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Baby Chicks Photo Shoot Vol. 2

After sharing the photos from my chick photo shoot, here and on social media, my Instagram DMs BLEW UP with people requesting more baby chick photos!

Photos of Baby ChicksBaby Chicken Posing on Eggs

Their fluffy cuteness, against a cheery backdrop of props, is what people want to see right now, I guess.  I know I do!  The world is a scary, uncertain place, so here is a reprieve: another batch of chick photos. 

Yellow Chick in Vintage McCoy PlanterSprings Chicks

Very soon they’ll become awkward teenage chickens – in fact, some of them have already started to look a little bedraggled, but they still have that puff of cuteness – so please enjoy.  Silkies in tea cups might be my current favorite theme…

Splash Silkie Chicks

I still have only managed to recognize and identify a few of the chick breeds I ordered, but the brown ones are all a mystery to me and their markings are only slightly varied.  Every time I Google and think I have it figured out, I doubt myself again, so we’ll have to wait for them to grow a bit.

Photos of Spring Chicks Recently HatchedFuzzy Baby ChicksAdorable Baby Chicks Born SpringSpring Chicks in Turquoise McCoy PlantersCute Spring Chicks

The problem with being unable to tell the brown chickies apart is that I’m not sure I’m handling them all equally.  Today I picked one up and it settled down into my hand and gave out a delighted little chirp and fell asleep.  It was so comfortable with me…have I been picking up the same chick, again and again, lol?

Chick Photo ShootGolden ChickSpring Chick Photo Shoot

But I DO know that these are Silkies (splash coloring).  Silkies are distinctly fluffy with black skin, plus they have an extra toe!

Splash Silkie ChicksSplash Silkie ChickSilkie Chick Photos

Double trouble.

Baby Silkies

I had originally ordered two different colors, but got two splash instead, because they hatched well.

Silkies in Tea Cups Chick PhotographySplash Silkie Chick

So I have two identical Silkies, but one is small and shy and the other is larger and more calm.  I am officially betting on the larger, calm Silkie being a hen and the smaller, skittish one being a rooster, because that’s what happened with Coal and Pearl, the two Silkies from my last batch of baby chicks.

Sleeping Baby ChicksSilkie ChicksBaby Chick PhotographyAdorable Chicks in Tea Cups

I worry about this little yellow one because he sleeps a lot and is often colder than the rest.  He is a little runt and may not have developed 100% healthily in the egg, so I try to make sure he has extra protein and that he eats and drinks and stays warm.  I have added a poultry supplement to the water, with extra nutrients and good stuff, and I’ve been boiling our well water so it doesn’t have any nasties in it, and hopefully that helps.  He’s growing feathers, he’s just stayed smaller and puffier than the rest.

Sweet Yellow Chick Hatched Spring 2020 Spring Chicks in Vintage McCoySleep Chick

See? So sleepy.  I put him back when I realized that he was super sleepy, so he wasn’t out from under the heat lamp for more than a couple of minutes.  I watch him and he will eat and drink and run a bit, but then he immediately goes back under the heat lamp and will aggressively snuggle another chick for warmth. 

Chick Photos for Spring

A few days later… still sleepy.  Our friends made us this 3D printed chicken and I set it down and sleepy chick snuggled up to it and my heart cracked in two.

Yellow Baby Chick Yellow Baby Chick with Yellow Bird Feet 3D Printed Chicken

This is a Swedish Blue Hen, his pair died during the journey (I ordered these baby chicks in pairs).  It’s a rare breed and is all black, like my beloved Jet, but lays an aqua/blue egg!  I hope this one is a hen but I have a feeling it’s a rooster because it’s extra annoying, lol. 

Swedish Blue Hen Chick Black

The little one is also a singly, after its pair died in my hands.  It’s growing really strong and healthy – and seemingly faster than the others! 

Sweet Yellow Chick Posing for Spring Chick Photos with McCoy Pottery

It’s got new feathers springing up every day – if you watch the chicks long enough, you can almost see them grow more feathers because it starts to happen so rapidly.  It’s amazing how quickly chickens grow and develop. 

Baby Chick Growing FeathersEgg Shaped PlateBaby Chick Growing Feathers

He walked off set and found my secret egg stash, lol.  They still love a hard boiled egg all mashed up, and some prefer the yolk while others prefer the white.  What’s up, chicken butt?

What's Up Chicken Butt

There are a lot of complaints about my photo shoots, lol.  Sometimes they peep loudly – loud peeps mean they’re unhappy.  Little chirpy, twittering sounds (like bird song) mean they’re content.  This is a loud, angry peep:

Spring Chicks

Sometimes they refuse to look cute, lol.  They’re naturally adorable, so I am convinced that they do it on purpose just so they can skip to the treat part.

Chick Photo Shoot for SpringBaby Chicks for Spring

Chicks and Vintage Cathrineholm

When they get tired of posing, they run past the camera and either want to explore – or climb my face and snuggle.  I lie on my stomach to take these photos and I love when they come close to snuggle.  It’s so nice.    

photos of baby chicks

I set up my “sets” on the ground so if they bolt they don’t fall and are safe.  I also keep the dogs in the bedroom, just in case!  I’ve been having fun putting together these backdrops and it’s good to handle the chicks – that’s how my last batch ended up so friendly.  Plus I think baby chicks suit vintage McCoy pottery planters… 

Spring Chick Standing in Turquoise Planter Photos of Baby Chicks

And vintage Cathrineholm:

Photos of Chicks for Spring Baby Chicken in Cathrineholm Bowl

And vintage Pyrex (are you sensing a theme, lol?):

Chicks in Pyrex Baby Chicks in Butterprint Pyrex Spring Chicks and Vintage Butterprint Pyrex

On an unrelated note, look at this little chick foot:

Baby Chick Foot

Although some of these baby chicks are a mystery, I know that I have two Black Copper Marans, which will lay chocolate brown eggs. 

Black Copper Maran Chicks

Well, one of them will, because I think I have a hen and a roo.  I confirmed with the hatchery when they were trying to figure out which breed of chick died in transport, so at least I can identify this breed among my chicks.  I think this is the rooster:

Black Copper Maran ChickBlack Copper Maran Chicks

And that this is the hen (but it’s just a guess, based on comb development, personality and feather colors):

Copper Maran ChicksBlack Copper Maran Chicks

If one of these ends up being a roo, I think I want to breed him with my Ameraucanas and hatch Olive Egger babies – chicks that will lay olive green eggs.  I think that’s how it will work, from research I’ve done, and I also found a turquoise incubator, haha.  I think it would be amazing to hatch some myself, just for the experience and to add to my colorful egg basket with some chicks I’ve bred myself.  Obviously there’s lots I still need to research, but that’s my next step in the chicken obsession happening over here. 

Black Copper Maran Chicks

What I think is the roo also has more copper coloring already, which I have read could be a sign…

Copper Maran Chicks

Hopefully you liked this batch of chick photos as much as the first.  Having these baby chicks in the house has definitely brightened my days and I hope just seeing them brighten yours a little too.  I’m eggcited to watch them grow up, join my flock (fingers crossed that goes smoothly) and start laying some beautiful eggs.   Click here to get caught up on all of my chickens adventures in the last year, from building a coop to getting the first eggs!

Baby Chicks for Spring Silkies in Tea Cups

Which chicks are your favorite?

Baby Chicks



  1. Miss Boots
    April 17, 2020 / 3:12 pm

    They are all equally adorable! I’ve never seen wings come in before – so interesting!

    • April 17, 2020 / 4:21 pm

      They will be pleased to know you cannot rank their cuteness, haha. And yes, the wings coming in, and the fluff disappearing, is such an amazing process.

  2. Julia@Cuckoo4Design
    April 17, 2020 / 7:15 pm

    So so cute

    • April 18, 2020 / 2:01 pm

      I’m so glad to hear that Julia! I’m so thrilled these photos are a hit 🙂

  3. Beth
    April 18, 2020 / 1:16 pm

    We hatched out eggs in an incubator last fall. It was a neat experience watching them hatch and grow. You are right- it is so fast! If you do it be prepared for the disappointment of not all eggs hatching out of two batches of 12 we got 5 each time. It was a bit weird figuring out what to do with the extras. We didn’t have any chick deaths though and the chicks got along very well. We had 2 eggs that were at least part Copper Maran. We had one rooster and one hen from. They have the coolest hairy feet. The rooster had beautiful colouring on his feathers. The hen is pretty plain grey and black but her eggs are a beautiful brown.
    I am really drawn to your really golden chicks. Maybe because we didn’t have any like that. So cute! And the silkies as well. We are in northern BC and I have heard that silkies are a little less cold hardy than other breeds so we probably won’t try them out.
    Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures.

    • April 18, 2020 / 2:04 pm

      That is my worry about the hatching too – the unhatched eggs! So sad! I’ve also heard some don’t make it shortly after hatching so the fact that you had 0 chick deaths is amazing!

      I was surprised I got so many golden and brown chicks – I’m still struggling to pair them up with the breeds and I ordered more black chickens so I’m starting to think there’s been a mistake or substitution lol.

      My silkies did fare well in our extreme cold, but it’s a dry cold. I have also read they are less cold hardy and I think even more susceptible to damp, so if your BC climate is cold but dry, they could do well! But I would not recommend in a damp climate with lots of rain.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the photos. Thanks for your comment and sharing your hatching adventures! Do you have a recommendation for a good incubator? I’m casually looking for one now.

  4. cathie
    April 18, 2020 / 9:27 pm

    You have no idea how much these photos have helped me today, no idea. Thank you for posting, they’re so beautiful.

    • April 19, 2020 / 11:10 am

      I’m so glad Cathie!! I’m so happy you like them and that it was a bit of cheer in your day 🙂

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