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Picks from Target’s Project 62 Line

I have to admit that I kind of ignored the news about Target’s Project 62 Line until I was shopping for an ottoman for my Mom and realized Target had a gorgeous one with a mid-century modern vibe.  After that, my interest was piqued and I tumbled down the rabbit hole, flagging a bunch of finds – all with that vintage vibe I covet.  Although I’ll always love vintage, it’s great that Target is making a similar aesthetic more accessible.  Not everyone can find – or afford – vintage, so it’s nice to have the option to buy new every now and then.  Plus with some thing (sheets! towels!), I just like new anyway.

Here are my favorites from the Project 62 collection:

These dusty blue Holmdel Mid-Century Dining Chairs would look so amazing in the lakehouse with their sleek shape and pretty blue hue (although they come in other gorgeous colors too) – I love them more than my current chairs, for sure (although I’m sure they’d pick up dog hair the way mine do)!  There’s a matching stool, too.

This Large Enamel Tray looks like a vintage score, especially with its navy sheen.  I love trays for corralling dish soap and sponges by the kitchen sink, or in the bathroom to protect the counter from any leaky bottles.

P.S. If you love my Krenit bowls – but not the typical price – this piece from Target has a different shape but such a similar style.

This Framed Abstract does not have that usual “I bought this from the same place I bought windshield washer fluid” look you’d expect from mass produced art.  I love the colors and it looks like it’s framed really nicely too.  The whole vignette is perfect.

Years ago I was trying to find the perfect chunky pillar candle holder with a mid-century modern vibe for a friend’s mantle decor – to no avail.  This Walnut Pillar Candle Holder would have been perfect.  There’s a taller mango wood taper candle holder that’s really beautiful too, with a light, Scandi-inspired vibe.

Aqua Plush Shag Rug ???  I’m not a huge fan of rugs, but now I need a smaller version for the bathroom.

Here’s the ottoman (the Farewell Oval Ottoman) that caught my eye.  I’m still searching for something that’s round, but with storage.  This one is perfect for an entryway though, as a great spot to sit and tie shoes.  The gold caps on the legs look so mid-century – I love that little detail.  Of course this teal blue ottoman obviously makes my list as well.  I almost bought this ottoman but I’d really, really like square or round for the space.  But it’s so good!

A mid-century inspired dining table for only $200 USD – the Amherst Mid-Century Dining Table is such a sweet deal for anyone just starting out because it fits small budget but still looks so chic.  I spent way more on my first table at a vintage shop and it wasn’t half as nice as this!  And if you have the real-deal mid-century teak or walnut table, you’ll appreciate these beautiful acacia wood coasters (or these marble and wood coasters) for protecting those easy-to-stain surfaces…

For on the table, I’m so happy to be seeing silver in home decor again!   This stainless 20pc Silverware Set has such a delicate, elegant vibe – it definitely looks mid-century, the designers captured the aesthetic so well.

This Hillside Console Table is heavily inspired by a vintage piece I have pinned somewhere in the 30,000 pins I’m hoarding on Pinterest.  It just looks SO familiar (although it looks really different in the light grey/white version – much more coastal)!  I’ve always envisioned it filled with houseplants, basking in that one, perfect sunny spot where all plants love and refuse to live elsewhere.  I can’t be the only person that has ONE place all plants want to be…

Rooms in my house are never “finished” because I am so slow choosing the perfect pieces.  I hate replacing things.  I like to make design decisions that will last and sometimes that requires patience – and an ongoing mental list of pieces for which I’m still searching.  On that list right now: reading lamp and, if it weren’t for the brass, this Coulee Floor Lamp would be perfect!

I have had a wood stool in my front entry for years and it’s so indispensable!  I don’t really have a proper entryway, just a minuscule little hall and then – BOOM – you’re in my house.  I don’t have room for a console table or bench, just a little wood stool but it’s the perfect spot to set my purse or tie my shoes.  This Ryder Accent Stool would be similarly handy, but it also makes the perfect versatile side table in a spare, refined space.  Those clean lines are so striking!

So many of the bedrooms I pin have a beachy vibe and that’s definitely the direction my lakehouse decor is taking: beachy meets mid-century.  But my own bedroom is the least beachy room is the least beach space in the house – save for my beach glass inspired closet doors.  My mid-century posters define the space and I’d never part with those three (I am considering selling the forth, though!), but I do still ogle a beachy bedroom when I see one.  This Green Dot Woven Bedding looks so great in this bedroom, and it’s only one or two accessories away from capturing that vintage beachy look.

These are just some of my favorites from the Project 62 Line.  Have you purchased anything from Project 62?  I noticed a few things I put in my shopping cart online sold out before I could commit – oops…Target is really on fire with this line – even the way the rooms are styled is so inspiring.



  1. Heather
    October 4, 2017 / 12:07 am

    I agree 100%, Target has some gems. I picked up a few pieces recently for our cabin and each time my hubby asks "you got that at Target?!?!" Because he doesn't think big box and stylish can exist together.

    • Tanya from Dans le Lakehouse
      October 5, 2017 / 1:11 pm

      I am definitely wowed by some of the new pieces. I'm really tempted by those dining chairs and last night my Mom and I flagged a couple of bookcase/cabinety things for her. What have you bought for the cabin from the new line??? I'm so curious…

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