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Zero Waste Gift Wrapping Idea: Komondor Stamped Wrapping Paper

I can’t stop giggling about this adorable Komondor stamped wrapping paper – which is actually a super cute zero waste gift wrapping idea!  I’ve seen a lot of people suggesting brown recycled paper as an eco-friendly gift wrap option, but some of the DIY tutorials for making it cuter include ideas like painting on it with acrylic paints, which (oops!) render paper un-recyclable.  I did some research and ink is, apparently, okay (paper gets de-inked during the recycling process).  BUT – be sure to check locally to see what kind of paper can and cannot be recycled where you live.  And if you’re super knowledgeable about this, and have some tips for us, please feel free to share in the comments!

Zero Waste Gift Wrapping Idea: Komondor Stamped Wrapping Paper

Supplies for (Komondor) Stamped Wrapping Paper:

*A company called Deserres sent me a holiday gift, which included some wrapping and craft supplies.  The brown paper, ink pad, and another stamp which I didn’t use, were among the goodies inside.  They have a ton of craft supplies, but I’m linking to similar items on Amazon because I couldn’t find the items the company sent me on their website…

Zero Waste Gift Wrapping Idea: Komondor Stamped Wrapping Paper

How to Make Stamped Gift Wrapping

  1. Test the stamp on a scrap piece of paper before committing to creating hand stamped wrapping paper
  2. Lay the wrapping paper on a large, flat surface
  3. Press the rubber stamp firmly down on the ink pad
  4. Evenly coat the stamp with ink
  5. Place it straight down on the paper, with even pressure
  6. Lift quickly for a smudge-free stamp
  7. Repeat!


I used my Komondor stamp (you might remember it from this project) – I also tested the French stamp I was sent.  This project would be super cute with a holiday themed stamp – or something that represents an inside joke.  You can also use any ink, but the white was perfect for this!

Komondor Rubber StampKomondor Stamp

Here’s the ink pad I used:

Slow Drying Ink Pad White Ink Pad

Repeating VS Random Pattern

At first I  was going to create a repeat pattern, but I knew I’d mess it up at the very end so I decided to go for a random, sometimes overlapping, design instead and I’m so happy with how it turned out!  I’d recommend testing out the stamp on a scrap piece of paper to perfect the amount of ink and pressure required for a perfect stamp.  I did not.  I just started stamping and a couple of them are a little more faded than others but, all in all, it’s super darn cute and took me only a few minutes to do.

DIY Stamped Wrapping Paper Eco-Friendly Stamped Wrapping Paper Dog Wrapping Paper DIY

Try to evenly coat the stamp with ink and place it straight down on the paper, with even pressure.  Then lift quickly for a nice, smudge-free stamp.

Komondor Printed Wrapping Paper

Look how cute!  Obviously only a small percentage of you will want Komondor stamped paper, lol, but you can literally use any stamp and make custom wrapping paper for people based on their interests and passions.  I just love how the Komondors look almost like little yetis at first glance.  It’s funnier the longer I look at it…

Zero Waste DIY Wrapping Paper gift wrapping for dog lovers

I think a little imperfection is good, it adds to the homespun vibe.

diy stamped wrapping paper

Top Off Your Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping

I set aside the paper to dry and then made some gift tags.  I’ve been saving a box of holiday/birthday cards I no longer want to keep – you know, those random ones from your real estate agent, dentist, etc.  I also pared down my sentimental box of cards and ditched those cards from people I’d rather not remember anymore.  I’m decluttering HARD in 2020.  I’ve been cutting those old cards up and using them as gift tags, cupcake toppers, garland, and gluing them on blank cards (like I did with the alcohol ink) to make new cards!  To top off this gift, I grabbed a cute card, cut it into a big circle, used my hold punch for a little circle to thread the ribbon through, and wrote on it in gold pen.  By then, my stamped wrapping paper was dry so I wrapped my gift and rifled around in my scrap ribbon drawer for the finishing touch.  I found a pretty piece of gold velvet and blue grosgrain ribbon.  I love saving those ribbons, from products, packaging, and crafts, to use on gift wrap.  The ribbons and upcycled gift tag add the perfect pop of color!

How to create custom wrapping paperZero Waste Gift Wrapping Idea: Komondor Stamped Wrapping Paper

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DIY hand stamped wrapping paper



  1. Rachel
    December 15, 2022 / 7:52 pm

    This is a GORGEOUS idea, and fun for the whole family!

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