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DIY Pantry Labels Using Munbyn Bluetooth Thermal Printer

A company called Munbyn sent me the MOST adorable wireless thermal label printer (this Munbyn Bluetooth Thermal Printer) and today I’m sharing my review.  I was compensated for writing this post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own and I genuinely think this is such a practical little printer – especially if you want to make easy DIY pantry labels, label things around the house, create custom gift labels, or you own a small business.  If you’re self employed, there are so many cute and custom things you can make with a Munbyn thermal printer for your small business or side hustle.

Munbyn Bluetooth Thermal Printer

What Makes the Munbyn Bluetooth Thermal Printer Special?

It’s Fast and Easy to Use:

I was interested in this printer because although I plan to stock my shop with digital art and printable PDF tutorials, at Christmastime I also sell physical products – namely ornaments, but I’ll also be doing a vintage home decor and kitchenware pop up shop very soon!  The biggest drawback for selling physical items is the shipping, especially the shipping labels.  My old ink jet printer is crabby.  Half the time my computer can’t “see” it – even though a test page prints just fine – and I am always struggling with ink.  I honestly dread packaging sold items for this reason!  But this Munbyn is so effortless to use – and FAST.  I can print 72 labels per minute!!  Plus the quality is good: it features optional 203 dpi and 300 dpi (203 dpi meet basic printing needs while 300 dpi meet higher printing requirements, such as Amazon bar codes).

It’s Small and Portage:

It’s also really small and portable, which is perfect for quick storage.  I am starting to really pile up on machines for making various things so I’m grateful that this is a small and light device that I can easily move around and store.  It’s practically pocket sized – with cute color options to match.

Munbyn Bluetooth Thermal Printer Review

The Labels are Cute and Customizable:

I love that I can order rolls of colored shipping labels (pink or blue) to add a special touch to packages.  Even better, I can print specialized labels using either the cute templates provided within the app, or something I designed myself in the app (which literally takes only seconds).  It’s so fast, I can’t wait to make personalized “thank you, NAME HERE” stickers for each and every customer.  For small businesses, it can also be used to make care labels, brand stickers, and so much more, to make packaging feel special and customized.

What is Thermal Printing?

The Munbyn Bluetooth thermal printers don’t require any ink or toner, which reduces costs and increases convenience, but what is thermal printing?  Basically, thermal printing uses heat-sensitive media that will blacken when it passes under the thermal print head.  So you’re printing with heat, not ink.  Thermal printing is quick, consistent, and isn’t messy like some ink printers and label makers.  You do need to purchase heat sensitive labels to make this printer work, but there is a great selection of Munbyn thermal labels/thermal stickers available in different sizes, shapes and colors.  The labels are BPA free, waterproof, and oil proof.

DIY Pantry Labels

How to Print with the Munbyn Bluetooth Thermal Printer?

The Munbyn printers support Bluetooth connection to iOS & Android devices, in addition to USB cable connection to PC devices.  I prefer to operate it from the Munbyn print app on my phone, because the app is so easy to use.  Plus Munbyn makes it super easy to learn how to use their printers, even offering instructions on how to print round stickers in word.  You can unbox and start printing thermal labels in minutes.

How to Make DIY Pantry Labels Using Munbyn Bluetooth Thermal Printer

If you don’t have small business needs, but just want something cute and easy to use for making DIY pantry labels, I had a lot of fun playing around with labels.  I will definitely be using this to make all of my pantry labels from now, especially because the labels are durable and strong but peel off without residue.  The first label I made was to protect my Jelly beans (a prop for an upcoming DIY).

DIY Thermal Printed Pantry Labels

Inside the app, you’ll find all kinds of templates but it’s also super easy to just start with a blank template and add desired text, with a cute graphic or two, and whip up your own DIY pantry label designs in minutes.  The app layout is very intuitive and minimalist in design, so it’s quick to navigate through and make your own pantry labels.

How to Make Easy Labels

Uses for the Munbyn Thermal Printer

There are so many ways to use a Munbyn thermal printer!  Here are just some of the ways I plan to use mine:

  • DIY pantry labels
  • DIY home organization labels
  • DIY gift labels
  • DIY lunch bag labels
  • Small business shipping labels
  • Small business QR code labels
  • Small business care labels
  • Small “thank you” stickers
  • Small business logo stickers
  • And so much more!

How to Make Custom Labels for Small Business


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