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Modern Halloween Decor to DIY & BIY

Today I’m sharing a round up featuring minimalist and modern Halloween decor to DIY or BIY (buy-it-yourself).  I have a love/hate relationship with Halloween decor.  I absolutely despite orange & black together – and the smell of cheap Halloween costumes makes me nauseous.  On the other hand, I really love designs with black cats, ghosts, snakes and skulls (even when it’s not Halloween)!  But overall, I seek out Halloween decor that is more minimalist and modern.  If, like me, you don’t find a lot of Halloween decor enticing, I decided to round up what I think are some chic and ultimately very cool options – including some DIY modern Halloween decorations and also a few to buy if you’re in the mood for a little spooky decor this month.  If this list isn’t long enough, be sure to check out more modern and cool Halloween finds I rounded up here.

Ghost Painting (BIY)

This print with ghosts is so adorable – and there’s cute DIY potential here too.  Update a thrift store painting or even add stick-on ghosts or these little ghost ornaments to an existing painting/print/mirror you already own.  I just found a tacky landscape at the landfill this weekend that I want to re-paint into a spookier scene…

Ghost Art Print for Halloween

Velvet Pumpkins (BIY)

Every year I say I’ll make velvet pumpkins from the scraps left over from my DIY velvet throw pillows.  One of these years I will!  Or I’ll just buy these teal ones, lol.  Something about the velvet says more “Halloween” than fall to me (although of course they work all season).  I also love this teal blown glass pumpkin.

Teal Velvet Pumpkins

DIY Concrete Skull

I LOVE this DIY concrete skull project.  It’s cute as a candle holder but even as a solid skull I love the simplicity.  Plus these are easy to store!  I literally chucked mine into the woods over the winter and they still look perfect.  Although I’m wondering if I terrified the neighbor who sometimes wanders onto my property in search of mushrooms…

DIY Concrete Skull

Concrete Mini Skull Planter (BIY)

For a mini concrete skull option, there’s this adorable concrete planter on EtsyThis black skull bowl is a cute skull decor piece that’s also simple but spooky.

Concrete Skull Vase

Black Cat Window Sun Catcher (BIY)

This stained glass black cat sun catcher is so sweet and cute – and looks equally pretty from both sides!

DIY Black & White Rhinestone Pumpkins

Some black and white stick-on rhinestones lend a suitably Halloween-y vibe to these painted mini pumpkins.  I don’t love orange and black for decor, but I’m all over aqua + black + white!


DIY Borax Crystal Skull

I still have my borax skull from last year – I actually stored it outside in the garage and it held up perfectly.  This was fun and easy to make and you can crystallise any spooky thing – maybe a dollar store skeleton hand or old book… Lots of potential to make borax crystal anything for the season!

DIY Borax Skull

Ghost Candles (BIY)

These adorable ghost candles are my favorite kind of seasonal decor: consumable!  Use them, enjoy them, let them brighten you October days – and there won’t be any clutter to store!

Ghost Candles

DIY Concrete Bowl with Embedded Amethyst

Technically, this DIY concrete bowl isn’t a Halloween project, but it’s so heavy and sturdy that it would be a perfect bowl in which to leave treats on the front porch if you’re not shelling out this year (and can trust those kiddos to help themselves).  I think it could have “modern cauldron” potential – and you could embed anything!  Maybe some stone skulls (see below)…

Gemstone Skulls (BIY)

I love the idea of a little bowl full of these gemstone skulls, for a touch of Halloween spookiness. Gemstone Skulls

DIY Ghost Rat Wreath

This minimalist wreath is spooky but also adorable (unless you have a fear of ghost rats – sorry!).  Really, a grapevine wreath decorated with any creepy crawly in a monochrome color palette, like all black or all white, will look spooky/chic.

Modern Halloween Decor Idea: Monochrome Ghost Wreath DIY

Black Snake Wreath (BIY)

This black snake wreath is a buy-it-now option that has the same minimalist vibe as the wreath above.  I think it’s chic, but suitably still gross, and would pop against a brightly colored door – or add a cool, textural effect to a black or dark grey door.  Again, there’s a lot of DIY potential here with toys from the dollar store.

DIY Concrete Pumpkins

These cute and easy DIY concrete pumpkins are the perfect fall-into-Halloween decor – and they’ll weather any fall conditions outside (I’ve had my pumpkins stored outside since last year).  I love this idea for anyone who, like me, might see snow during the fall and Halloween season!  I’ve always wanted to line my deck steps with pumpkins (I have the perfect Halloween house) but I’m worried they’ll just freeze and turn to mush before we even reach Oct 31st…  As an added bonus: you can dye concrete pumpkins to match your decor.

Snake Candle Holders (BIY)

These snake candle holders are the cutest – they remind me of a snake Kalevala Koru ring I got in Finland when my grandparents brought me in 1999.  (Gosh, I’m old).  I happen to think snakes are adorable and these hand-cast aluminium ones look like they have a nice weight to them.

I hope you enjoyed this round up of minimalist Halloween home decor you can make or buy!  You can find ALL of my fall and Halloween DIY project tutorials right here.  And, if you missed them, check out this year’s DIY fall wreath and also the very cool spider mantel decor I created for my Mom’s blue fireplace.

MCM Style Bird (BIY)

This chic bird has MCM vibes and comes in different colors (including aqua!).  I love the idea of a grouping of these for an Alfred Hitchcock kinda vibe.

MCM Black Bird Halloween Decor

You can find more cool, modern Halloween decor right here!

chic Halloween decorating ideas


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Modern Halloween Decor to BUY or DIY



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    This was a fun read. I am not a Halloween person either. But I love quirky and this fits the bill !!

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