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My BEST DIY Christmas Decorations + Christmas Crafts

For someone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas, I make a lot of DIY Christmas decorations and Christmas crafts, lol.  But, if you notice, mostly my decorating ideas are more wintry than Christmassy (tricky tricky, haha).  Even though I never set up a Christmas tree, I still make ornaments because I love coming up with ideas you can use.  I know most of my readers celebrate Christmas, so I like to create content you will enjoy – while still providing seasonal yet not Christmassy, and then also lots of non-seasonal, stories and projects for my fellow non-celebrators.  Hopefully I have found a good balance!

Aqua Eggs

Today I wanted to round up some of my BEST DIY Christmas decorations and Christmas crafts.  Let me know your favorites – or what you’d like to see next year!

DIY Tinsel Wreath:

This DIY tinsel wreath is still my fave!  It sparkles like crazy in the light – both sunlight and truck headlights, lol.  Plus it has a retro vibe I love, but I made it all from dollar store supplies.


DIY Modern Wood Trees

These DIY wood trees are from this year and they’re already one of my fave projects ever!  They’re easy to make and so versatile: make them any size, any wood, any stain!  And they’re really more wintry than Christmassy so leave them up all season – why not?

DIY Nordic Trees

Naturally Green Matcha Madeleines:

These madeleines are delicious and naturally green, thanks to the addition of powdered matcha.  A cute little tree-shaped cake pan makes them more festive.


DIY Christmas Spider Ornament:

This is a really popular post of mine – click to the tutorial to find out why every tree needs one of these Christmas spider ornaments!

DIY Christmas Spider Ornament

DIY Felt Tomte (Gnomes)

These easy DIY felt tomte were a lot of fun to make and they’re super cheery and adorable!  Make them as decoration, as an ornament, as a gift topper – use different color combinations of felt or make them different sizes!  My love for these started with a pair my Mom bought Hubby and I when we moved in together in 2007.  We started moving them around the house for the other to find.  I guess an Elf on the Shelf kinda thing before that was a thing (and also, for adults, lol).


DIY Upcycled Winter Diorama (aka The Camaro Cloche):

This was such a fun upcycle project and even Hubby got into making this upcycled winter diorama – because I found a little hot wheels car that resembles ours, lol.  It was a fun thing to make and because it lit up with battery operated lights, it glowed at night.  I have to admit I love all of the lights this time of year – that’s a cheery tradition I haven’t given up.  I think I might rework it with chickens for this year, but this concept is a lot of fun.  I also made a larger jar version last year, with a deer and bigger bottle brush tree – you can see it here.

DIY Upcycled Winter Diorama

DIY Mini Potted Plant Ornament:

This DIY mini potted plant ornament is a real cutie pie!  Also really customizable and fun to make (plus it’s a great way to use up odds and ends from craft supplies).

DIY Mini Potted Plant Ornament

DIY Ornament Display Tree:

These ornament display trees were a gift for a friend, who loved a version sold by a store that sold out.  They’re pretty easy to make – a little more fussy that the modern trees I made this year – but they turn out beautifully!

Wood Ornament Display DIY

DIY Cascading Ornaments:

This display of cascading ornaments was a lot of fun!  It felt very festive and modern – like a snow inspired art installation.  It was a great way to display ornaments without a Christmas tree.  I did something similar and hung ornaments in a window a few years back!

Modern Ornament DisplayCascading Ornament Installation

DIY Fillable Ornament:

I loved this little nature-inspired fillable ornament I made – fillable ornaments are so fun and versatile!

DIY Fillable Ornament

FREE DIY Scrap Wood Christmas Village:

This little DIY wood village has Scandinavian/modern vibes, but the best part it was totally free!  I used scrap wood and leftover paint.  I kept them modern and minimal, but you could also draw little windows and doors on them.

DIY Scrap Wood Holiday Village

Natural Wreath Cake Topper:

I made a delicious cake and created a sweet wreath cake topper – it’s all natural, doesn’t change the taste of the cake, and looks extra special.  I shared my carrot cake recipe too and it’s goooood.


DIY Light Up Ornament Stand:

This DIY light up ornament stand was painted shimmery teal inside and lit up with battery operated lights!  I loved the mod, 1960’s feel.


DIY Wood Burned Birch Slice Ornament:

I made these wood burned birch slice ornaments with a friend and they have been such a hit on Pinterest!  They’re easy to make and perfect for zero waste Christmas decor.  Plus the wood burning smells amazing…


DIY Pom Poms:

Not technically a holiday craft, it’s just a tutorial for how to make the biggest, densest, fluffiest pom poms.  Use them for wreaths, garland, ornaments, gift toppers!

How to Make a Pom Pom

DIY Pom Pom Wreath:

See?  Look how cute and festive pom poms look! Adorable on their own, but also cute mixed in with other ornaments and a faux ever green wreath.

DIY Pom Pom Wreath

DIY Chicken Tree Ornament:

This DIY clay chicken tree ornament turned out so sweet.  I shared the step by step instructions so you can make your own!

DIY Chicken Christmas Ornament

Chicken Coop Christmas Decor:

Don’t worry – the chickens got some merriment too!  Here’s how I decorated the coop for the holidays!

DIY Christmas Coop Decor

All Natural Winter Window Box Decor:

Special attention to my all natural winter window box decorations – love how that turned out and it was totally foraged.  I did use floral foam last year but this year I just used the soil that was in there and once it froze it held everything in place.

All Natural Winter Window Box Decorating

All Natural Cranberry & Snow Mason Jar Centerpiece:

This all natural cranberry and snow mason jar centerpiece was another fun and free DIY decorating project I made with a friend!  It’s a great way to keep holiday decor natural and compostable.

Cranberry Mason Jar Centerpiece

DIY Evergreen Wreath:

Scavenge the yard (and a few crafts from your craft stash – only if you have one!) to make this pretty natural evergreen and feather wreath.

DIY Ever Green Wreath

DIY Vintage Ornament Inspired Magnets:

How cute are these vintage ornament inspired magnets for displaying cards on the fridge?

Vintage Christmas Ornament Inspired Magnet DIY

DIY Bleached and Dyed Bottle Brush Trees:

Bottle brush trees come in lots of colors now, but if you still can’t find what you want, learn how to bleach and dye bottle brush trees!

How to Bleach and Dye Bottle Brush Trees

DIY Boho Wreath:

This wreath was so fun to make – I even created those little felted leaves from scraps of velvet (it’s easy) and used some sentimental peacock feathers my late Grandmother had in a vase.  I loved the jewel tones of this wreath, paired with the brass bells, so much.

DIY Boho Wreath Tutorial

DIY Dyed Doily Tablescape:

There are an abundance of doilies in the world and this DIY dyed doily tablescape was such a fun way to use them!  Their delicate lacy aesthetic works perfectly with wintry decor.

DIY Dyed Doily Table Runner for Christmas

DIY Holiday Tea Towel:

No sewing required for this cute and retro DIY holiday tea towel project.

DIY Christmas Tea Towel

DIY Agate Wreath:

Technically beautiful all year round, this DIY agate slice wreath is especially festive in the winter.


DIY Chocolate Orange Bark:

Why is chocolate and orange such a Christmas-time combination for me?  This chocolate orange bark was easy to make and it’s a sweet little treat to give.

Orange and chocolate bark for Christmas gift giving

Those are my favorite DIY Christmas decorating projects and Christmas crafts!  You can find all of my DIY craft tutorials in my project gallery right here.

25+ Modern Christmas DIY Projects, DIY Christmas Decorations and DIY Christmas Crafts


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