, as a reminder to love or be kind. ❤️❤️❤️

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