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Baby Chick Photos Vol. 3

I’m back with a reader favorite: baby chick photos!  Last year my little vignettes for the chick photos were such a hit and I had so many requests to make a second set.  So I did (here’s Vol. 2)!  This is officially Volume 3, with a fresh batch of chicks we hatched ourselves with a broody hen!  They are six weeks old today (I’ve been sharing a daily growth update on Instagram) and I can’t believe how much they’ve grown since I took these photos!

Baby Chick Photos Vol. 3

I’m so happy these baby chick photos bring a smile to your face.  I certainly enjoy photographing chicks – even though they are uncooperative.  They poop all over and won’t hold still, lol.

Baby Chick Photos Vol. 3

But the end result is so adorable!  These were taken shortly after the chicks were hatched.  I only did one “photo session” with these chicks because, unlike in the past, when I’ve kept them in a brooder in the house, these chicks were living in the barn at the time.  I felt soooo nervous bringing each one inside – worried I’d drop it on the long journey from coop to house, or that it would get too chilled being away from Mama Hen.

If you want to catch up on how big they are now, I’ve been sharing a chick video every day in my Instagram stories.  I’ll be putting it together in a video to share on the blog, because it’s absolutely fascinating to see how quickly these little chickies grow into chickens!

Maran Chick Chick in Cathrineholm Bowl Cute Baby Chick Photos Black Maran Chick Baby Chicken Photos Baby Chick Posed on Driftwood Maran Chick Cute Chick Photos Peeping Chick Photos

The above chicks were all Marans, below is an Ameraucana (you can tell because of the fuzzy little cheeks – Ameraucanas have little muffs when they grow up):

Ameraucana chick photos Ameraucana chick photos Ameraucana chick photos Ameraucana chick photossmall grey chick styled chick photos

I can never decide which is cuter: fluffy chick faces or fluffy chick bums?

chick bums Day Old chick photos chick trying to fly black chick

Below is my third Ameraucana.  The other two are pale grey, and virtually indistinguishable, but this one is a little different – you can see more of her in this post too.  (The other four black chicks are all Marans).

Ameraucana chick photos Ameraucana chick photos Ameraucana chick with muffs dark grey chick adorable chick photos Ameraucana chick photos Ameraucana chick photosAmeraucana chick photos

I hope you enjoyed this year’s batch of baby chick photos!  It’s always fun coming up with new little “sets” for them, haha.



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