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15 Felted Wool Projects + Ideas

I don’t always do things at the “right” time.  I made felted wool flowers when it was so hot that working with wool, especially the dunking it into hot water part, felt nice and uncomfortable.  I made (and hung!) my Halloween wreath in the summer (but I watched Buffy re-runs while I made it, so it felt Halloweeny).  I also paint really summery paintings when it’s still gloomy outside.  I’ve tried winter spray painting in the carpeted basement more than once (“summertime,” Hubby says, “save these projects for the summertime!).  I don’t just move to the beat of my own drummer, I’m off wandering in some field smelling flowers.

But I’m working on my timing.

It’s freaking cold here (a little rainy and dreary, actually), is it cold there?  Yes?  Time for felted wool DIY projects, right?  I’ve pulled some faves from my DIY archives and also rounded up some sweet new ideas for felted wool crafts.

Let’s start basics.  You already know how to make felted wool balls (here’s my tutorial, plus some trouble shooting tips), so welcome to the wildly woolly world of felted wool billy buttons, acorns, rocks and more, like felted wool owl faces (okay they’re hedgehogs, but they look like adorable owls)!

Felted wool bead necklace DIY
felted wool necklace
Projects to make with felted wool balls
garland, felted faces, felted rocks, acorns, billy buttons
Felted wool ball garland
felted wool necklace

Are your hands cramping from making so many felted wool balls?  Maybe a little pruney, like mine were?  But it’s still cold.  Still time for wool.  From needle felting (I showed you how, here) to just sewing with felted wool, there seems to be an endless number of ways to inject a little wooliness and warmth into your DIY repertoire.  I really love all the different ideas for adding decorative wool touches to clothes!

Yellow felted wool project
yarn wreath with felted wool leaves
Felted wool project ideas
felted wool pillow, felted elbow patches, cell phone cases, needle felted art, flower ornament, felted sweater detail
Felted wool sweater detail
needle felted reindeer sweater

Have you whipped up anything wool recently?  I have a fun new idea that I bought some supplies for here, so I can’t wait to whip up a wooly DIY the second I’m back in Canadian soil!  Although it’s nothing as impressive as this sculpture, consisting of about 600 felted wool balls.  Wow.

Felted wool ball art sculpture
felted wool sculpture



  1. cred
    December 21, 2012 / 1:20 pm

    yes, winter makes me crave wool & felt- the warmth, the texture, either muted or bright colours, it screams winter. I still have to order some roving- seems a good new years project when things die down after the holidays.nice inspiration!

    • Tanya from Dans le Townhouse
      December 21, 2012 / 5:06 pm

      Winter is the time for wool. Too itchy in the summer (not that that has stopped me). Definitely get some wool rovings – there are so many fun crafts to do with them. Some knitting stores carry mixed bags which is fun because you can try a few different colours, of smaller quantities. That's how I got mine – I have not yet ordered them online.

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