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Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress Review

Can you believe that 2019 is almost over?  I’m still in denial that it’s almost December, but I’m also really excited for a fresh year and fresh start.  Hubby and I have been chatting about making some positive changes.  For starters, I’m making it my mission to get more sleep!  More sleep is on my list of New Year’s Resolutions, year after year, and I’ve tried so many times to develop better habits.  I make good progress, but then I always slip back into my night owl routine.  And now Hynda has started this weird habit where she wakes me up at 3am, when I’ve barely fallen asleep, for an urgent potty break.  So it seems like we’re all a little off when it comes to a sleep schedule.  But I’m determined to fix that (for good!) – and to help, we’re already sleeping soundly on a brand new mattress: the Alexander Hybrid Signature mattress (sent to me from Nest Bedding).

Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress Review

With a cozy new mattress, I’m feeling good about developing a better sleep routine.  If you’ve been feeling chronically tired – or “more sleep” – is one of your goals too, it might be time to think about upgrading your mattress!  This is a great time to buy a new mattress because Black Friday sales can be very tempting.  Nest Bedding has one running through December 8th 2019 (the discount code, LUXNEST, will be automatically applied at check out).  Canadians aren’t eligible for the current Black Friday sale (bummer) and I know you hate missing out, so the company offered Dans le Lakehouse readers a special discount code – LAKEHOUSE – for 6% off your entire cart (excluding shipping, taxes, etc).  US readers are welcome to use that code anytime as well, but not with any other offers.  If your mattress is perfect or new, consider a mattress as a gift idea.  A couple of years ago, I was able to gift my grandmother with a new mattress and she literally mentions it every time we talk!  It changed her life because her mattress was older than I am (and just as creaky, lol), so now she finally gets a good night’s sleep.   And that’s an amazing gift to give someone.

Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress Review

Thanks to the magic of expanding foam mattresses, a mattress is so easy to ship to someone else’s door for an amazing surprise.  My new mattress came tightly wrapped in a deceptively small package (Hynda for scale) – you could literally wrap the box like a gift.  If you’re curious, I’m going to share my experience with this new mattress.  Hubby and I have been sleeping on it for about a month and we both really love it – Nest Bedding has been a joy to work with too!

Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress Review

She’s thinking, “enjoy your mattress now, silly human, I’ll nap too so that I have the energy to awaken you with my high pitched screams in the middle of the night”. 

It took two of us, but Hubby and I managed to unfurl and position the mattress on the box springs with relative ease.  One tiny slit of air in the plastic packaging and it immediately started to expand.   (I hate plastic packing, but this was welcome because we were able to carefully remove it and save it for covering and moving our old mattress – I’ll just fold it up and keep it for whenever we need to move a mattress again!).

Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress Review Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress Review

The mattress expanded SO quickly, I could barely snap a photo of the progress.  I have unwrapped two other foam mattresses, including the one I gifted my grandma, and they both expanded much more slowly.  In fact, my grandma’s new mattress needed 24 hours, so she had to sleep in the guest room for a night.  I hadn’t realized that until we unwrapped it, so we were caught off guard and I feel bad that I inconvenienced her a little.  The Alexander Signature Hybrid expanded immediately and these photos were taken minutes after we unwrapped it.  The instructions say to have a cuppa tea and the mattress will be ready.  It didn’t seem expand any more after we initially opened it, but maybe it firmed up a little?  It did need some time to off-gas, so we unwrapped it in the morning and left it uncovered all day.  We only put the sheets on at night.

Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress Review Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress Review

The mattress has some little features I immediately appreciated, like handles!  Our old foam mattress didn’t have these.  I have a relative moving to town temporarily so I offered up our previous mattress because it’s only a couple years old.  It has no handles and it’s a wobbly foam, so moving that was a a bit of a gong show!  These handles make life easier.

Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress Review

But the real magic is in the mattress itself.  This mattress is made up of four different layers of foam, on top of a base of pocketed support coils.  These layers provide excellent support and you can’t feel movement from the person beside you (even if they’re, say, getting up in the dead of night to let the dog out).  This mattress, with it’s layers of foam, feels like it conforms to my body while I sleep.  It also has a firm edge, which not all foam mattresses offer.  Our last foam mattress had a squashy edge which wasn’t a deal breaker, but I didn’t realize how often I sat on the edge of the bed until I couldn’t any more.  I like that I can sit on the edge of the bed again!  The other change I had to get used to is how thick this mattress is!  I had to adjust to the height and I definitely tumbled out of bed the first few nights, lol.  Literally.  I sleepily swung my legs over and forgot we had the new mattress and didn’t account for the height difference and just sort of fell like a sack of potatoes.  So check the measurements carefully because you want to make sure it’s a comfortable height.  Our DIY walnut bedframe isn’t adjustable and if you have a similar style bed, you should be aware of the height.  Even though it was a shock, I have no complaints.  I fold laundry on the bed and now I don’t have to bend over for that task anymore!  Plus I think that the thickness is the secret to how comfortable it is, and how much support it offers.  Here’s a diagram from the website, with the inches so you can compare to your current mattress:

Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress Review


This mattress gets glowing reviews (on the US website, over 1100 reviews and over 300 questions/answers)!  After spending some time adjusting, Hubby and I both think it’s a great mattress too.   It feel luxurious and we both enjoy the support.  We’re mid to late 30s and all of a sudden our bodies aged.  We have had no problem doing grueling tasks as volunteer fire fighters/first responders, but suddenly those tasks became so difficult.  So along with trying to get into a better sleep cycle, we’re also going to try and get more fit and limber in the new year because it’s like our flexibility and resilience just seized overnight!  Next I’ll be getting one of those day by day pill holders.  Nevermind – I just remembered: Hubby recently wrote in to my favorite Sirius radio station, complaining about all the Camila Cabello they play, so we’re already old people, who am I kidding, lol?

Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress Review Foam Mattress with Pocket Coils

A mattress is a really personal choice, so you can find detailed descriptions of each mattress design on the Nest Bedding website, along with thousands of reviews.  There are also Q&A’s – people ask about specific recommendations for their height/weight/sleeping style so comb through and you’ll likely find someone similar to you asking for a recommendation, but you’re welcome to ask a question yourself to help choose the best mattress for your sleep style.  The level of support and advice from customer service is stellar.  I found it helpful to comb through reviews and answers to find the best fit and firmness (medium).  If you’re really nervous about buying online, Nest Bedding has eight physical locations in the US so you can try out the mattresses if you’d prefer.  Unfortunately, that’s only for US shoppers.  But Canadians aren’t ignored by this company!  For Canadians, shipping to Canada is quick, and there are no additional taxes or duties on mattress orders.   I had my mattress shipped right to my house and shipping was quick and painless, I can vouch for that.

Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress ReviewThicker Mail Order Foam Mattress That Feels Like a Traditional Mattress | Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress ReviewAlexander Signature Hybrid Mattress Review

If you’re thinking about treating yourself (or someone you love) to a new mattress, check out Nest Bedding this weekend.  It’s a family owned, factory direct company with American made products and excellent customer service.  Just look at the website and see how many questions have been individually answered!  You can try the mattress for 100 nights, which is pretty standard (but if you choose to return it, you aren’t refunded shipping just FYI – read all of the terms carefully), but there’s also a Lifetime Comfort Guarantee, which lets you change your mattress, at any time, at only 30% of the current retail price.  That’s actually kind of amazing and an excellent way to reward loyal customers.  The Alexander Hybrid Signature (the mattress I now have) is a best seller, but there are other styles/models as well, so you’re sure to find one for your comfort and budget.  Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to sneak in here for a quick nap to make up for that lost time while Hynda sniffed every single square inch of our property, in the pitch black, to find the perfect place to do her business.

Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress Review

This post was not sponsored by Nest Bedding, and I was not asked or encouraged to provide a positive review or given any parameters of what I could write or discuss, but I was provided a mattress for review.



  1. Nippon
    December 2, 2019 / 12:02 am

    What a Fantastic Post!! A Great Review, Thank You.

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    Hi – I love the stationary you must have made next to the announcement of your newsletter (which I just signed up for), and wondered if you have a post on how to make them?
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  3. Yaz Townsend
    January 3, 2022 / 7:46 pm

    Is this mattress top washable?

    • January 5, 2022 / 10:50 am

      I don’t think so, no, but mine is a few years old so maybe things have changed? Best to contact the manufacturer.

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