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Ornament Display Idea: DIY Cascading Ornaments

I’m excited to share this ornament display idea and explain how I created this DIY cascading ornaments flanking the fireplace idea:

Ornaments Hung on the Wall

How Speakers Ruined My Holiday Decorating Plans

This time last year, we hacked our fireplace and as a result, were were finally able to hang the TV in the middle (and I splurged on a Samsung Frame TV to celebrate – you can read my Samsung Frame TV review here).  When the DIY fireplace update was done last December, I was already envisioning this year’s holiday decor: a pair of massive wreaths on either side of the TV (I previously had four framed vintage postcards on either side of the fireplace, which I moved to the bedroom after the TV was installed).  But then Hubby installed the speakers at eye level and totally crushed my dreams, lol.

Modern Paintable Speakers Fireplace Hack to Hang TV Above Fireplace with Speakers on Either Side

The Problem These Cascading Ornaments Solved!

Undeterred, I noodled on a way to add a little festiveness to the fireplace without blocking or damaging the speakers – but maybe disguising them just a tiny bit?  I ended up creating this cascade of shimmering ornaments, anchored by a lit up garland on either mini mantle, to draw the eye down.  Obviously you can still see the speakers, but I think that they’re way less noticeable and the end result is festive and sparkly – especially at night.  This was a fun way to add some sparkle and festiveness to the fireplace wall, speakers and all!  But you could do this installation in a window, behind a TV, etc.

Ornament Display Idea: DIY Cascading Ornaments

The Ornaments I Used:

I originally planned all-white ornaments (to look like falling snow!), but then I spotted a tube of 100 ornaments at Michael’s Crafts with some teal baubles and I couldn’t resist.  I bought a silver/clear mix and the teal mix (for 200 ornaments in total).  They were on sale at the time for $20/tube of 100.

Cheap Bulk Shatterproof Ornaments

With this large turquoise painting right beside the fireplace, aqua always works!  I did also buy a tube of copper ornaments, but they just didn’t pop against the grey and I love how this looks sort of ethereal and dreamy.

Ornament Display Idea: DIY Cascading Ornaments

Szuka could not care less.


What Kind of Curtain Rod to Use:

* I actually screwed in two inexpensive cafe curtain rods but I have done something similar with a tension rod in the kitchen windowA tension rod is damage-free, but because my brick is so textured I wasn’t 100% sure it would hold.  I had one in the bathroom before we installed the ceiling mounted rod and the tension rod would not grip the textured tile (we went through a couple styles).  I didn’t want to find out the hard way that it couldn’t grip the brick – when the rod fell down and knocked over my Lotte lamp, lol.  I decided that it was easier and safer for me to screw in a rod and then touch up the holes later with paint – it won’t be the first touch up, so no harm no fowl in my situation.  You could also use a series of clear mini 3M hooks along the top and hang the ornaments from them as another temporary option, instead of a rod.

Hang Ornaments from Window - No Damage

How to Create the Cascade of Ornaments:

This project is easy!  I installed the curtain rods on either side – but like I mentioned above, you can use a tension rod or even removable 3M hooks spaced an inch or so apart.  Then I tied on the ornaments, one at a time, using thread that disappears against the dark grey.  I staggered the heights and it helped to have a friend who could hand me the ornaments while I teetered on the stepladder.  Then I hid the curtain rod by wrapping a ribbon around it (lightly basted onto the rod with thread – you could skip this step or spray paint the rod a matching color as the wall).

Hang Ornaments from Curtain RodOrnament Display Idea: DIY Cascading OrnamentsChristmas Tree Alternative: Christmas Ornaments Hung on WallDIY Lighted Garland

I tried to line up all of the knots under the ribbon but they were a little shifted as I fiddled with it.  But, from even a foot away, the thread disappears, so it’s not a problem.  But if you can, try to keep the knots at the top so they’re covered by the ribbon or otherwise at the top of the rod and not eye level.

Ornament Display Idea: DIY Cascading OrnamentsOrnament Display Idea: DIY Cascading Ornaments Minimalist Christmas Decor Ideas Minimalist Christmas Fireplace Decor Ornament Display Idea: DIY Cascading OrnamentsOrnament Display Idea: DIY Cascading Ornaments

How to Display Ornaments Without a Tree:

Creating a cascading display of ornaments is a great way to display ornaments without a tree.  These ornaments are a mix of metallics, glittery ones, and iridescent ones and they really catch the light, imbuing the space with a similar festive quality as a Christmas tree, so this is a fun way to get into the spirit without putting up a Christmas tree, if you don’t have the space or inclination.  I hope you like this idea!

Simple Christmas Tree Alternative for Displaying Ornaments Ornament Display Idea DIY Cascading Ornaments

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  1. Miss Boots
    December 4, 2019 / 1:21 pm

    Very pretty and subtly festive. I might not want to take them down after Christmas!

      • Kimberly Taylor
        December 5, 2019 / 10:31 am

        I would be tempted to leave it up all winter as well. It’s seasonal decor, not overtly Christmasy. It’s makes me sad when all the lights come down after Christmas, because it is so dark and dreary where I live, they just cheer things up so much!

        I really love your minimalist decorating style + turquoise = perfection!

        • December 5, 2019 / 2:15 pm

          I feel the same way when the lights come down because when winter REALLY gets cold and dreary around here in Jan/Feb, and I could use some cheer too. Jan 1st it seems all of my neighbors turn them off and I miss driving home and seeing all of their lights. I’m so happy you like my decor and I’m tempted to leave it up longer too.

  2. ShellyP
    December 4, 2019 / 10:04 pm

    absolutely lovely idea and so beautiful in your beautiful home. Simple, elegant and delicious. thank you.

    • December 5, 2019 / 2:18 pm

      Thank you so much! I’m so glad you love this idea, thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment.

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