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Master Bedroom Half Bath: “Before & In Progress”

We started with this:

Make note of these handles, you will see them again!

And we currently have this:

The bones are in: new vanity, marble countertop, sink and faucet.  The floor, toilet, mirror and even towel bar (not pictured) are also all new.  The marble countertop was affordable because it was an option offered by Home Depot for the (modular) vanity.  Because it isn’t a custom piece (it came in a few standard sizes) it fit into our budget.

I chose a vinyl flooring because ceramic can be slippery when wet and can chip very easily (I drop everything).  Stone is, of course, gorgeous but we splurged on new hardwood floors for the whole second level, so I wanted something affordable.  I love, love this flooring because it looks so Scandinavian and is a cinch to install (and keep clean) plus it is very affordable.  Be sure to choose the right transition for the job when installing different types of flooring!  This was our second try . . .

What I need to do now is decorate.  My soap dish is a $1.00 yard sale find: it is actually a salesman’s sample for a German china pattern from 1969.  The pottery bowl is from an estate sale.  The pink patterned paper (third picture) is a sample of a mid-century Parisian store’s signature wrapping paper that we purchased at a flea market in Paris, France this spring.  I can’t decide how to frame it: use a rather large black frame we already have and just have a mat cut, or frame it really large with white mat and white frame, or find a nice large floating frame, or create a collage of black and white photos from the trip and include this paper . . . thoughts?  This bathroom is immediately off the bedroom (technically the “master bedroom,” but used by us as a guest room) so whatever I do, I don’t want it to compete with the bedroom. 

How to frame this?

Also on our to-do list: replace this wonky light fixture.  In a time crunch, I replaced the main bathroom light fixture with one I don’t 100% love, so I thought of seeing if it will fit nicely here, and then buying something I love for the main bath (because I stare at that one a lot more than this one).

So ugly I sometimes don’t notice it isn’t centred

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