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DIY Boot Stuffers with Dried Lavender

Keep your boots upright and tidy in the closet with these easy DIY boot stuffers, enhanced with dried lavender.

DIY boot shapers

My Mom and I both struggle with saving money because we like pretty things too much!  But we spend money differently.  I’ll splash out on something big (like our light fixture from Modernica) but then scrimp like it’s the depression to make up for it in other ways.  My Mom doesn’t treat herself to many splashy purchases, but she will buy fancy soaps, new linens, new towels – little indulgences that add up.  She and I both have small budgets to work with, so I’ve been encouraging her to forgo little indulges to save up for her bathroom reno.  Because of my relentless nagging, she fondled boot stuffers at in stores no fewer than twenty times, but never made a purchase (go Mom!).

She wanted to keep her pretty boots upright while they’re stored in the closet, as opposed to flopping over and creasing, but we decided to make some DIY boot stuffers instead of buying them.  We had everything on hand, so they were free!  Sure, it might be a drop in the bucket, but it’s another $1020 she can put toward her dream bathroom.

Supplies for DIY Boot Stuffers:

Here’s How to Make Your Own DIY Boot Stuffers:

We started with pretty little coffee sacks – but really, any fabric will do.  They were too wide and short as-is, so we cut them apart just to make use of the interesting design.  Your measurements will be determined by the height and circumference of your boots.  Measure the interior of your boots to determine the size, just remember to leave a small seam allowance.

Coffee sack craft

To make up the length, we sewed a scrap of silk to the top – these DIY boot stuffers are a great way to use up leftover fabric scraps!

Once the silk was added to the coffee bag fabric, the sides were sew up and then the top edge – the opening of the boot stuffer was sewn into a channel (this is where a drawstring will be inserted to close the top):

When the sides and top were sewn, the bottom of the inside was tweaked a little.  Both corners were pinned and sewn flat:

Once the boot stuffers were turned right side out, the sewn corners created a flat bottom so they sit more snugly inside boots.

How to sew a flat bottom on a sack or bag

Finally, we threaded through a satin cord using a safety pin and stuffed the finished DIY boot stuffers with batting.  We also added a sprinkling of lavender to keep things smelling nice in there!  We opted for the drawstring top so we can adjust how much batting is inside – and freshen up the lavender from time to time.

DIY boot stuffersDrawstring boot shaperDIY drawstring sack

These DIY boot stuffers work perfectly!  Before, flopping and creasing:

DIY boot stuffer

P.S. if you do want to buy your own boot stuffers, these are pretty cute!

How to Make Easy DIY Boot Stuffers. Sew Your Own Boot Shapers Using Scrap Fabric and Add Essential Oils or Dried Lavender. #diy #organizing #bootshapers #bootstuffers #sewingprojects




  1. brikhouse2
    September 4, 2015 / 8:07 pm

    Totally cute idea! Definitely better than the chopped up pool noodle idea all over Pinterest.

    • Tanya from Dans le Townhouse
      September 5, 2015 / 1:30 am

      Thanks! That's a clever idea too. We just used what we had on hand to keep it free 😉

  2. Anonymous
    September 17, 2015 / 3:43 am

    I love this idea, but since I don't have coffee sacks, what dimensions would you suggest to cut using other fabric? Thanks!

    • Tanya from Dans le Townhouse
      September 19, 2015 / 5:20 pm

      The dimensions will vary a little, based on the size of your boot, but here are the finished dimensions for the stuffers, which fit a size 9-10 boot:Height = 13.5" (34cm)Circumference = 12.25" (31cm)The seam allowance we used is 1/2" (just over 1cm)You could measure the inside circumference and height of your boot and then add a seam allowance to that measurement for a perfect fit. Any fabric will work, but our sacks were a very light weight cotton, which was easy to sew and stuff!

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