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Easy & All Natural DIY Foot Scrub

Today I’m sharing a super simple recipe for an easy and all natural DIY foot scrub – which I just happened to find a way to make turquoise…

Rose Foot Scrub RecipeDIY foot scrub recipe

Last weekend my friend Ashley visited and in lieu of the 1 liter of toiletries you’re allowed on a plane, she brought brought with her an entire bag of essential oils – and nothing else.  So we whipped up some DIY beauty products together!

To be honest, I was a little underwhelmed with some of our DIYs because we had some flops, plus some of the products cost way more to make than buy, but one of my favorite homemade beauty projects was not only easy but cost effective too: a moisturizing DIY foot scrub.  Plus I figured out a way to make an aqua DIY foot scrub, so now I’m hooked on making my own beauty products, ha!

Blue Natural Foot Scrub

To make an easy, all natural DIY foot scrub that smells amazing and leaves feet feeling soft and smooth, here’s the basic recipe we used.

Basic DIY Foot Scrub Recipe:

Gently melt the coconut oil in a small pot (on low heat) or microwave.  While it’s melting, mix the two salts together and then just pour on the melted coconut oil, mixing with a fork.  You could add essential oils at this point and be done, but we wanted to do a little experimenting.

How to Use Essential Oils

Once the basic foot scrub was mixed, we divided it into two before adding different essential oils and additional ingredients for color and texture.  This is when the project became really fun!

How to Make Moisturizing Foot Scrub

Lavender & Rose Foot Scrub:

DIY Lavender Foot ScrubLavender Essential Oil

I love using the lavender and rose foot scrub in the evening because lavender is such a soothing scent for drifting into a deep sleep!  Plus the dried rose petals and lavender pair so beautifully with the pink salt and look so fancy in a glass jar sitting in my shower nook.

But the turquoise DIY foot scrub is my real favorite!  The color is really subtle but it’s still tinted a smokey blue so I’m sold:

DIY Foot ScrubHow to Make an Easy Foot Scrub

Turquoise DIY Foot Scrub:

Cilantro Essential Oil UsesEssential Oil Beauty Recipes

If you’re wondering about the cilantro essential oil, it’s because Ashley uses it on the soles of her feet to draw out toxins so I wanted to try it.  I’m a little skeptical about a lot of the claims made about the healing properties of essential oils, but I do love the smell.  It smells clean and fresh and not at all like a perfume.  Thanks to the soft scent of coconut, it doesn’t smell like a marinade either – I promise!  The cracked pepper and dried tea leaves add a bit of contrast and more texture, but it still feels really nice on the skin.  I only added the Blue Majik spirulina for color but it turns out that it has some benefits for skin too.  I think the greatest benefit in this homemade foot scrub is the coconut oil because it moisturizes like crazy!  After a week of using these gentle scrubs, my feet feel smooth and soft, perfect for sandal season.  Plus I’m excited to find new ways to use up the MASSIVE (and rapidly expiring) tubs of coconut oil I picked up at Costco years ago.

Turquoise Foot Scrub Recipe

I happened to have everything on hand for this DIY foot scrub (except for the essential oils), which made it really easy on the wallet.  I shared these scrubs with Ashley and my Mom so I’ll have to whip up some more before the summer is over – I’m already rummaging through my cupboards, looking for quirky, crunchy bits to add because that’s the best part!  Have you ever made your own DIY foot scrub – or any homemade beauty products?  I’d love to hear about your experiments in the comments!

Easy Homemade Foot ScrubDIY All Natural Foot Scrub



  1. SH
    July 20, 2018 / 2:25 pm

    Other than not having any of the ingredients, it looks like something even I could do. They are so pretty and must smell amazing.

    • Tanya from Dans le Lakehouse
      July 20, 2018 / 3:00 pm

      You could substitute things! I’ve seen sugar used in lieu of salt. And the added bits and bobs are just for fun. If you have a gritty substance (salt or sugar) and coconut oil you’re golden!

  2. Andrew
    May 7, 2021 / 11:47 pm

    I appreciate the simple recipe! I have everything needed. Thank you!

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